SMTM Glossary


Star Fantasia company -星幻公司: Developer of Eternal virtual reality game


Guild -帮派/Group



Real-life name


Money Grubber -见钱眼开(lit: eyes shine at the sight of money)

Main character.

IG Rogue, appearance 20% uglier than irl

Qian Ye -钱业

Nickname: Fatty Qian -钱胖子 

The Beastman Team -兽人战队

War Axe -战斧,War Lance -战矛, War Shield -战盾

TheBeastman’s GreatCommander -兽人大统领

make enemies with Fatty at Beginner's Village



Darksnow -冥雪

Female mage. Tried to ks Fatty's boss at Mass Grave 2nd floor



TheFugitive -亡命天涯

Young slim male. Top class rogue


All-Knowing Sect -百晓门

Leader: Bai Xiaosheng -百晓生



Bai Xiaosheng093

sold Fatty info in VB city


Black Wind Stronghold -黑风寨




Cloud Dragon Gang -云龙帮

Leader: Cloud Dragon Sailing -云龙出海


Li Ting -李廷

Cloud Dragon Windwielder 御风



Cloud Dragon Rumblesea 翻海



Cloud Dragon Stealthnight 潜夜



Cloud Dragon EvilMerchant 奸商



Dragonslayers -屠龙帮

Leader: Dragonslayer Saber -屠龙刀



Zhuge Marvelous -诸葛不凡



Dragonslayer Baldie -屠龙大光头



Dragonslayer Soldier -屠龙小兵



Eagle Fortress -飞鹰谷

Leader: FlyingEagle -飞鹰

forty-odd man


Vice master: BlackEagle -黑鹰

dark-faced hulk


Darkthorn -暗刺 



Fierce Dragon Gang -猛龙帮

Leader: Fierce Dragon TheTalent -猛龙过江

Slim, civilized looking male mage


Vice master: Fierce Dragon Kill -猛龙杀



Fierce Dragon Appraiser -猛龙明鉴



Fierce Dragon Sweetheart -猛龙甜心






Flying Rain Gang -飞雨帮




General Valley -将军堡




Great Four Gates -大四门


Leader: East Gate BlowingWind -东门吹风

befriends Fatty at the Beginner's Village


South Gate Blowingflower -南门吹花 

BlowingWind's second lil brother


West Gate BlowingSnow -西门吹雪

BlowingWind's third lil brother


North Gate Blowingmoon -北门吹月

BlowingWind's fourth lil brother


God Familia -神之家族


Leader: HeadofGod



LeftEyeofGod, RightEyeofGod, LeftHandofGod, RightHandofGod, LeftWingofGod, RightWingofGod, LeftLegofGod, RightLegofGod, MouthofGod, and BigPillarofGod



Golden Scale Guild -金鳞帮

Leader: Golden Scale TheMighty -金麟岂是池中物




Vice Master ISteal&Irob -梁上君子


Uncle Liang

Ice Rose Alliance -冰雪玫瑰盟


Leaders: Ice Witch -冰雪女 

and Rosethorn -玫瑰刺



MarchExtinction -三月芳菲尽



FlameGoddess -火焰神女



PureElegance -兰心蕙质






River Alliance -百川盟: Subguild of IRA in AD city

Leader River Scholar -百川书生




Merry Man, 绿林好汉




Misty Waterfall -岚瀑飞泉

Leader: Willowinthewinds 


Knight. Darksnow's friend.

Fatty's former general manager

Liu Lan -柳岚 

Peerlessprodigy -绝代天骄

Fatty’s previous direct superior, the assistant general manager and young master; fired Fatty.

Xu Quan -徐泉

Myriad Swords -万剑盟

Leader XuanYuanSword -轩辕剑



DragonSword -由龙剑

Core Group 1 Heavenly Mountain's Seven Swords -天三七剑


TearBlade -泪痕剑


Core Group 2 Nine Divine Martial Swords -神武九剑

Ma Qiyun -马启云

Moon&SunSword -日月剑



Humpdapanda -扑倒熊猫 and MidnightPeeker -半夜摸上墙

makes beef with Fatty and Fuge in VB City


Overlord League -霸王盟

Leader Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord -江东小霸王



Rainreverlers -听雨轩

Leader: RainbowWatcher -凭栏听雨


Qi Luoyu -戚洛雨

Vice master: Pink Beauty -红粉佳人

Fatty’s little sister

Qian Xiaoqian -钱小茜

Minister of Intelligence: ClearMoonShade -清清月影



BraveAdvancer -勇往直前



DrownFish -溺水的鱼



Red Flowers -红花




Sun Moon Cult -日月教

Leader: Invincible East -东方不败 



Vice master: DoWhateverIWish -任我行



Sword Manor -藏剑山庄

Leader ASliverofSmoke -一缕青烟



Ten Li Citadel -十里连城




West River Clan

Clan head: West River SoaringCrane -西川鹤翔



West River Field -西川野

West River SoaringCrane’s son


West River MaskedHero -西川幕雄



White Horse Gang -白马帮




Wind God Guild -风神会

Leader Wind God's World -风神天下

Warrior. Purple Bell's big brother


Purple Bell -紫色风铃

Female mage who Fatty helped with the rat killing


Wind God's Immortal 不朽



Yolanda -紫罗兰

Leader Violante -紫怜



VioletSun -紫日



Others chars

Liu Hong -柳虹: Xiaoqian's friendly roommate

Wu Fang -吴芳: Xiaoqian's jealous roommate, likes Qi Xuan

Qi Xuan -齐轩: president of the Arts Club, likes Qian Xiaoqian. A terrible human being

Xiao Jian -肖剑: Fatty’s former comrade. IGN OneSwordtoHeaven -一剑擎天

Cheng Xiong -程雄: Fatty and Xiao Jian’s old comrade, bald.

ButterflyLovesFlowers -蝶恋花

DreamButterfly -梦蝶: ranked hunter. Female Mirage Archer

SnowPhoenix -冰雪凤凰: ranked mage. Female Ice Magus

LittleLi's FlyingDagger -小李飞刀: ranked assassin. Fatty’s disciple. Real name Han Shen -韩慎

AbsoluteIndifference -处之淡然: ranked hero

TenStepOneKill -十步一杀: encountered in the 7th floor of Mass Graves. Male Yin Yang Inquisitor. Close friend of God Familia

SkeletonWarrior -骷髅兵: fourth ranked rogue

MarchingSledgehammer: encountered inside the Door of Misfortune


SaintPetertheGreat -圣彼得大帝: first player to become a city lord

Eternal -永恒


Copper coin

Silver coin = 100 copper coins = 1 RMB (normal rate)

Gold coin = 100 silver coins

Races (only affects the appearance and does not have additional benefits)

Human -人族, Beastman -兽人, Dwarf -矮人, Elf -精灵


CN region: China region

AoE: Area of effect

DoT: Damage over time

Pk: Player kill (not to be confused with psychokinesis adopted in various games like Guild Wars etc). Initiating a player kill will result in a red name.

Sin Points -罪恶值: 

- Gain sin points when actively attacking and killing player. 100 Sin Points is gained per player killed.

 - When red-named player is killed, the player will lose 100 Sin Points

 - Killing a monster decreases Sin Points by 1


Basic Stats

Strength STR -力量: +1 physical attack; +0.1 physical defense; +10 weight carried

Intellect INT -智力: +1 magical attack; +0.1 magical defense; +10 mana points (MP)

Endurance END -体力: +10 health point (HP)

Dexterity DEX -敏捷: +0.3 all defense; +1 speed

Hidden Stats

Luck -幸运

Comprehension -悟性

Charm -魅力

Other Stats

Vigor -耐力: allows for actions at 4 point/hour. When Vigor is 0, the character cannot move.

Hunger: the hunger level of the character. When it is > 60, all stats of the player is decreased by 50%; when it is 100, the character dies

HP, MP -血量,魔法值

Physical Attack/Defense -物攻,物防 Magical Attack/Defense -魔攻,魔防

Reputation -声望

Durability -耐久: Equipment's longevity

Equipment ranks: Basic -白色(white),Bronze, Silver, Gold, Violet, Celestial仙器, Divine神器, Legendary(super divine)超神器

Equipment additional skill: Active -附带技能 and Passive -附加属性

Monster ranks: Normal Monster > Normal Boss > Bronze Boss > Silver Boss > Gold Boss > Low/Mid/Late Stage Yao(demonic) > Celestial > Divine > Legendary 

Human rank: Celestial > Divine (God) > Legendary

Classes & Skills

Rogue | Thief偷 – Rogue盗贼 – Assassin刺客 – Bandit大盗 – Killer杀手 – Magical Bandit魔盗 – Blood Killer血杀 – Bandit Saint盗圣 – Underworld Servant幽冥使者 – Neitherworld Sovereign黄泉至尊

Stealth -潜行

Rogue’s Eye -盗贼之眼, 

Steal -盗窃, upgrade to Triohand -三只手

Close Combat- 近身格斗

Illusion -幻影: from skill book

2nd enhancement 

Reckless Blow -舍命一击

Invisibility -隐身

Acceleration -加速

Vital Strike -弱点攻

3rd enhancement

Detect -侦破术

Dissemble -拆卸术

Deadly Poison -猛毒

Ambush -伏击

Disguise -百变

Flying Flowers, Falling Leaves -飞花落叶

4th enhancement

Assassinate -刺杀

Shadow Kill -影杀

Critical Strike -暴击

Paralyze -麻痹

5th enhancement

Mechanism, Triohand, Kill Break -破杀

6th enhancement

One Strike -一击必杀

Warrior | Hero勇者 – Warrior 战士 – Combatant勇士 – Fighter斗士 – Bronze Fighter青铜斗士 – Silver Fighter白银斗士 – Gold Fighter黄金斗士 – Grievous Fighter泣血斗士 – War General战将 – War God战神

Guard -守护

Night Blade Flurry- 夜战八方

One Sword to Immortality -一剑飞仙

Heavy Impact -重击: An equipment skill

Knight | Cavalry骑兵 – Knight骑士 – Wolfen Cavalry狼骑兵 – Tiger Cavalry虎骑兵 – Heavy Cavalry重骑兵 – Rider骑将 – Wind Rider飞骑将 – Brave Rider骁骑将 – Dragon Rider龙骑将 – Saint Dragoon圣龙骑士

Charge -冲锋

Thrust -冲刺

Tremor -震荡

Fiery Prairie -烈火燎原

Holy Shield -圣光盾

Mage | Magic Apprentice魔法学徒 – Mage法师 – Great Mage大法师 – Caster魔法师 – Grand Caster大魔法师 – Sorcerer魔导士 – Grand Sorcerer大魔导士 – Magus魔导师 – Grand Magus大魔导师 – Saint Magus圣魔导师

Fireballs, water arrows, ice bolts, wind blades, stone spikes

Fire/Water/Earth/Wind Dragon Break -龙破

Meteor Shower -流星火雨

Flame Burst -炎爆

Fire Rain -火雨

Fire Sea -火海

Water Dragon Strike -水龙击

Flame Dragon Burn -炎龙焚

Mire Trap -泥沼陷阱

Priest | Pharmacist Apprentice见习药师 – Priest牧师 – Healer治疗师 – Medic医师 – Great Medic大医师 – Physician医官 – Great Physician大医官 – Oracle Docter谕医 – Master of Light光明师 – Divine Physician圣手神医

Archer | Junior Archer弓手 – Archer弓箭手 – Hunter 猎手 – Sniper射手 – Cyclone Sniper旋风射手 – Earth Sniper地射手 – Meteor Sniper落星射手 – Flying Sniper飞射手 – Heavenly Archer天弓手 – Unparalleled Divine Arrow无双神箭

Explosive Shot -爆裂箭

Scatter Shot -散射

Chain Shot -连环箭

Hidden Class

Beastmaster -驭兽者 

Elementalist -五行方士

Yin Yang Inquisitor 阴阳审判者 – Yin Yang Magistrate 阴阳审判官 (Special equipment Yin Yang Manual -阴阳审判)

Yin Yang Shield -阴阳盾

Confusion -混乱

Yin/Yang Sword -阴/阳鉴: can combine into Yin Yang Treasure Swords -阴阳宝鉴

Yin/Yang Thunder Extermination -阴/阳煞罡雷: can combine into Yin Yang Thunder

Yang Screen -阳罩守护

“In the name of Yin Yang Inquisitor, I summon, Yin/Yang Flame!”

Light Wheel of Death -死亡光轮

Mirage Archer -幻影弓手

Mirage Chain Shot -幻影连射

Piercing Arrows -万箭穿心

Ice Magus -冰系大法师

Icy Blizzard -冰雪风暴

Icy Fortress -冰雪壁垒

Ice Bullet, Ice Dragon Break

Thunder Magus -雷系大法师

Thunder Arrow -奔雷箭

Thunderbolt -霹雳

Space Mage -空间法师

Land of Exile -异界国度

Underworld Assassin -幽冥刺客

Underworld-O’-Wisp Blade -幽冥鬼火刺

Underworld Blood Blade -幽冥血刺

Underworld Fire Blade -幽冥火刺

Ice Swordsman -冰雪剑士

Frozen Strike -冰封斩

Ice Soul Cleave -冰魄裂

Frost Dance -冰霜剑舞

Ice Storm -冰风刺

Axe Warrior -斧战士

Special Skills of MC

Combo Attack -连击: Fatty's self-created

Coil -绞杀: Python dropped skill. Summon a silver python to hang the opponent

Death Transformation -死亡变身: consummates undead soul sparks to transform into respective undead.

Deceased Soul – Knight Commander: Class Death Knight. Name Salip the Undead Marshal

Deceased Soul – Skeletal General

Deceased Soul – Wandering Miner Leader: Class Zombie. Name Gorilla. Skills Heavy Impact-重击, Wail-哀嚎 and Throw

Deceased Soul – Death Mantis. Name Undead Marshal

Deceased Soul – Dark Sacrificer. Skills Electric Bolt -电光箭, Mental Breakdown -精神爆破, Shield of Protection -保护之盾

Illusion -幻影: Summon illusion clones for distraction only

Sprint -千里奔袭: Decrease 99% of other stats for 100% dex increase. 100% success of One Strike while activated

Other Skills -技能Mastery levels -熟练度: Novice > Intermediate > Advance > Master > Grandmaster.

Throw -投掷

Trap -陷阱

Trample -践踏: Mounted only

Tear -撕裂

Shockwave -震慑

Side Skills

Appraisal -鉴定术, Harvest -采集术, Mining -采矿术, Cooking -烹饪术, Crafting -锻造术, Taming -驯服术


Secondary Professions -副业

Blacksmithing -铁匠: Smithing skill -打铁

Alchemy -炼药术

- Apothecary -药剂师

Pet -宠物 :  Ranks: Normal Pet > Low/Mid/Late stage Yao > Celestial > Divine > Legendary

Lightning Bird -闪电鸟: Liu Lan’s first pet. name Sparky

Rainbow Butterfly -七彩蝴蝶: Purple Bell’s first pet. name Butterfly Fairy

Imprison: cc skill

Diggy Rat -彻地鼠: MC's first pet. name Gary > Wheat

Burrow > Earthwalk

Earth Bullet > Howling Bullet

Size Alteration > Transmutation

Scatterstone Rain: rain stalagmites

Mire Trap

Dark Sacrificer: name Inky

Electric Bolt, Heal, Float, Shield of Protection, and Mental Breakdown.

Mount -坐骑

Hellfire Stallion: Purple Bell’s 1st mount. name Hellfire, nickname Flamy

Fire Cloud Panther: Liu Lan’s mount. nickname Little Cloud

Unicorn. Skills: Passive Healing, Holy Beam, Boost of Glory

Violent Ox King

Special Items

City Construction Token

Guild Establishment Token

Teleportation Token

Bronze Medallion: Wearer becomes an honorary citizen of their main city.

Demon Calling Stone -唤魔石

Basic Elemental Movement Arts – -基础五行遁法之Collecting the five elemental movement arts will allow the player to gain the hidden class of Elementalist.

Earthwalk -土遁: Diggy Rat

Firewalk -火遁: Quest reward by West the Flame Ruler

Woodwalk -木遁: Heart of the Dryad Commander

Metalwalk -金遁: Golden-winged Tiger King

Waterwalk -水遁: Auction in AD City.

Poison Immunity Orb -辟毒珠mission item

Inner core -内丹Yao boss drop

Skeletal Spark: dropped by undead. Rogue Class Enhancement mission item/requirement for Death Transformation skill

Heart of Green Wood

Icefire Lotus: crossbreed of Sunremanent and Profound Ice lotuses

Door of Misfortune Map


Red pot -红药: for HP, Blue pot -蓝药: for MP

Delicated Health Potion

Hemostatic Potion -止血药

Vitality Pill - 益气丹

Small Restoration Pill -小还丹: Restore 60% HP at once

Dried trail ration: Cheap and convenient vigor replenishment

Recall Scroll: Return to set location

Elixir of Seal break: Dispel a seal

Thunderfire Power Bomb: Flame Ruler’s gift


Intermediate fire skill: Wildfire Stormburst, Sea of Flame, Lava, Fire Blast, Bursting Bullet, Fire Bone Prison, Fire Combo

Advance fire skil: Flame Burst

Ice Protection -冰之守护

Summon Scroll – Ant Clan army - 召唤蚁族兵团

Bruteforce Pill: increases 10 strength for 10 minutes. Cooldown: 60 minutes. Cannot stack with the same type of medicine

Spatial Spoon, Spatial Tray, Spatial Arrow = Divine artifact Space Sonic

Royal Winged Ant Poison -皇翅蚁毒液药剂: Paralysis. Can be smeared on weapon. Paralyzed target will lose all ability of action for ten seconds, during which the paralysis will not wear off even when the target is attacked.

Brutal Saddle -暴力马鞍

Zephyr Wings -流风翅


Alchemy shop -药店

Smithy -铁匠铺

Bank -仓库

Grocery store

Class Enhancement Hall

Profound Sky Hotel -玄天大酒店


Farmer Cary -卡里: Beginner's Village, teaches Fatty his family culinary skill

Reck -师雷迪: Alchemy Grandmaster, former Imperial chief alchemist. Settled in Beginner's Village after being fired by the emperor. Fatty helps bring the Poison Immunity Orb back to him so he can go to the capital and regain his title.

Salka -沙尔卡: Rogue Class Enhancer

Lin Xi -林夕: Black Tortoise City Lord

General Drucker -德鲁克将军: a military general of  BT 

Grand Magus Jijilu -吉吉鲁: BT

Dragon Rider Libya -利比亚: BT

Viscount Linkin -利凯子爵: of Grande -格兰德 family, former owner of the BT mine

Rogue mentor Stephen > Sallip -盗贼导师斯蒂芬>沙利普: in the Imperial city Class enhancement hall. Senior brother of Salka.

Gaia the Meteor Archer -落星射手盖亚

Patrol Squad in the Ancient Battlefield: Wang Er the Scout -斥侯王二Captain Hamlet -队长雷特

War God Lin Yu -林羽 and Saint Magus Aura -欧雅: Famous historical figures who sealed the Phantasm Ghost King.

Stalin -斯特林: Skeletal remains of the Tyrant Dragoon Cavalry Corps, guarding the seal of Phantasm Ghost King

Lei Ao -雷傲: Azure Dragon City Lord.

Grand Magus Laurent -大魔导师来日昂特: Imperial Capital.

Shopkeeper A Da -阿大: looks after Fatty’s store.

Lucas -卢卡斯: Space Mage, Reck’s friend.

War General Luo Kun -罗坤

Maps & Monsters

Beginner's Village

Hen: concubines of Furious Rooster Boss

Hare. Boss Golden Rabbit King

Grey rat. Low rank Yao Boss Diggy Rat

Blackthorn Forest -黑松林

Python. Silver boss Silver Python King, underlings: Snake Guard

Black wolf

Imperial Capital – where the emperor resides.

Wind wolf

Moonlight Forest -月夜丛林

Ancient Battlefield -上古战场

Vengeful remains

Windlost bone snake

Vengeful crypt ghoul


Phantasm ghost claw, Phantasm leg bones: parts of Phantasm Ghost King

Shield Warrior

Demonic Earth Tarantula

Demon General Moretta

Island of Light -光明岛 | Cloud Ocean -云之海洋

Shining-Wing Bird

Plenilune Beast

Holy Unicorn

Iron Chain Town vicinity

Devilface Crow

High-rank Yao boss Underground Worm

Peak of high-rank Yao tier Mutated Fire Kite

Demonsun Ancient Castle: over 3000 miles north of Imperial Capital

Territory Basket

Vampire Kelly, Carrey

Azure Dragon City -青龙城

Wildfire Plains -野火平原: south of AD city

Mad bull. Boss Mad Bull King

Wild stallion

Black panther

Wraith Swamp -怨灵沼泽: east of AD city

Vengeful skeleton

Deepwater crocodile

Silver boss Death Mantis. underlings: Death mantis guard

Greenery Mountains -翠山: east of the city

Heavenly star vine. Silver boss Heavenly Star Vine Clan Head

Piranha flower

(Ancient) Camphor Tree Spirit: advanced boss

Willow tree dryad. Gold boss Dryad Commander, dead into silver boss Heart of the Dryad Commander

East Ocean -东海

Boss Crystal Crab

Yao boss Octopus King

Aliya -艾丽娅: West’s enemy

Baleen Whale Drakon: Aliya’s aid

Crystal Maze

Crystal Crab, Crystal Scorpion

Terrible Wang Zhang’s Tentacle

Terrible Wang Zhang Eros, The God of Water Claudia

Sea Territory of Evil aka Natural Barrier: in East Ocean, has only Yao bosses 

Six-Eyed Cyan-Pupil Toad

Ice Fire Doublehead Jiao

White Tiger City -白虎城

A random forest

Boss Swordfang Tiger

Silver boss Greenface Tiger

Silver boss Whitebrow Tiger

Gold boss Golden-winged Tiger King

Vermilion Bird City -朱雀城

Flame > Fire Valley -火焰谷

Fire golem

Flame pixie

Fire giant

Fire crow, Fire snake, Fire leopard. Boss Fire Cloud Panther

Fire cloud. Gold boss: Fire Cloud King

Fire spirit

Flame > Fire Demon

Advanced boss West the Flame Commander > Ruler -火焰统领维斯特

A neighbor area of Fire Valey

Yao boss Fire Kirin Beast

A random forest

Horned Thundertiger: low-ranked Yao

Mountain of Flames

Fire Fox

High-rank Yao boss Violent Ox King

Black Tortoise City -玄武城

Mass Graves -乱葬岗: 7 floors

  1. Skeletal soldier 
  2. Skeletal lancer. Boss: Skeletal Centurion 
  3. Skeletal knight. Boss: Knight Commander
  4. Skeletal archer. Boss: Skeletal General
  5. Skeletal assassin. Advanced boss: Aguero the Phantom Messenger
  6. Gold boss Dark Sacrificer Haggis
  7. Gold boss Soul Devour Sorcerer 

Celestial boss Undead Marshal Lei Ting. Summoned underlings: Hellfire Stallion, Knight Commander Trevor (特雷沃), Soul Devour Sorcerer Reged (雷杰德), Skeletal General Antony (安东尼), Dark Sacrificer Haggis (哈吉斯), Phantom Messenger Aguero (阿古路), Skeletal Centurion.

Butterfly Ridge -蝴蝶岭

Colorful butterfly

Gold boss Phantom Blue Butterfly King

Ox-Horn Mountain -牛角山: north of BT city

Jumpy antelope

Blood-eyed monkey. Silver boss Bloodthirsty Monkey

Madearth covet wolf


Minotaur guard

Gold boss Minotaur Chieftain: Racial skill War Stomp

Bat Cave -蝙蝠洞: SE of city. Later known as The Mine

Vampiric bat

Demonized vampiric bat

Grudgeful zombie. Bronze boss: Wandering Miner Leader

Silver boss Demonized Bat King

Thousand Cave Ridge -万窟岭: south of BT city

Royal winged ant. Golden-tooth ant. Acidic ant. Gold boss Queen Ant

Yin Yang Phantasm Realm -阴阳虚境: place where Yin Yang Inquisitors train

Yin Yang betrayer

Yin Yang counterer

Yin Yang spelltwister

Yin Yang controller. Boss: Yin Yang Captain

The Door of Misfortune

Gold boss Envoy of Misfortune – Kodeland, Kantos, Nadun, Sevik

Gold boss Skeletal Dragon

Gold boss Skeletal Mammoth

The Paradise of Misfortune

Guard of Misfortune

Headless Knight

Spirit of Misfortune, Wraith of Misfortune

God of Misfortune Stuland, God of Malediction Aurista

Ingredient/Gather mission Items

White Cogon Root -白茅根

Snowsilver Grass

Crimson Pearl Flower

Heavenly Star Vine

Dragon Revolution Herb: exception item

Sunshine Grass -光明草

Fire Paulownia Wood -火桐木

Holy Ichor

Yao blood

Poison Sac

Piranha Flower Poison

Flowingmoon Tung Fluid -流月桐汁液

Royal Winged Ant Venom

Gold Essence Orb -金髓珠

Fire Spirit Orb

Holy Spirit Orb

Fire Spirit Stone

Holy Spirit Stone -圣灵石

Sky Crystal Stone -天晶石


Darksteel Ore

Iron Ore

Bronze Ore

Aluminum Ore

Mystical Silver Ore

Meteor Iron Ore -陨铁矿

Mystical Gold Ore -玄金矿

Cold Iron Ore -寒铁矿


Armorshattering Beast Claw

Royal Winged Ant Wing

Dragon Tendon