Hello again! :)

I would like to extend my gratitude to the readers who have participated in CTF's 300th chapterversary event. I enjoyed looking through your entries. XD They'll be posted on the various social media platforms soon ;)

Now comes the part you guys have been waiting for ー the prizes!

Even though we didn't quite reach the mark to get extra chapters   I really wanted to thank the participants, so I'll be releasing 1 extra chapter for everyone! 

As for the participants, I know I did say that an English entry would mean 1 advance chapter, and both English and Chinese entries would mean 2 advance chapters, but in order to show my appreciation to you guys, I have decided to increase both tiers by 1 advance chapter!

In other words,

English entry: 2 advance chapters

Chinese + English entries: 3 advance chapters

You should receive the chapters soon, but lemme know if you didn't manage to receive them!

Once again, thank you for participating! ^_^ Till the next event!

Edit: A participant requested me to post all the entries in this announcement, so here they are! After this announcement disappears in a week, you can still find them in the INDEX section! XD

By Kaya:

By Jacqueline:

By Yuuko: