UPDATE: I made some changes to the form, so for those who have already filled in the form, I would have to trouble you to kindly do it again. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thank you very much for participating!

Heyo everyone! If you have ever been curious about the meaning of CTF characters' names, now's the chance! :)

It's gonna be an exciting period of time with our 385th Chapterversary just around the corner and 400th Chapterversary in about half a month away. You might wonder, why 385th? That's because it marks the halfway milestone of CTF! ^_^

Let's focus on the 385th Chapterversary for now. I have planned a tiny surprise, and instead of having you submit something, I'll be the one doing the work this time. XD 

Some of you have expressed your interest in finding out more about the meaning behind the names of the characters in CTF, so here's a chance for you to vote for your top 5 characters! After tallying the votes, I will be explaining the names of 5-10 characters. 

Do let me know your choices! Feel free to comment under this announcement or reach out to me via Discord if you have any questions! :)