DTPB Hiatus Ongoing

Hi all,

Sorry, this post was supposed to go live on Tuesday, the day I got back from California, but (surprise surprise) I couldn't login to the volare site so haven't posted until now. Still sick - This one's been a long / bad one, no clue yet when I'll be getting better. See below for the original post.

Well, when it rains, it pours. I was scheduled to get back in town on Sunday, December 31st, but my flight got bumped to Monday, January 1st. Wasn't a big deal - I just stayed with some friends overnight in Cali, expecting to fly out the next morning. However, because of some bad fog in the area, my flight ended up getting canceled. As you might imagine, flying out any time around New Years can be a nightmare, and eventually I was forced to cancel my ticket and buy a new one same-day (thankfully, it wasn't much more expensive than what I had previously). I basically spent 12 hours of that day in an airport and the remainder sleeping (I was running on about 2 and a half hours of sleep that day).

I got back yesterday evening and was planning on translating and releasing some more chapters, but probably due to fatigue I've gotten a terrible fever now and might need to make up some missed school tomorrow :( will try to keep you all updated when I return!