HSSB Chapter 130


Previously, several tens of chapters ago, Yan Zhaoge wrecked Zhao Hao's plans in the Eastern Tang, sending him scurrying over to join Infinite Boundless Mountain like a drowned rat.

Now, they face off once again!

And, as expected, Yan Zhaoge slams Zhao Hao right down into the ground, cruelly quashing his hopes of rising to prominence in Infinite Boundless Mountain yet again!

Because, what are MCs without plot armour?!

Or not.

Perhaps, in a great feat that shocks the entire Eight Extremities World, Zhao Hao rises up from nowhere, turning the tides with his own efforts, not only solving the problem that had been plaguing his clan for many long decades, also in the meantime face-slapping that outsider who had dared to show off and act arrogant in his Infinite Boundless Mountain.

And if that is really so, how will Yan Zhaoge, not possessing random plot armour and therefore not being omnipotent, react? Will he scurry back in disgrace, or will he......

Stay tuned!




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