Destroyer of Ice and Fire Returns!

Hello everyone! I'm knok knok, and I'm happy to announce the continuation of DIF on Volare!

To commemorate, I will be releasing 10 chapters today. I hope you all will enjoy reading them as much as I did. Currently, I am translating as well as editing, so please let me know if you think I need an editor (discord @knok knok)! Also, this is my first time leading a translation, so please do let me know if you think anything can be improved. As of right now, I will be keeping a daily release schedule (I am US PST). This schedule may fluctuate during the school year as I am a university student. However, I will always try to let you know in advance if there is something coming up. I look forward to bringing the rest of the story to you and being part of the Volare community!

[Chapter 207]

[Chapter 216]