DTPB Book 2, Chapter 107

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Apologies for the sudden disappearance - it's been a weird week to say the least. Long story short, the reports that I had due this week took much more time than I anticipated... Things in my lab are beginning to really ramp up too so it's been hard to find time to translate. I took a few days off after Tuesday just to recuperate and wind down from a very, very tough quarter - 5 classes + roughly 20-30 hours a week in lab + 20 hours a week for translation really make it difficult sometimes, and I wanted just to get some time to myself. Thanks for understanding :) I'll try to be more communicative about my absences in the future!

In other news, volare is now 2 years old! Read the announcement post here. Here's to many more.

Here is your chapter for today.

Chapter 107: The Slyheart Bloodline (1) (1/1)

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