HSSB Chapter 149


I'm back! Yeah, I got shippotle to post a chapter for me just now(just for that sense of achievement from triumphing over technology, you know).

So I abandoned today's TL-ing endeavours and went to see this movie A Silent Voice which was really fun. Yaha.

Here's Chapter 149, where Yan Zhaoge *************** and stuff!

Hey, was that cliffhanger misleading? I feel it was, but, oh well.

Tomorrow, the plot'll be heading toward the Heavenly Connection Meet! Where heroes converge!

Rather fast, eh?

Well, there'll still be some foundational buildup, cool stuff as well as leisurely chapters (like foodhound?) on the way before we get to the tasty part. Really, this HSSB is one of those novels where the fighting between clans and stuff actually is cool, huh?

Here's for a short breather, before things get really all fun again!



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