About Us

Volare LLC was founded in Dec 2015, and is an off the beaten path translating shop with an amazing select coterie of novels. Previously existing as http://volaretranslations.com in 2016, we moved forward in 2017 as simply volare. We seek to soar into wondrous novels with our readers!

We seek to give a voice to the atypical, the quirky, the flabbergasting plot twists and are equally fascinating ourselves. ! 😀

etvolare (ROS, DCF) – Eccentric fantasy, scifi and xianxia bookworm, and also a practical romanticist. Frequently called "etvo" by the online community, she currently resides in Taiwan and can be found on Twitter @etvofluff. Her background is in finance/banking, making the transition to translating in 2015. Other works include Sovereign of the Three Realms and Great Demon King.

Chiyomira (PAH) – Chiyomira is a coffee-powered translator that sometimes doesn’t think out her decisions that well, so now she translates a total of 6 series. However, she doesn’t regret! She has the confidence to say, all her series are worth your read!

PAH is published 4x a week.

Craxuan(SRH) – Hey guys, it’s Craxuan. Currently I’m translating Single Player Only, Spirit Realm and now Star Rank Hunter. The reason I picked this up was because there are a lot of Wuxia Xianxia translated stories out there, but not nearly enough in other genres like horror, sci-fi, slice of life etc. I aim to change this slowly, starting with Star Rank Hunter. I sure hope y’all will enjoy this!

SRH is published ~5x a week.

Dreamer (DWGMSFF, SUL) – A student who escapes reality with Chinese books and dramas. She likes to stay awake till the wee hours to read and translate, and so got great big panda eyes. Likes to translate funny, ancient books. Hope you all enjoy my translations!

DWGMSFF is published 2x a week. SUL is complete.

Grace (UPX) – Hey everyone! My name is Grace. I took over Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao from chapter 270 (Our amazing Ruyi translated the first 269 chapters)! Originally, I started off as a blogger at liveandlearn88.com. I only started translating because I wanted to lure more readers into my blog. Who would've thought I would end up here? :P Hope you all like my work. I also write posts on "Grace Time"! 

Your Highness, and Supernatural Girlfriend are both completed on volare. The Eunuch is Pregnant is completed on my site at theeunuch.com 

Grenn (Poisoning the World) – Hi everyone! I’m Grenn. I come from Rotten Translations, which is a small wordpress. Along with Wenhui, our team other translator, Marci and Eris, our two editors, we arrived with Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife (quite a mouthful, right?). It’s a very long romance novel, but it’s quite interesting and a bit crazy. Although we are not the fastest, we are very steady with our releases. If we were to talk just about me, I started as reader like most of us here, then began to self-learn Chinese in order to read raws and ended up becoming a slow translator instead. Nowadays, I took Chinese class to consolidate my knowledge which help quite a lot with translation speed. ! 😛 I’m an ambitious language learner, but right now still stuck mastering Chinese as a fourth language.

Poisoning the World is published 7x a week.

GT (TNC) – “Nowhere is more important than home!” (Quote from TNC)  Support us on https://www.patreon.com/iamgt

The Nine Cauldrons is published 7x a week

Hungry (True Cultivators) – Hi guys, I’m Hungry and I love food because it’s the most amazing thing in the world next to girls and of course novels! My hobbies include sleeping, eating, and traveling. If I could be one thing in the world, I would be me, because I love me and as for if there’s anything special about me, there’s really isn’t. I’m just an average human, looking for the meaning in life, who also finds joy through meeting reading light novels. Ya’ll can hit me up, and I’ll reply asap as long as I’m not eating or sleeping. I get grumpy without coffee… OHHH MUST MENTION MY LOVE FOR COFFEE. It is THE most amazing discovery of man! Suspected masochist.

True Cultivators is published 3x a week.

Jimminx (RoTH) – An averagely normal ordinary person living in Malaysia. Procrastinates a lot, lazy most of the time but will get shit done with enough motivation. Loves anime, plays games and enjoyed reading novels (particularly fond of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle). Aaaand uhhh…. I guess SUPPORT REIGN ON THE HUNTERS ON PATERON! Remember: with great motivation comes great translation speed. (Will always be happy to provide spoilers! And to all the crazed staff out there, MERCY!)

Reign of the Hunters is published 4x a week.

Kurisu – Hi everyone, it’s Kurisu desu! I’m the former translator for GFS and a translator for an upcoming series “The Mechanical Heart”. While my abilities to translate pales in comparison to other translators here, my hardworking ability loses to none! My name might mislead you to think that I am a girl but I am not! I am actually a guy and totally not a trap! With that out of the way, it’s a pleasure to meet you guys!

Eudaimonia- (HSSB, SWFM) – A Transcended mehxistence

Still, Wait for Me is published 6x a week. History’s Strongest Senior Brother is published as the Mehdao provides.

WeirdWhirl (DAO) –  Heya! Whirls here. I was happily writing The Dao Of Magic, and other books, when Etvolare bugged me if I wanted to post my novel on volare. Pretending not to geek out and trying to keep my inner fangirl in check, I agreed! Anyway, I started writing DAO after meling my brain with reading one too many trope-filled xianxia and wuxia novels. 

DAO is usually published 3x a week.

Premonition (CEO) – Some say he owns the bank, and that he’s the gentleman.

CEO is published 5x a week.

Ruyi (FDFH, PGC, UPX) – Rogue translator found and caught in the wild, always munching through raws for the next great plot twist, spoiler, or power-up item. Currently in search of the fabled No Typo Paradise. An incredible FGO addict.

PGC is published 7+ times a week, while UPX updates 4x a week on Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat. FDFH is complete.

Selutu (RPS) – 吾乃灭世至尊,吾为噬神之首,吾曾以一剑破万剑,吾将打碎命运。现,吾应圣杯之召唤降临至此。汝乃吾之御主吗?

D.Va: 1, bad guys: 0. Mordred best girl <3 How darest thou to summon this one sovereign. This unparalleled one is the sovereign of the underworld, the bringer of apocalypse, the tyrant of the unliving, former translator of Special Forces Spirit and… the translator of Red Packet Server.

RPS is published 8x a week

Sigil (TMK) – Former leech turned translator. Spends his days in the dark recesses of Volare either trying to TL the next chapter of TMK or pouring over the interwebs for new novels to read.

TMK is published 5x a week

timebun (TMR) – Working full time and translating to feed the hearts of little bun fans! Former translator of EEWC and Hidden Marriage.

TMR is published 5x a week.

Tranzgeek (FM) – Fellow student who can only wish that my academic career can be filled with lots of luck just like Lin Lin. Please send me more meat pies!!! If only I could brain fart through class… anyways be sure to check out the other place I live: tranzgeek.wordpress.com where I talk about upcoming adaptations and translate some more novels that have a more realistic feel to them.

FM is complete

yukidaruma (PDG)

PDG is published 7x a week.


Broosk – etvo likes to call him the lifesaver as her eyes just tend to bug out whenever there’s any technical discussion (aptly termed by Broosk the goldfish effect). This wondrous technomancer manages the server of many of the translation sites, odds are he’s responsible for keeping some of your favorite novels online.

angerthosenear – Some say he doesn’t live up to his name very well, and that he can’t stop breaking his computers, and is only skill is Googling. He’s not The Stig, but he is the Stig’s tech savvy cousin!