BPC hiatus

Dear Readers, 

BPC will be going on hiatus for one to two months while I get used to my workload at my day job, expand the BPC translation team, and rebuild a stock of chapters. Somehow, the whole BPC translating team has (different!) demanding day jobs relating to the medical field that limit our available time for translation, however much we love BPC. So please be patient and keep a lookout!

Meanwhile, let me just leave you with some of my dream BPC drama cast. Comment below if you have others in mind!   

P.S. I will still be hanging around the Volare discord if anyone has questions. I'm not going to disappear completely!

1. Ji Yunshu (Li Yutong from Bloody Romance) 

2. Jing Rong (Qin Junjie from Listening Snow Tower)

3. Mo Ruo (Merxat from Legend of Yunxi)