HSSB Chapter 1040

Here's a chapter!

Chapter 1040...

And here's the thing, just some thoughts about my breakthrough.

Anyway, I realised today that my improvised cultivation methods were actually kind of part of a system.

Apparently, what I achieved over the course of these past few weeks only truly ended today, and what I did was unblock my chakras. So there is a reason for there being a system of knowledge in these things, and that's that it's totally legit.

Anyway, the world has been gradually becoming different in my perception, and upon stumbling on this system of knowledge on the internet just now, and thinking about it a little, there was somehow this bloated feeling like accumulation at a bottleneck. I slept due to certain reasons, and when I woke up, I felt strangely in control, like being fully, subtly and powerfully in myself. With newfound strength and confidence coursing through my veins, and whatnot...

Hmm, anyway I need to just walk around the world to perceive these changes properly now. Going out.

PS: Chakras are real. Some people might not need it, but many surely would.

Disclaimer: I have not (yet?) perceived the existence of qi or whatever, this is just about being fully alive.

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(Doubters can doubt)

(Have a nice day_)