Chapter 7: Grand Preceptor, you have to save me!

Chapter 7: Grand Preceptor, you have to save me! Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

Ning Xiaoyao had been shocked by the public sentiment as well. During the apocalypse, zombies were mankind’s public enemy number one. But she never expected that another human could be mankind’s public enemy as well. What, did this person fool around with the zombie virus or something? (Author: Wake up, you. There aren’t any zombies in this world, ah. Like heck!)

Just then, a few angry members of the crowd rushed onto the platform. The guards at the entrance had obviously been instructed by their superiors beforehand, because all they did was to pretend to hold the crowd back before allowing them to rush Lou Zigui. They swarmed Lou Zigui and opened their mouths before trying to eat Lou Zigui alive.

Fang Tang gave a shout and dove into the crowd, rushing towards the execution platform. A few other high-ranking officers who’d come along followed his lead, their eyes red as they poured into the mob. Knowing something in their heads was different from seeing it first-hand. Before, they could restrain themselves with thoughts of their families, but now that Lou Zigui was being eaten alive, the men who’d fought with him on the battlefields couldn’t bear to simply stand by.

Fang Tang kicked and stomped the whole way to open up a path and rush up the platform. His mouth were full of shouts for ‘Supreme Commander’ as the guards on the platform blocked his way. The officials on the viewing platform grew restless as they saw Fang Tang and the rest struggling with the Nine Gate Infantry Commander’s[1. Nine Gate Infantry Commander (九门提督) - military appointment during imperial China. The person with this title was in charge of overseeing and safeguarding the nine city gates of the imperial capital.] men. Grand Preceptor Xie’s face looked astonished as well, but he was smiling coldly in his heart. He had ordered the imperial guards to allow Fang Tang’s charge into the palace just so he could force Lou Zigui’s trusted followers onto a dead end. Now that they’d come seeking their own deaths, why wouldn’t he help them out?

Ning Xiaoyao saw more and more people rushing over to tear and bite Supreme Commander Lou and felt a little helpless. Just how great was their enmity? Yet she calmed down soon enough. Cannibalism wasn’t a big deal. During the apocalypse, there were zombies eating humans everyday. She hopped on her heels to peer at the viewing platform across from the execution platform and saw a white-haired old man with a long beard sitting in the center seat.

“That’s the Grand Preceptor?” Ning Xiaoyao asked a general still standing by her side.

That general was still wrapped up in his grief and indignation as he followed Ning Xiaoyao’s pointed finger. He didn’t have space to consider why His Majesty couldn’t recognize the Grand Preceptor, but nodded to confirm her words. “Yes.”

Ning Xiaoyao nodded and took a step forward to squeeze in the crowd. With her strength, it was easy enough to make a path through the people blocking the way. The general beside her felt his hope soar when he saw Ning Xiaoyao making her way towards the execution platform. His Majesty really did intend to rescue the Supreme Commander.

When Ning Xiaoyao reached the execution platform, she suddenly discovered a problem. What would she do if the Grand Preceptor denied her identity after she jumped out to the rescue? The whole way over, nobody had hailed her as Your Majesty. It looked like few people recognized her as the emperor. If the Grand Preceptor and empress dowager could disguise her as a man to pretend to be the emperor, they could just as well find another man to pretend to be her! Thinking up to here, Ning Xiaoyao realized she had to use her head.

“Your Majesty!” the general behind Ning Xiaoyao shouted.

Ning Xiaoyao patted her forehead before abruptly grabbing the general’s hand and wrapping it around her neck. She faced the viewing platform and shouted at the top of her lungs. “Grand Preceptor, save me!”

Ning Xiaoyao used all her voice to shout over the crowd, silencing the cursing masses. When the Grand Preceptor saw that it was Ning Xiaoyao being “held hostage,” he leapt from his seat.

“Lou Zigui’s men want to kill me!” Ning Xiaoyao kept yelling.

Even as a person of an apocalypse, Ning Xiaoyao understood that attempted murder of an emperor was serious offense. After seeing how wretchedly the Grand Preceptor wanted Supreme Commander Lou to die, she could judge from a psychological viewpoint that this old guy must hate Supreme Commander’s guts. With so much hatred, he’d probably be willing to add to the Supreme Commander’s crimes. This was the reasoning behind beating a dead horse.

As expected, the Grand Preceptor ran to the edge of the viewing platform as soon as he heard Ning Xiaoyao claim that Lou Zigui had planned to kill her. He stared fixedly at Ning Xiaoyao before his expression turned pale with fright. It almost looked like he was about to collapse. His knees gave way beneath him as he knelt on the viewing platform and exclaimed, “Your Majesty, it’s His Majesty. Help, help the emperor, hurry and save him!”

Fang Tang lost all hope. They’d been tricked.

Ning Xiaoyao cried, “Grand Preceptor!”

The Grand Preceptor replied, “Your Majesty, don’t be afraid. Your subject is here!”

Ning Xiaoyao shouted, “Grand Preceptor, you have to save me!”

The Grand Preceptor replied, “Your Majesty, don’t fear. Your subject will definitely save Your Majesty!”

In Ning Xiaoyao’s heart, a little person was currently making a “V” sign with her fingers. This was all right. Now the old fellow had recognized her as the emperor, she really was a smart girl.

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