HSSB Chapter 120


Here, Yan Zhaoge reveals his plans for Feng Yunsheng, as he copes with a hard-to-deal person.

But there's nothing to fear, because he's always ready, always cool.

The journey to the Mountain Domain will soon begin!

Chapter 120: Working together in unison

And on a side note, I should be getting my vision back tomorrow night. Whereupon I'll finally start the gasp stockpiling of chapters. Because I'll be going overseas on an ORD trip the following week. And the Mehflow shall not cease. Potential outcome would be: bonus chapters/Meh'ss releases, dependent on some stuff. It'll have to see, but an editor would really save costs(time). Glossary is like from chapter 20, I'll get around to doing it tomorrow, I guess. By the way, I really appreciate getting the minor errors pointed out in the meantime. Thanks, Rando and co(well, mostly just you).

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