Bone Painting Coroner is now officially released!

Hi everyone!

This is Grenn, the main translator of BPC, and I'm quite excited to share with your the goodness of Bone Painting Coroner (BPC).

What's Bone Painting Coroner all about? Murders, mysteries, some autopsy and gore, some angst with a nice dose of romance. We're going to bifurcate quite a bit from the cultivation and OP MC trope, but it's not a bad change. I hope you will enjoy this novel that will make you question human's nature at times.

Since today is the official release, our Rotten Translations team had prepared 15 chapters for you to read. Next, it will be double chapters daily for a week and followed by a chapter daily for a week. We will then settle with 5 chapters per week as regular release schedule.


Translator : Grenn Editors : Marci, Eris, Q & Trivial King

Chapters 1-15