Heyo readers!!

We're back again to commemorate our 200th chapter anniversary as well as to welcome 2 new members to the CTF team. If you have been paying attention to the thoughts at the bottom of the chapters, you would have already spotted their names - Sangria and Cosy! :) I'll be posting another more official welcome when the time comes hehe

Anyways, here are the 200th Chapterversary event details

We will be holding a 'submit your favorite quote' event for CTF. Here's how things will work:

- Pick any quote that you like from any translated CTF chapters

- Post the quote and chapter number on either Twitter or Instagram with #CTFnovel (Feel free to decorate it if you like huehue)

- Please publish a post any time from now until our 200th chapterversary in late December

BONUS: For every 10 submissions we get from different readers, there will be 1 extra chapter released, up to a maximum of 3 extra chapters for 30 submissions!

Once the event is over, I will be posting all the submissions on my Twitter and Instagram accounts too! Please participate actively hehe XD

I'll post the announcement again on my Twitter and Instagram accounts in case you missed it. Thank you!! ^_^