Chapter 382: Hello, my little princess

“What do I have to do for you to trust me again?” Lou Zigui pleaded. Ning Xiaoyao pursed her lips.

 “Thank you for saving my brother,” Lou Zigui grabbed Ning Xiaoyao’s hand again, “I’ll leave the position of emperor to my big brother. From now on, I’ll accompany you to wherever you want to go.”

Ning Xiaoyao suddenly raised her head. After putting in so much effort and even destroying their relationship, he says he doesn’t want to be the emperor anymore? Is he serious?

“Xiaoyao,” Lou Zigui softly called to her. Ning Xiaoyao was still in a state of shock and hadn’t gotten back to her senses. Ning Taosu was the one who replied to Lou Zigui with some ‘ah’ sounds. She curiously stared at the person in front of her with a pair of almond eyes that were similar to her mother’s.

Lou Zigui was too focused on Ning Xiaoyao and didn’t pay attention to Ning Taosu. But when Ning Taosu called out to him, Lou Zigui looked down and saw the little rascal in Ning Xiaoyao’s arms.

“Oh!” Ning Taosu called out to Lou Zigui again and habitually reached out to him, asking Lou Zigui to carry her. Ning Xiaoyao raised her hand and smacked her daughter’s hands down. Do you even know who that person is? You’re just going to let him carry you like that?

“Ya!” Ning Taosu retorted Ning Xiaoyao. “Stop making noise!” Ning Xiaoyao was in a horrible mood and scolded Ning Taosu fiercely.

Ning Taosu was not afraid of her mother and tried to appease Ning Xiaoyao by stuffing berries in her mouth. Ning Xiaoyao turned her face. Only an idiot would eat this sour berry ah!

Lou Zigui measured Ning Taosu. This child appears to be around five to six months old and her face isn’t fully developed yet. But her looks... Lou Zigui looked towards Ning Xiaoyao, “Who is she?”

Ning Xiaoyao stayed silent but she had a ‘this baby has nothing to do with you’ expression on her face.

“Ning Xiaoluo’s wife is pregnant,” Lou Zigui analysed, “This child definitely isn’t over six months old. This can’t be Ning Xiaoluo’s child.”

Ning Xiaoyao: … This person even did his research on his enemies before coming?

“Who is she?” Lou Zigui questioned. “My big brother’s ah,” Ning Xiaoyao nonchalantly replied. 

“Ah!” Ning Taosu called out. “Shut up!” Ning Xiaoyao smacked her daughter’s head.

“This child is so similar to you,” Lou Zigui softly responded.

“You should hurry and head back,” Ning Xiaoyao changed the subject, “After everything that’s happened, you’re not going to be the emperor? Who are you kidding? What about the people under you?”

“My big brother is around. Originally, the Black Frost Cavalry belonged to him anyway.”

“You’ve discussed this with your big brother?”

“My big brother is also here. Let’s go and tell him.”

“Nah,” Ning Xiaoyao shook her head, “This is a matter between you two. Don’t drag me into it.”

“I won’t let go now that I’ve found you,” Lou Zigui stood in the cave and blocked Ning Xiaoyao’s way out.

“Are you going to be this shameless?” Ning Xiaoyao furrowed her brows. Lou Zigui stood there without moving. What is dignity in front of his future wife? “Is this my daughter?” Lou Zigui pointed to Ning Taosu.

“Nope,” Ning Xiaoyao promptly replied and squeezed pass him to leave. The sky thundered and the ground even shook. Ning Taosu heard the loud thunderclaps and was afraid again. She burrowed her face into Ning Xiaoyao’s chest and crooned.

“It’s just thunder ah,” Ning Xiaoyao coaxed Ning Taosu, “It’s a natural occurrence. There’s nothing to be afraid of. We don’t have to be scared.”

Just as Ning Xiaoyao said those words, the sky replied with another round of thunder. A few large rocks rolled down from the cliff and landed in the river, creating a huge splash. Ning Taosu was frightened and immediately started wailing.

Ning Xiaoyao pursed her lips. This baby isn’t similar to her at all. How can she be afraid of thunder? (Author: Can you say that with a clear conscience?)

“Be good, don’t cry,” Lou Zigui couldn’t bear the sight and reached out to carry Ning Taosu.

When Ning Taosu saw a pair of hands reaching out to her, she looked up and saw Lou Zigui’s face. She started squirming in Ning Xiaoyao’s embrace. She wanted Lou Zigui to carry her.

Just when the father was about to carry his daughter, Ning Xiaoyao heard some noise from outside the cave. She reached out to grab Lou Zigui. At this moment, Lou Zigui opened his arms and hugged both Ning Xiaoyao and Ning Taosu.

Ning Xiaoyao’s world seemed to be flipped around when she heard the dull sound of iron being stabbed into the body. Lou Zigui fell to the ground. However, he was afraid of squashing Ning Xiaoyao and Ning Taosu and could only hold onto the wall of the cave.

Ning Xiaoyao pulled Lou Zigui behind her and took a knife from the assassins with her bare hands.

“Xiaoyao?” Lou Zigui shouted. Ning XIaoyao placed Ning Taosu in Lou Zigui’s embrace and shouted, “These aren’t your underlings?” 

Lou Zigui’s body slowly slipped down the wall. But he still kept Ning Taosu tight in his embrace.

The hand Ning Xiaoyao used to grab the knife was stained with blood. The wound stretched from the tip of her middle finger all the way down to her palm. You could even see her bone within the flesh.

Lou Zigui wanted to say something but was dizzy from the loss of blood and couldn’t make a sound. Ning Xiaoyao hurriedly tapped Lou Zigui’s shoulder before rushing out of the cave. More than ten people ran over and started fighting in the cave.

The people that arrived weren’t wearing what Ning Xiaoyao would imagine assassins to wear. She had assumed that they would be wearing camouflage clothing but these people were in normal villager’s outfits. Their faces weren’t even masked. 

When Ning Xiaoyao ran out by herself, the assassins didn’t even pay any attention to her. They risked their lives and hiked down the cliff to mount a sneak attack on Lou Zigui. Now that Lou Zigui couldn’t move, they didn’t expect a tiny lady like Ning Xiaoyao to fight back. The assassins felt that they’ve already completed their mission. 

“Who sent you guys?” Ning Xiaoyao asked in the pouring rain. The assassins didn’t reply and surrounded Ning Xiaoyao instead.

Ning Xiaoyao picked up a rock on the way out of the cave. She made her move after she saw them rushing towards her. The battle was over in a flash. It was a fight between normal humans and an evolved human being. Obviously, normal humans didn’t stand a chance.

Ning Xiaoyao weighed the brick in her hand and squatted in front of an assassin and asked, “You’re from Northern Hu?” The assassin’s leg was injured by Ning Xiaoyao and he was struggling on the ground. However, he was still stubborn and refused to answer to her question.

“I can tell even if you don’t say anything,” Ning Xiaoyao wiped her face, “Based on your appearance, it’s obvious that you’re from Northern Hu.”

The assassin stared at Ning Xiaoyao’s hand. Earlier, he clearly saw his comrade slicing through her hand and drawing blood. But now there’s no wound on her hand at all. How could this be?!

“You were sent by Modou right? Xie Wenyuan haven’t pissed him to death? ” The assassin stared at Ning Xiaoyao and his face paled, “You monster...!” he screamed.

Ning Xiaoyao knocked this assassin out with her brick. She hated this type of people the most -the kind that casually used the word ‘monster’. Standing up, she swept a glance at all the assassins. They consisted of both Northern Hu and Yongning men.

“You’re Xie Wenyuan’s men?” Ning Xiaoyao asked the guy that looked like he was from the Central Plains. This man was more pitiful than the previous Northern Hu person. Both his legs were injured and his head was even split open by Ning Xiaoyao. He couldn’t stop trembling when Ning Xiaoyao asked about Xie Wenyuan. 

“Okay, you don’t have to tell me. I can see you trembling. I guess you are Xie Wenyuan’s underling.”

The man wanted to say that he wasn’t but couldn’t speak. 

Xie Wenyuan is still alive. Ning Xiaoyao’s mood worsened. Could this unlucky bastard really live for a thousand years?

“Xiaoyao?” Lou Zigui said from inside the cave. Ning Xiaoyao walked back into the cave. “It’s Modou and Xie Wenyuan’s men. You’re being followed.”

Lou Zigui knitted his brows. “Let me see your injury,” Ning Xiaoyao walked forward. Lou Zigui obediently let Ning Xiaoyao remove his clothes to take a look at his back. He actually felt quite happy that Ning Xiaoyao still cared about him. This meant that he still had a place in her heart. 

Ning Xiaoyao looked at the wound. It was very deep and the bleeding stopped but the damage was extensive. In fact, even his muscle flesh could be seen. This wound could have taken his life. “I could have evaded it. Why did you have to risk your life like that?”

The corners of Lou Zigui’s mouth were curved upwards but he didn’t say anything. “You almost died ah. Can you still be the emperor if you’re dead?” Xiaoyao muttered.

“I don’t want to be the emperor anymore,” Lou Zigui repeated, “I’ve already said I’ll travel the world with you.”

“W-who said I want to travel the world?” Ning Xiaoyao stuttered, “My big brother said that he would set up a clinic in Fengzhou for me. My big brother also said I can earn a lot of money with my medical skills.”

“Then I’ll be your assistant,” Lou Zigui said optimistically, “I don’t need a salary. You can just provide me with food and lodging.”

Suddenly, Ning Xiaoyao wanted to kill the person in front of her. How could he have the mood to chat with her when he just got stabbed?!

“Modou can’t enter the Central Plains,” Lou Zigui reassured Ning Xiaoyao, “So, there is no reason for him to work with Xie Wenyuan anymore. Xie Wenyuan is not from the same clan as Modou. Modou will definitely get rid of him.”

“I’m not worried about that. It has nothing to do with me.”

“It has nothing to do with me either,” Lou Zigui immediately followed.

“Can you talk properly?” Ning Xiaoyao was angry, “If you really thought this way, why did you listen to your teacher the other time? Do you think I’m stupid? Stop trying to deceive me.” 

Lou Zigui flipped over to face Ning Xiaoyao. Ning Xiaoyao had a deadpan expression. “Turn around. I’ll heal your injury. You can leave with Big Bro Lou after we get out of the mountains. Go and do what you have to do.”

Lou Zigui grabbed Ning Xiaoyao’s hand. “It’s fine. As long as I won’t die, that’s good enough. Healing me will make you tired.”

Ning Xiaoyao was startled.

“You can talk to animals. You can heal people,” Lou Zigui saw that Ning Xiaoyao was shocked and took the opportunity to stroke Ning Xiaoyoa’s face. “My big brother was disabled but you could still treat him. I know that you’re not an ordinary person. At the time, I already knew you would be fine. But I have made a huge mistake. It’s not whether you would die or not. Instead, where was I when the enemies surrounded the city walls?”

Ning Xiaoyao dug her fingers into her palm. Actually, Ning Xiaoyao didn’t know what she was upset about. She was just upset.

Lou Zigui carefully hugged Ning Xiaoyao, making sure not to squish Ning Taosu in the middle. “I was able to continue living because I knew you were fine. It’s great that you are alive. Thank you, Xiaoyao.”

Ning Xiaoyao inhaled. She didn’t get it. Why did Lou Zigui have to thank her for being alive?

“Ah!” Ning Taosu reached out to touch Lou Zigui’s face. Lou Zigui hugged the mother and daughter duo in his embrace. He knew, even without Ning Xiaoyao’s confirmation, that this was his daughter. It could only be his daughter. 

“Hello, my little princess,” Lou Zigui kissed Ning Taosu’s chubby face and leaned his head against Ning Xiaoyao’s neck. In no time, Ning Xiaoyao’s shoulder was wet. 


(Wtf? Why is her shoulder area wet? Is he drooling on her shoulder or something? #confused… oh maybe he was crying. Oops.) 

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