BPC's Mass Release to end 2018 (348 - 360)

Happy New Year Eve!

For the upcoming 2019, I wish everyone health (because this is the most important and without it you can't enjoy many things), then come love, peace and wealth. May you have the force and the courage to face the obstacles life will place in front of you.


As the year pulls to its end, my time as the novel lead for BPC also comes to an end, but fear not! ChouFleur will take over my place and, along with Tzegeeek and a new translator who will introduce to you in a few days, she will continue BPC translations. There won't be a hiatus since everything has been arranged early on. :)

With her lead, there will be a nice surprise coming for you. Look forward to it.

Without further ado, Mic out with a big bang of releases!


Translators: Grenn & Tzegeeek Editors: Aruthea, Emily

Chapter 348 to 360