Chapter 722 - April Fool's Special

Chapter 722 - Majestic Gatecrashing (Singlish Version)

If Ji Huan masih in capital, he anytime can be chess piece like Ji Li. Then Jing Yi will have extra left hand and right hand, too imbar already.

If want to stop Jing Yi’s greedy ass, must first chop off one hand then can slowly slowly, own time own target, attack him.

Of course, Jing Rong’s idea si bei tokkong, Emperor sibeh song. He think first, then tell Jing Rong, “You just come back, shag siah. Go home lepak first. Morning court I got idea le.”

The whole time Jing Rong sibeh guai. He Grabdelivery the edict and do his report. He also never kao bei kao bu and just zao when done.

Qin Shiyu was waiting when he keluar Yizheng Hall. “So how?”

“Imperial Father announce tomorrow.”

Say liddat very obvious already right? So they just zao lor.

Then hor, just before they about to jalan jalan, Jing Rong kua tio a big kite. Bright and ang ang. Eh? Jing Xuan?

The kite sibeh far and kena block by roof, so difficult to agak how far it was. But confirm plus chop it’s that little zha bo Jing Xuan.

Last time they got secret code, whenever Jing Rong came to the palace. If the kite got not much colour, means got small daizi for him; if it’s bright and ang ang, means she hong gan liao, sibeh urgent.

The kite ang ang and sibeh giant. Even so far still see very clear. Jing Rong knew Jing Xuan very soon will kena ship off to ulu Huyi to get married, so he knew confirm this is why.

Jing Rong almost going there already, but Qin Shiyu kiasi. “Your Highness, ka kin zao first.”

Jing Rong a bit not sure, but in the end he still siam first.

In the sibeh far Zhangzhi Hall

Jing Xuan was sibeh kancheong spider. “Kor, tolong, must see this k? Must come hor.”

Duan’er catch no ball. “Your Highness, you ok?”

Jing Xuan dulan, just continue pulling on the kite string.

Duan’er taktahu, just blur blur watch her. The tua ang kite fly high up into the sky… then suddenly, the wind too strong and the string kena pitchak. The kite say bye bye already liao.

"Nooooo!" Jing Xuan ran after it but kena block by the walls niah. She can only shake leg and let it fly, crying in her heart.

Duan'er sayang her, "Your Highness, don't so depress. Just a kite. I find another one for you k?"

"Mai lah." She sound like got frog in throat.

"Your Highness, you sure ok meh?"

"Siah lah… Wa bo chance liao." She want to cry also cannot.


Prince Rong's Estate

After Ji Yunshu balik capital, she camp in Jing Rong's Estate. The guards also balik already but Jing Rong kena summoned to palace with the edict. Aiyo die liao, She buay hiao what's going happening, only can stay there kancheong like spider.

Lu Jiang sayang her, "Teacher Ji, mai kancheong. His Highness ok one."

"I know, but sekali how?”

“His Highness got the edict and His Majesty is not stupiak, so confirm ok.”

Haiz. Ji Yunshu still cannot settle. "Oh ya, Uncle Lu, Wei Yi how ah?"

Lu Jiang jin confuse. Huh, I report to His Highness ready what? Why he dunno? Later, he think and lightbulb turn on. “Young Master Wei jin tyco one. Prince Yi confirm hide him in some ulu corner. I already deploy my boys errywhere so confirm plus chop will find Young Master Wei.”

“Tolong, means got no news lah?”


Alamak. Ji Yunshu kancheong again. “Zhun bo? Your men recee Prince Yi’s Residence already ah?”


“Mai lai lah. If Prince Yi really kidnapped him, he must be in capital. How sia?”

“Teacher Ji, I know you sayang Young Master Wei, but he confirm bo daiji one.”

She dulan. He so tuajia how to disappear? Must be in some ulu out of sight out of mind corner.”

Suddenly got a noise. “Your Highness.”

Ji Yunshu instantly turn to the door. Jing Rong jalan in, all swee swee. She finally can relak.

She ran up to him and looked up into his eyes, her eyes macam like swimming pool. She both pek chek and happy. Her emotions 7 up 8 down.

Jing Rong’s ice block face melted when he saw her. “This prince already promise will be safe one.”

She jumped into his arms, heck care that she still in boy clothes. Jing Rong sayang her tight tight, putting his chin on the top of her head. The two of them twisted together like youtiao, as if everyone else around them macam air.

Lu Jiang and Lang Po both can take hint, but the other guards stun like sotong. They got hear gossip about the two but now is bright sunlight leh!

Kua simi kua? Lang Po laser eye them. “Siam lah! Diam diam pok ah!” They all quickly zao so they don’t be lightbulb.

Ji Yunshu stuck her face against his chest. She could hear his heart go dubdubdub. “I so worried, think so much. I think more I scared more.”

“I never break promise before rite? I said I would balik kampong safely, so I pasti would.” He loosened her grasp on him and tilted his head to look her in the eyes. “This prince still haven’t gatecrash and marry you in very longzong; how could I die first?”

Ji Yunshu worried at her lips, tears finally falling down from her eyes. “Alright. I’ll wait for the day where you gatecrash and come pick me up.”

“This prince won’t break promise one.”

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