Chapter 1

Lin Shan had transported into another world. It was on that one sunny afternoon.

At the time, she was completing her civil service exam. The logical questions were tough though. They caused her mind to spin and gave her a headache. Somehow, she ended up falling asleep on her desk. By the time she woke up, she was already a person from the Ancient world.

She had became the Minister's second young master - Song Luo.

What? Lin Shan had turned into a man?

Wrong wrong wrong! Although her cup size was not at the standard before the transportation, she was still a woman. Each month, her Aunt* came to see her regularly.

At this moment, some people might be wondering: So she is a woman disguised as a man?

To be honest, even Lin Shan herself wasn't sure whether she was considered a man or woman.

In reality, the second "young master" was definitely a woman. In addition, her cup sizes were two times bigger than the Lin Shan from the modern world. Replacement guaranteed if fake!

But on paper, she could only be a man. In addition, she was about to marry the Emperor's precious daughter.

Basically, her current identity was a female Prince Consort.

As a second lady, how the heck did she become a second young master? Not only that, why was she going to marry a Princess? After doing some research and snooping, Lin Shan finally found out the ridiculous reason.

Apparently, when Song Luo was born, she was extremely weak and nearly died prematurely. Afterwards, her father, the Minister, hired the Capital's most famous fortune teller to calculate her fate. The fortune teller did some calculations on his finger and immediately shook his head. He told him his daughter had reincarnated into a wrong body. Originally, she was supposed to be a son. Now that she's a daughter, the Hell's Ruler plans to take her soul back.

The moment Song Xian heard this, he freaked out. The child was already born! Regardless of whether it was a male or female, she was still a child of the Song Family. He wasn't going to let the Hell's Ruler take her away. Thus, he begged the fortune teller to think of a plan to save his daughter.

The fortune teller thought of an idea. Since the Hell's Ruler wanted to take away your daughter, just raise her as a son. That way, the Hell's Ruler would assume you had a son and wouldn't send his subordinates down.

Song Xian thought that about. Huh? That was definitely a great solution! But raise her as a son for how long? The girl will eventually have to get marry, right?

The fortune teller did a bit more calculations and said: "Eighteen years. After eighteen years, the Hell's Ruler will have forgotten about this and the young lady could become a woman again! But remember, during these eighteen years, aside from the closest people to her, no one else must know the young lady's true identity. The more people know, the harder it is for her to live. Remember!"

After the fortune teller left, Song Xian immediately blocked off all sources that his wife had a daughter. Not long after, the whole Capital was told that the Minister's wife had given birth to a second son named Song Luo. Everyone believed the Minister was a fortunate man, since he had two sons. No one knew one of them was a fake.

Then again, it was none of the people's business of how many sons they had.

But currently, the problem was caused by the first master of the Song Family.

The eldest son of the Song Family was Song Lin Feng. Just like his name, he was gorgeous like a jade and of great talent. In addition, he was distinguished and accomplished. He was always amongst the top three in the poll of the Capital's hottest men.

Based on genetics, most felt that the second young master wasn't as amazing as the eldest young master. However, he was still rated pretty high; especially when Song Lin Feng got married. There were many young ladies whose hearts were broken and ended up transferring their hopes and dreams towards the mysterious second young master.

Nowadays, many rumours about Song Luo were spreading throughout the streets of the Capital.

"Have you heard? The second young master is even more handsome than the eldest young master! He has soft skin and tender flesh. The reason why he rarely goes out is because he doesn't want to cause a sensation!"

"I've heard about this long ago. This year, the second young master is turning eighteen. He's at the right age to find a wife. I wonder who is going to be the lucky girl?"

"Well, the eldest young master married a General's daughter. I'm quite sure the second young master is going to marry at least someone who is of royal blood!?"

"The other day, I bumped into the eldest daughter of the Jiang Family and she couldn't stop talking about the second young master. She had never even see him!"

"I heard the daughter of the Sun Tai family is also interested in the second young master?"


These type of rumours grew day by day, and everyone was anticipating who the lucky lady will be. However, a royal decree was announced and it shattered the dreams of many young single women.

The Emperor had announced that Song Luo was to marry his daughter, Princess Du Ming Yue.

Honestly, this was all Song Lin Feng's fault. Remember, before Song Lin Feng got married, he was one of the Capital's most desired man. Countless of women worshipped him, including the Emperor's daughter, Du Ming Yue.

It was said that the Princess was extremely infatuated with Song Lin Feng. The moment after she met him, she was deeply attracted and couldn't control herself. However, since she wanted to be reserved, she secretly wrote a note to her Father Emperor and stuffed it in his document so that her father would know whom she wanted to marry. Unfortunately, by the time the Emperor had read her note, Song Lin Feng had already married the General's daughter.

Originally, this wouldn't be a big issue. After all, the Princess would just be sad for a little while. However, in the note, the Princess was too vague. All she said was that she wanted to marry the Song Minister's son. The Emperor saw it and thought: The Minister's son? Well, since the eldest son was already married. Then, his precious daughter must want the second son!

No problem. Marriage decree!

Therefore, Song Luo, or Lin Shan, was now terrified.

Everything was told to her by her personal maid, Xiao Lu. At the same time, Lin Shan realized there was no such thing as a wall that doesn't leak wind. There was nothing that Xiao Lu couldn't discover. If this was the modern world, Xiao Lu would definitely have been one of the best reporters out there!

By the way, Lin Shan felt like the person who had it the worse was her father, Song Xian.

The old man nearly lost consciousness after he had received the marriage decree. This had to do with the face of the Royal family. Song Lin Feng had already broken the heart of the Emperor's only daughter by getting married. If the Emperor found out the second son was indeed a fraud, Song Xian's head was probably going to be removed.

"Wait a minute! What's the punishment for lying to the Emperor?" Lin Shan looked suspiciously at Xiao Lu.

Xiao Lu smiled on the side: "Young master, if you lie to the Emperor, your whole family's heads will be chopped off."

"Chopping off the whole family's head....does that include mine?" Lin Shan started to sweat profusely.

"Yes, young master."

"And yours?"

"Xiao Lu belongs to young master. I will also die as your maid. Xiao Lu is not afraid."

At this moment, Lin Shan wanted to burst into tears.

You're not afraid, but I am! Do you know how difficult it is to be transported into another world? What's the point if my head is going to be chopped off so soon?

Lin Shan suddenly had a very bad feeling.

*Aunt: It's not her actual aunt. In Chinese, there's a saying that your Aunt has arrived each time a woman has her period. I guess, the "Aunt" is considered something very troublesome and annoying.

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