Chapter 381: Supreme Commander fell off the cliff

The road to the mountains changed according to the terrain and was narrow and rugged. Ning Xiaoyao plucked two banana leaves and placed one on her head and another smaller leaf on Ning Taosu’s tiny head.

“Ah!” Ning Taosu called out to Ning Xiaoyao. Ning Xiaoyao looked at her daughter, “My god, you can even chew on such a sour berry ah.”

“Ah,” Ning Taosu replied. “Here, you can have another one,” Ning Xiaoyao wickedly gave another wild berry to her daughter. The sourness represented a high vitamin content. Since this little fatty wasn’t averse to it, she should eat more. “Your mother is awesome, isn’t she?” Ning Xiaoyao teased Ning Taosu.

Ning Taosu immediately bit into the berry and scrunched up her face again. However, she still didn’t spit it out.

Currently, a small stream was right in front of Ning Xiaoyao. Actually, Ning Xiaoyao heard the sound of running water an hour ago. Ning Xiaoyao decided to ask Ning Taosu, “Did you also hear the sound of the water?” 

Her child could inherit her supernatural abilities, although the degree may vary. Ning Taosu was still small so Ning Xiaoyao couldn’t tell if her daughter inherited any of her powers or which type she had.

“Ya!” Ning Taosu’s chubby finger pointed ahead. “When are you going to learn how to speak the human language?” Ning Xiaoyao asked.


The sky rumbled thunderously. “You’re an unlucky child,” Ning Xiaoyao sighed.

“Ah?” Ning Taosu raised her head and looked to the sky. “It’s going to rain,” Ning Xiaoyao also looked to the sky.

The sky remained unchanged despite a few thunderclaps. “There’s only thunder and no rain,” Ning Xiaoyao pouted, “Rain if you dare.” Suddenly, the skies turned dark and rain poured down profusely. 

Ning Xiaoyao: …

“Oh!” Ning Taosu called out to Ning Xiaoyao. “Luckily I had some foresight. We’re not afraid of the rain. We have a banana leaf! Haha!” A huge gust of wind blew past and the banana leaf on Ning Xiaoyao’s head was blown away.

“Do you have to be like that?” Ning Xiaoyao was upset now. Were the heavens trying to mess with her? “Ah,” Ning Taosu pointed to the downstream of the little brook. 

Ning Xiaoyao carried Ning Taosu and walked upstream. Why should she always listen to this little punk?

The rain continued to pour for a long time and Ning Xiaoyao found refuge with Ning Taosu in a cave. Currently, the mother and daughter duo were in a valley, sandwiched by mountains on both sides. At the bottom of the valley was a deep lake. It was where the little stream led to.

“This place is pretty nice,” Ning Xiaoyao said to Ning Taosu, “Do you know why?” Ning Taosu was still munching on the sour berries with a bitter face and didn’t bother lifting her head.

“It’s because the lake is so deep. Even if an unlucky person were to fall off the cliff, he’d probably survive as long as he doesn’t land on his head,” Ning Xiaoyao pinched Ning Taosu’s face, “But let’s not jump off the cliff for fun. Life is precious. Remember my words ok, little fatty?

Ning Taosu continued to suck on the berry. “It’s ok. It is rare for gluttons to commit suicide. Because there wouldn’t be anything nice to eat after death.” “Ya!” Ning Taosu reacted to Ning Xiaoyao.

“Aiya,” Ning Xiaoyao observed the downpour from inside the cave, “I knew that it was gonna rain today. Why did I still bring you to play in the mountains? I’m too foolish. What’s the difference between this and falling off a cliff?”

A human shape object fell like a meteor in front of Ning Xiaoyao and heavily landed in the lake of the valley. “Holy moly!” Ning Xiaoyao exclaimed, “Little fatty! Someone really jumped off the cliff to commit suicide!” “Oh!” Ning Taosu and Ning Xiaoyao both stared in astonishment. 

Ning Xiaoyao got up and placed Ning Taosu on a rock nearby. She then dashed out of the cave and jumped into the lake to pull out the person before running back into the cave. The whole process only took around ten seconds.

“Ah, ah ah!” Ning Taosu shouted. Ning Xiaoyao wiped away the water on her face, “I hate it when people commit suicide.” Back in her other world, people were fighting to survive. Right now, it’s just a war...there aren’t even zombies in this world. Yet this person wants to die? Outrageous!

Ning Taosu looked at the person that her mother left on the ground. Ning Xiaoyao suggested, “Why don’t we go find out what this death-seeking person looks like?”

Ning Taosu agreed, “Ya!”

After flipping the person over, Xiaoyao was stunned. Lou Zigui was still unconscious. His brow was furrowed and he appeared to be in pain.

Damn! Ning Xiaoyao thought, Isn’t he supposed to be the emperor? Someone that’s about to be the emperor ran all the way to a southwestern mountain to kill himself? Did he lose the throne or something? She didn’t hear any news about this ah.

“Ah ah, ah, ah ah!” Ning Taosu yelled. Ning Xiaoyao wiped her face again. “Okay. Look closely at this face. There, this is your father. Look properly ah. When you grow up, don’t blame me for not showing you your father.”

Ning Taosu saw the berries behind Ning Xiaoyao. Give me more berries ah!

Ning Xiaoyao inspected Lou Zigui’s body. He was running a high fever with an unknown animal bite on his thigh. The wound has been tended to and there was no infection. But after getting soaked, the wound was slightly red. It would be better to disinfect it.

“Little fatty, are you done looking?” Ning Xiaoyao lowered her head and patched up Lou Zigui’s wound and told her daughter, “If you are, we’re leaving.”

“Ya!” Ning Taosu called out. “Ok, you’re done. Then let’s go.”

“Where are you going?” Suddenly a voice sounded beside her, causing Ning Xiaoyao’s hand to stiffen. Lou Zigui opened his eyes and stared at the person squatting next to him. 

Ning Xiaoyao turned her head. Lou Zigui reached out to grab Ning Xiaoyao’s hand. Ning Xiaoyao pulled away and avoided Lou Zigui’s hand before smiling at him, “Hello, Supreme Commander. Goodbye, Supreme Commander.”

When Ning Xiaoyao reached out to carry Ning Taosu, Lou Zigui hurriedly stood up and grabbed Ning Xiaoyao, yelling, “Xiaoyao!”

Ning Xiaoyao sighed, “Supreme Commander, there’s no point of you acting like this.” Lou Zigui hugged Ning Xiaoyao and refused to let go. He knew Miss Ning’s capabilities. He may never find this lady again if he lets her go.

Ning Xiaoyao wanted to pry open Lou Zigui’s hands. “I was wrong,” Lou Zigui managed to open his mouth and speak before Ning Xiaoyao could make a move, “I have committed a grave mistake.”

“It’s fine. I forgive you.” Lou Zigui’s mood soared.

“Supreme Commander, let’s separate amicably.” Lou Zigui’s heart fell back into an abyss. Ning Xiaoyao pushed away Lou Zigui’s hands and thought for a while before she continued, “Why did you jump off the cliff to commit suicide?”

Lou Zigui: …It was raining and the roads were slippery, causing him to roll down the hill. The cliff was at the end of the hill. He landed here accidentally. 

“Did you meet a formidable opponent?” Ning Xiaoyao asked, “Who ah? Who could be so strong?”

Lou Zigui didn’t know how to respond. “Omg. It can’t be Modou right? Is the Ning territory in danger?”

Lou Zigui wanted to say, I lost everything. Can you return to my side? But Lou Zigui didn’t want to lie to Ning Xiaoyao anymore. He shook his head, “The country is not in danger.”

“Then why did you jump off the cliff?”


“Forget it,” Ning Xiaoyao dismissed, “Regardless if you jumped off the cliff or not has nothing to do with me. Just pretend I didn’t ask, Supreme Commander.”

Lou Zigui finally spoke, “Can’t you return to my side?” Ning Xiaoyao shook her head. She didn’t want to anymore. It was a heavy blow to Lou Zigui. Ning Xiaoyao carried Ning Taosu and prepared to leave.

“The Empress tried to kill you,” Lou Zigui saw Ning Xiaoyao walking out of the cave and suddenly reacted, “But you let her go. The Empress Dowager also tried to kill you but you also let it go. Xiang Tiange saved Xie Wenyuan but you are still willing to be his friend.”

Ning Xiaoyao couldn’t understand and turned to look at Lou Zigui. “What are you trying to say ah?”

“I was just a day late!” Lou Zigui was indignant, “Can’t you just forgive me for being a day late? Yes, at one point, I was uncertain and had bad thoughts. I assumed nothing could happen to you and you could wait for my arrival. But I regret it ah! I brought the troops to the capital. I was just late for a day! Just a day!”

Ning Taosu was startled by Lou Zigui’s shouting and buried her head into Ning Xiaoyao’s bosom.

“Why didn’t you come find me in the capital?” Lou Zigui continued to question Ning Xiaoyao, “Xiaoyao, you can scold me and beat me but you can’t torture me like this. Did I really commit such a terrible sin?”

Ning Xiaoyao’s face stiffened. After she lost the baby fat on her face, Ning Xiaoyao’s eyes seemed even bigger on her face. “I forgave the Empress and chose not to kill the Empress Dowager because they were not important to me. It was best to be friends, but it was also fine if we were strangers. I wouldn’t be afraid of them even if they were my enemies. When Young Lord let Xie Wenyuan go, I could still be his friend because he wasn’t the one who made that decision. And I want to be his friend.”

Lou Zigui stiffly stared at Ning Xiaoyao. “But you’re different,” Ning Xiaoyao exhaled, “I wanted to spend my whole life with you. And I thought you felt the same, but…”

“I do want to spend the rest of my life with you ah!” Lou Zigui interrupted Ning Xiaoyao and exclaimed.

“But you didn’t come. Nothing would have happened to me. No one can kill me, but how about the common people of the capital?”

“I was just late for a day ah,” Lou Zigui felt that he had to try harder, “Nothing would have happened even if you didn’t leave the capital.”

“What?” Ning Xiaoyao’s expression worsened, “Are you trying to say that I was courting death? How could I have known that you’re such a fickle person?”

Lou Zigui: …

“What’s the point of saying all this now?” Ning Xiaoyao still wanted to leave, “I’m doing pretty well. You should also take care.”

“Xiaoyao,” Lou Zigui forced himself to stand up and limped his way to her. His voice trembled, “Yes, I deserve to die. I didn’t think about the common people of the capital. I put you in danger. I really regret it. I regret it every day. I feel that I’ll definitely die an early death. But I’m also afraid of death. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to find you in the afterlife. And even if I find you, you won’t forgive me.” 

Ning Xiaoyao lowered her head. She didn’t want Lou Zigui to see the expression on her face.

“Can you give me another chance?” Lou Zigui asked, “Can we start over? You can take it that I’m shameless and will continue to pester you. Xiaoyao, don’t do this to me please?”

Ning Xiaoyao drew circles on the floor with her feet and muttered, “How can I tell whether you’re sincere or not?” 

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