HSSB Chapter 150


2 months, 22 days, 1.5/2 of the way over to chapter 200!

Rather than translating, more like hardcore editing of consistencies for 150 chapters for me today.

Before I get back to it, Chapter 150! (edited by shippotle)

Up next will be-another reward chapter! Ha!

And of course, the reward itself will not be revealed in the teaser for obvious reasons.

What shall Yan Zhaoge receive this time? Hmmm...

Well, wait and you shall see.



Note from shippotle:

"What's that? My cliffhanger teaser was misleading? Good! For that is part of my dao, the dao of burritos; there is always more inside than you expect, and guac is 1.25 extra. But seriously, if all cliffhangers ended the way one expected where would the fun be in that"



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