DTPB Book 2, Chapter 143

Hi all,

Sorry for the extreme delay in chapters. These next coming weeks will probably be rough - I'm trying to finish up my manuscript in the four weeks or so that I have remaining, plus just finished one that is under review, plus presenting at an undergrad research conference a few weeks from now, plus trying to graduate, plus etc. etc. etc. As much as I'd love to guarantee a certain release rate, I have no idea what's going to happen right up until I graduate - I could be busy enough that I just don't have time to translate at all, but I will give as much time as I can while preserving my sanity. Hopefully once I graduate I'll be able to keep the story pumping out at a high enough rate to satisfy all you voracious readers :)

Here is your chapter for today.

Chapter 143: Totem Medicine (1/1)

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