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Set your imagination free and soar into good stories.

Welcome to volare! Come party in a quality coterie of the most interesting web fiction serials! We’re a story appreciation, free community where translators post daily updates of popular novels, and readers can band together to throw popcorn at their most beloved/hated characters. We are also a publisher with end-to-end services for the work we translate.

Chinese web novels and their adaptations have a rich history, with online libraries of millions of titles, ranging from Chinese fantasy, wuxia, romance, action, mystery and horror. Hundreds of thousands of readers wait with bated breath each day for their favorite novel to update. The most popular ones have been adapted for the big screen or addicting dramas. Popular titles such as “Nirvana in Fire”, “Love O2O: Just One Smile is Very Alluring”, “Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms”, “Martial God Universe”, and “Princess Wei Young” have all been adapted from web novels.

The translation scene to bring them to English readers has sprung up in the last two years, with fan, part time, and professional translators all pitching in to share these amazing experiences with the world. At volare, we have one of the most eclectic and engrossing selection of Chinese web novels around. Our translators pick their novels carefully, so you’re viewing a cream of the crop selection of entertaining, thought provoking, or fluffy heartwarming goodness. Please grab a cup of tea and enjoy.

We are official partners with the Chinese publishers who own the copyright for these works. Read on volare to support the official translations for free! Reading on volare is completely free and will remain so for a very long time. If you love the novel, please feel free to nab a copy of the ebook or hardcover to keep!

Get to know us as well! We’re a nutty family at volare, often running holiday contests, karaoke in our Discord, having novel fandom wars, and drawing chili family portraits. We’re just as much fun as the novels! 

Novels update on a daily or other regular basis, with a new chapter of ~2K+ English words uploaded each time. Volare is Latin for to fly, so let our imaginations soar into good stories!

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