600th Chapterversary Cameo

The poll results of you readers' favorite character!

#1 Ji Yunshu 

#2 Mo Ruo 

#3 Jing Rong 

#4 & 5 Tang Si & Wei Yi 


Some of the reasons why y'all like her:

Ji Yunshu is very cool. Solving cases and not even flinching in the eye of corpses. Now if only her male lead isn't a prince lolololol jk. She is intelligent and wise. Love her cool-headedness and being firm in trying to live her life.

She's smart and sassy, skilful and confident in herself.

She's clever, level-headed, amiable, independent and passionate besides being loyal.


And onto the main dish... the snusnu cameo! 

By the way, there's also a tiny spoiler for something that happens a few chapters ahead. Nothing major i promise!


Jing Rong bent down towards Ji Yunshu and leaned towards her, grabbing her chin and tilting her head to the side. “You’re not allowed to ever do that again, you hear me? This prince would have killed anyone who had dared touch a single hair on your head. This prince may have countless strategies to deal with my opponents, but you.... You surprise me every time, ‘Little Heir’.” 

Ji Yunshu blushed. Jing Rong’s face was so close to hers that she could almost feel the rumble of his low, intimate words. She turned her head, partly to give him better access to that thin red wound on her neck, partly to avoid meeting the intensity of those fathomless dark eyes. 

Jing Rong gently dabbed medicine onto the wound, then blew on it, eliciting an involuntary shiver from her. The next moment, he put down the gauze and wrapped his arms around her, trapping her against his broad, warm chest. 

Ji Yunshu startled and tried to bring her arms up, but they were trapped by that pair of strong, unyielding arms. She flailed for a moment but froze when she felt a pair of lips land gently under her ear, right above the thin wound. Her nose filled with his scent, woodsy with a sharp hint of metal.

“Just let me hold you like this for a moment. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.” 

That deep, raspy voice caressed her ears and warmth bloomed throughout her body. Ji Yunshu thought fuzzily that it was a good thing that Jing Rong was holding her so tightly. Those corded bands of steel around her were all that held her upright since her knees seemed to have stopped working...


And fade to black. HAHAHA sorry no R18 content here. Hope you enjoyed it! <3