Quick Update for DIF

Hey, guys, cv here.

Sorry for the delay, we should be going back to normal schedule tonight (CET time) after I get back from work.

What happened is that I ran into bigger trouble than expected with my laptop, then when that was settled things just kept happening, like I got a little fever, then work got busy, then neighbours were doing renovation work and I couldn't focus with the noise, and then my parents came back from their trip both pretty sick and I had to go take care of them, etc etc. I kept a stock precisely for times like these, so losing it was kinda a bummer (I had something like 40 chapters stocked >.<)

So sorry for the lack of news, it's my fault, basically pretty much every day I thought, it's fine, a couple days at most and I'll go back to tling, and then 3 weeks went by XD. Anyway, thanks for your understanding, see ya tonight.