BPC C.127

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New chapter, but unedited. I'll put the edited version tomorrow.

By the way, Mei found the link to BPC's manhua webcomic that he/she shared in comment section of c.126, which isn't the original source since the image are cut at weird place, and after searching around a bit, I found that the original source is from a mobile website: https://www.paozha.com/soft/4945.html It's recently published with only 4 chapters for now.

XD How exciting! The art is not bad. I think Ji Yunshu is well-drawn, although Jing Rong wasn't as I imagined. Right, the webcomic actually depicted the corpse, it's not as gross as in the novel, but you will still see Miss Zhou in all her post-mortem glory.

Ji Yunshu in male clothing

Jing Rong (below)

Anyway, here's the chapter.

Translator: Grenn

Chapter 127