HSSB Chapter 101

7 more days to ORD!

It's Chapter 101!

Now you might have realised...

This chapter's come in earlier than the next two!

And why's that?

Well, it's because of some insights I've gained into you-know-what.

I suppose I should first share a little. Brace yourselves.

To summarise:

I've discovered that the posting of chapters is an art in itself.

Not the tech part itself; it's about when which chapters are revealed.

Some chapters just have to come alone.

Because: Suspense(certain cliffhangers), Revelation(like this chapter), Impact(think red flower), or even plain Trolling (Was this within your predictions?)

It can be a mixture of some of these.

Some chapters just have to come together, surging in together in the same momentum whilst carrying the same theme (Owning YJ, Owning YX; Killing YX, owning YJ). At these times, cliffs would probably be unsavoury instead. All out in a single rush!

As for the remaining chapters...it's generally about strength in numbers, I guess. It matters more sometimes, less sometimes. Buildup as well as mild dullness and fillerish-ness are something to consider-in the former case, coming alone would more likely be fine; in the latter, we might want to read through them in one fell swoop and head on to the more delicious bits!


In conclusion, as much as possible, This Translator does not want to be burdened by what day of the week exactly to release how many chapters at which particular time. This Translator will leave it to his own discretion on this, while allocating consistent release times per day(coming soon), whereupon the how many chapters will be released when they will. And all of these, of course, will be done ensuring consistency of the releases themselves, with releases being close-to-if-not-daily as they have been recently.

Translation, should not just be about releasing chapters one by one, according to schedule.

There lie within translations a latent potential, and as a translator, I feel that I would want to draw out that greatest amount of enjoyment that is humanely possible.

All hail the power of prose, that transports us into another world!

And thank god; isn't it great that HSSB is far from one of those utterly predictable novels?

The rest of what I've decided on(pending consultation) will be revealed 7 days from now. Just know that all of it, will be for the benefit of all!

Just like how I should as much as possible leave those posts, along with the translations themselves, with sound language for the sake of those who're reading and learning. Like natives with childrens' books. Hmmm, just note; it's 'as much as possible'.

With proper English, rants should be more accessible for all!

Go rants!

Because rants are fun.

Sometimes serious; sometimes not; profoundness within breeziness; hey it should be time to stop.

Here's Chapter 101! A nice number!

Chapter 101: Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster (where the Sacred Sun Clan's scheme is finally revealed)

'Revelation' chapter!

And so I'll have to go out soon for some matters, and these final 7 days may not be all that smooth at all...but they're merely a fleeting moment in the passage of a lifetime.

Two other chapters'll be following later!

The next serious post will be coming who knows when!

And most importantly, enjoy the chapter(s)!!!


At your service