DTPB week-long hiatus

Hi all,

I'm sure you have all noticed that releases have been extremely, extremely inconsistent for the past month or so. Just to be candid with you all, this has been a mix of a lot of reasons: coronavirus = working from home, which blurs the lines between work and home, addiction to a certain series of video games (Yakuza, I'm looking at you), and most importantly, med school apps are opening tomorrow. I've spent a lot of time writing essays, researching schools, gathering letters of recommendation, etc., and I just think I need a little bit of time to take care of those things. To get an idea for just how complicated this application is, just know that AMCAS has an official 84-page guide for your application, and that doesn't even include the bucketloads of secondaries I will probably need to write.

On another note, regarding the status of the novel: many of you know that there is only one final book, with about 100 or so chapters left to go before its conclusion. I have been translating this novel on and off for about four years now, and while the release rate has never been something I have been proud of / good at sticking to, I am hoping to be able to finish by June. Thank you all again for your support - I don't deserve as much patience as you all have given me.