BPC C.155

Happy Chinese New Year!

So, the 4 regular chapters due last week are released.

I'll be releasing the 5 bonus chapters you guys unlocked through the Chinese New Year quiz this weekend. So, congratulations to the majority for getting the correct answers. ^____^ Next time, I'll make the question harder.

For the curious one, here's the answer sheet.

Q1: You need to inject exactly 700mg of Chemical X into a Powerpuff girl to power her up. The solution is inside a bottle that has a concentration of 500mg/2mL. How much volume to you need to administer into the Powerpuff girl to power her up?

  • A- 1mL
  • B- 6.7 mL
  • C- 2.8mL [84% votes]
    • The answer is obtained after you used cross-multiplication. (700mg x 2mL)/500mg=2.8mL
  • D- 3.5mL
Q2: You got unlucky and caught gastroenteritis from somewhere. Now, you’re in the hospital for dehydration and the nurse needs to give you an intravenous perfusion. What is the IV flow rates in gtts/min if your perfusion is at 125mL per hour and the drop factor is 10 gtts/mL?
  • A- 20.8 gtts/min [67%]
    • This is yet another cross-multiplication which takes into consideration the infusion set's calibration. (125mL/60min) x 10 gtts/mL= 20.8 gtts/min
  • B- 100 gtts/min
  • C- 5 gtts/min
  • D- All the above answers
Q3: What is the name for a dog created by crossing a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle?
  • A- Lassie
  • B- Labrapoodle [66%] 
    • Not much to say here. Labradoodle is the real name, but it's also known as Labrapoodle.
  • C- Yorkshire
  • D- It doesn’t exist.
Q4: Which gem is solely composed of carbon elements?
  • A- Quartz
  • B- Sapphire
  • C- Diamond [91%]
    • I find it an interesting trivia.
  • D - Calcite
Q5: The Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland is a character inspired by the expression “mad as a hatter”. But what is the source of that expression?
  • A- Alice in Wonderland
  • B- Charles XVI
  • C- From the Bible
  • D- Mercury Poisoning in hatmaking industry [71%]
    • Erethism, also known as the mad hatter disease, is a neurological disorder developed by mercury poisoning. It is a occupational disease in the hatmaking industry in England during the time they used mercury to stabilize the wool during felting. During that process, fumes of mercury was inhaled by the workers and with accumulation they exhibited symptoms of chronic mercury poisoning like mental confusion, emotional disturbances, and muscular weakness.
Translator: Grenn Editor: Marci

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