BPC Giveaway winners & mini-mass releases (256-260)

Hi everyone!

It's August 12th! Last year on this day, BPC english translations were released for the first time officially. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope you enjoy the novel and will continue to do so.

A few thanks are in order before I announce the winners for both the contest and raffle.

I have to thank past and current translator helpers + editors who had helped to make each chapter of BPC a reading pleasure and free from the horrors of my bad grammar. In no specific order:

  • Wenhui
  • Marci
  • Eris
  • Q
  • Pyon
  • Aruthea
  • Undecidedpie
  • Trivial King
  • LtBeefy
  • SaidTheRaven
  • Shojiro
  • Serina
  • Deyna
  • Tzegeeek
  • vbguy
  • Emily
  • and many others.
  • Special thanks for Etvolare for having me here. ^_~
  • Thank you very much for Yuuko for being patient when I nitpicked on the new BPC cover page. Click on the arrow to see. [expand][/expand]
Now, let's announce the winners for the contest & the raffle.

The winner for the relationship chart contest: Sith Kazar 


Next, here are the winners of the raffle. If you want to see the very dull name drawing video, click on the arrow.[expand][/expand]

  • First Prize: Somniel
  • Second Prize: Neurotic Moon
  • Third Prize: Sith Kazar
  • Fourth Prize: Foenix
  • Fifth Prize: Drasna
^-^;;; We only have 5 people in total for the raffle... Seriously, I saw there were some people who wrote a review around the time the contest was ongoing, but why didn't you send me an email to enter the raffle? I even check my spam to make sure I didn't miss anyone. Oh well! Better luck next time.

Since I have leftover prizes, I'll add a consolation prize of 20$ e-gift card for the other contest's participant: Drasna.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the contest, the raffle and the voting.

Finally, here are the chapters.

Translator: Tzegeeek & Grenn Editors: Emily, Aruthea & Shojiro

Chapter 256 Chapter 257 Chapter 258 Chapter 259 Chapter 260