HSSB Chapter 100

8 more days to ORD!

Today, slowly but steadily, keeping low key, in the spirit of Yan Zhaoge, HSSB coolly steps into the triple digits!

It's a milestone!

Of course, it will be a triple release tomorrow!

Today, we hold our breaths, waiting for the action-packed chapters of tomorrow!

And of course, the final few days, counting down to the end of the ORD Special!

I've already decided on the main point of that coming announcement post.

Not a rant, mind you, but actually serious stuff because, I'll have to make some changes.

For now, thank you to everyone who has donated, and, can I say, especially Daniel P!

There may be(目录(1000章)) quite a number more months to go, but what This One speaks of, above all else though there're still many other significant aspects, is consistency! Releases'll be unceasing, count on it!!!

And now, without further ado, here's Chapter 100!

(Hmmm, yesterday was the first time I found some random lines to post the link in, because I really could find no other space for it. Was it really that hard?)

Here's Chapter 100: Things get more and more major!

May HSSB get more and more major as well, along with the coolness and enjoyment level of the story!!!

HSSB100! Last year Utopia100, this year...nah, low-key, low-key for now.


Time to return to camp to boast!!!


Signing out,

An Ascended Existence