Please read. CTF will be going on hiatus.

To our wonderful CTF readers, 

Unfortunately, we have been unable to get in touch with Rakumon for the past several weeks. Hence, CTF is now on hiatus. If you are a subscriber, please email us for a refund if you would like one. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that Rakumon will get in touch with us soon. 

Note: For those of you who have been following this novel for a while, Rakumon has been with us since the very beginning. In the TOC, you can find recaps, reviews, and etc. Rakumon has clearly put a lot of effort into her work. Hopefully this is just temporary and CTF will be back soon. 

For now, please do check out our other novels on the website and continue to follow us for more updates. Stay safe, everyone!