Destroyer of Ice and Fire Chapter 201

Hey y'all.

So you might have noticed I've been missing a few days of posting there. There are several reasons for it, me being busy, feeling under the weather, but mainly, I've been considering my commitment to translation in general in the long-term, for several reasons I'm not going to discuss here. (Don't worry I'm committed to finishing this novel either way.)

Also, the other day I saw a post criticizing my translation for being bad because of its many typos. I've been reading back on the earlier chapters and realized it was fair criticism. I've been lax with my proof-reading it seems. As someone who takes pride in what I do, I've decided I'm going to go back and personally proofread all the chapters.

So, while this goes on (proofreading 200 chapters won't happen overnight :P), this novel might update 3-4 times a week instead of daily. This might take a few weeks. Thanks for your understanding.

DIF Chapter 201

As always you’re welcome to leave a note in the comments if you see a typo or somesuch.

Translated by: the artist sometimes known as cvmuffin