PGC Chapter 111 (April Fool's Teaser)

This was a fake teaser made for April Fools in 2017.

The real chapter 111 is here.

Chapter 111: Poison Human, a fierce foe Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.


That was impossible! Han Yunxi stumbled to one side, unable to stop herself before she fell flat on the ground, narrowing tumbling over the cliff itself. Gu Beiyue was the mastermind? The real head behind all the Northern Li spies? The compassionate doctor who'd seen her past her trials in this world, who'd been a source of quiet support ever since she discovered Mu Qingwu's poison...was a traitor?

It didn't make sense! He was the Head Imperial Physician!

"You're lying!" she shouted to the expressionless assassin. "He's not that kind of person!"

"If I'm lying, then where has he been all this time?" the assassin challenged. "Why isn't he here to help you? Isn't it convenient that the emperor fell ill just when you were investigating Mu Qingwu's poison?"

"That's just a coincidence!" Han Yunxi shot back. "Gu Beiyue doesn't know anything about poisons!"

"You just don't know anything about him," the assassin sneered. "You're not even qualified to say our master's name."

She took a step forward, causing Han Yunxi to back away until she realized the canyon was right behind her. Her heart pounded with terror even as her mind raced, piercing together the clues. But beyond all that was the image of Gu Beiyue's face and those gentle, serene, eyes. What she had thought to be the clearest, cleanest eyes in the world suddenly turned mocking and deceptive.

No, this won't do. I have to escape!

With effort, Han Yunxi rose to her feet and made to flee. But the assassin quickly closed their distance and grabbed her collar with an angry shout.

“You slut, go die!”

Han Yunxi still wanted to use poison. That was her only option left, but the female assassin didn’t give her a chance. She dragged her back and flung her over the cliff.


A shrill scream hung in the air as she went hurtling into the abyss. Han Yunxi saw the sharp rocks at the bottom of the canyon coming to meet her head-on and instinctively shielded her head with her arms. But it was a futile effort. Seconds later, her body smashed onto the rubble below with a sickening crunch.

She didn't even have time to feel the pain before everything went dark.

Han Yunxi: What was that?

Han Yunxi: What just happened? Did I really fall off a cliff? A-am I dead?

Han Yunxi: No, I can't be dead. Haha! I'm the MC! If I'm dead, then there's no story....

Han Yunxi: what's with this rubbish, author? First you kidnap me, then have me betrayed by my only friend? Isn't that too much?

Han Yunxi: You couldn't have...dragged it out a few chapters or two? Even one more! I would've been able to accept that...

Han Yunxi: I don't approve of this plot twist! I have a bet at stake!

Gu Beiyue: I think esteemed wangfei should be worrying about your life first...

Han Yunxi: Gu Beiyue! You-

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Han Yunxi: Wait, Gu Beiyue! You owe me an explanation. What's going on? Why are you-

Gu Beiyue: See you again on Monday!