Chapter 380: Ning Taosu wants to take the middle path

The soldier following Lou Zigui saw his master getting bitten and immediately went forward to hit Little White Fatty.

There was blood and a chunk of meat in his mouth. After knowing that he did some damage to Lou Zigui, Little White Fatty turned and ran off. He wanted to find Xiaoyao. He already took revenge for Xiaoyao ah~

Lou Zigui pushed aside the crowd and chased after Little White Fatty.

“Ao?” Little White Fatty was shocked. He managed to bite off a huge chunk of meat but Lou Zigui could still run? (Author: You’ve exposed Xiaoyao’s location ah!) The other soldiers wanted to give chase but was stopped by Lou Jing. He has an impression of this big white dog. This was Xiaoyao’s dog. (Author: He’s not a dog, he’s a snow wolf… (_)

“Supreme Commander is hurt ah!” Concerned, the guard leader exclaimed to First Young Master Lou.

“He’s already a grown man. He should know how to take care of himself. Let’s go.” Lou Jing turned and left. The crowd wanted to chase after Lou Zigui but they had to obey First Young Master Lou. They could only keep turning back to check while leaving with Lou Jing.

From the gate, Second Young Master Ning glared at First Young Master Ning. “Are you trying to act as a middleman for that asshole and Xiaoyao?”


“Stop acting!” Second Young Master Ning said with a black face, “Why did you stop me from attacking him. You’ve already decided from the beginning right?”

First Young Master Ning turned and left. Second Young Master Ning took a step forward and blocked his older brother from leaving. He coldly spat, “I don’t agree.” First Young Master Ning retorted, “I don’t agree either. And neither does Mother and Father. So what? This matter depends on how Xiaoyao feels.”

“Then why did you trick Xiaoyao into going to the mountains?” Second Young Master Ning’s words were harsh but First Young Master Ning was used to it. With his arms behind his back, he murmured, “It’s best if none of us meddle in this matter. We have to let Xiaoyao make the decision.”

“Didn’t you tell Old Three.. Oh right,” Second Young Master Ning realised, “There’s no difference if that idiot is around or not.” (Author: Hey!)

“Xiaoyao will be fine,” First Young Master Ning patted Second Young Master Ning’s arm, “All we can do is respect her wishes.”

“The mountains and forests are huge. Are you sure they can find each other?”

“That would depend on their fate then,” First Young Master Ning smiled and walked towards the rear residence. He would respect his sister’s decision, but that doesn’t mean that he would let Lou Zigui off.

Second Young Master Ning raised his leg and smashed a big pot of lotuses in the courtyard. The servants in the Duke of Yue’s estate shook with fear. How come their Second Young Master looks like he’s about to eat someone?

“First Young Master,” the guard leader walked alongside Lou Jing. The more he thought about it, the more worried he felt for his Supreme Commander. Cautiously, he suggested to Lou Jing, “Should this lowly one bring someone to look for Supreme Commander?”

“There’s no need,” Lou Jing curtly replied, “We’ll wait for him in the city.”

“How long do we have to wait?”

“He’s not going to commit suicide. So he’ll probably be back in ten days to a month.”

The guards: … They have to wait for ten days to a month? And Supreme Commander isn’t going to commit suicide? Is Lou Jing really his biological brother? 

Of course Lou Jing knew what he was doing. He insisted on coming with Lou Zigui because he knew that the Ning Clan wouldn’t treat his little brother too badly with him around. 

And he was right. Although the Second Young Master Ning’s words were unpleasant to hear, his words were not to the point of no return. Ning Xiaoxiao had a reputation of a killing star. But he had only drawn his sword and didn’t actually stab his little brother.

That big white dog (Author: I’ve already told you it’s a wolf!) didn’t run back to the Duke of Yue’s estate after biting Lou Zigui. This meant that Xiaoyao wasn’t in the estate. First Young Master Ning might have had a different motive for sending them off. He wanted none of them to meddle in this matter, including the Duke of Yue couple. He wanted it to be completely Xiaoyao’s decision.

First Young Master Lou saw a small stall selling flower pastries and stopped to buy a few. After taking a piece, he gave the rest to the guards to share. First Young Master Lou continued walking after biting into the flower pastry. Since the situation has already progressed to this state, he couldn’t do anything anymore. It would depend on his little brother’s fate now.


The battle horse, Little Red, finally caught up to Lou Zigui and called out to his owner. Lou Zigui flipped and mounted the horse.

Little White Fatty heard the sound of a horse behind him and looked back to see Lou Zigui on his horse. Little White Fatty let out another howl and ran forward frantically. Could this bad guy have figured out that Xiaoyao is not in the Duke of Yue estate? Who betrayed Xiaoyao?! (Author: Who do you think? )

Lou Zigui chased Little White Fatty out of Fengzhou and into the mountains. When Little White Fatty ran into the dense forest, Lou Zigui lost track of him. Little Red let out a neigh. What do they do now?

Lou Zigui had some bandages on him and simply wrapped his wound before he stood up and told his horse, “Wait for me here.” Little Red solemnly looked at Lou Zigui. Lou Zigui patted Little Red’s head before walking into the dense forest. Since Little White Fatty ran into the forest, he was certain that Ning Xiaoyao was inside.


Two days later, Ning Xiaoyao sat in the home of the witch doctor and mumbled dejectedly, “The witch doctor is not here ah.” Ning Xiaoluo couldn’t bear Ning Xiaoyao’s disappointment and asked the person in charge, “Can you go look for the witch doctor and ask him to return?”

The person in charge apologised, “Third Young Master, we have no idea where the witch doctor has gone with his disciples.”

“Looks like we’ll have to come back next time,” Ning Xiaoyao sighed and took another portion of bamboo rice, “Xiao Luoluo, you’re not eating?” Ning Xiaoluo retorted angrily, “I’m your Third Brother!”

“I know. Xiao Luoluo, you’re really not eating?” Ning Xiaoluo didn’t want to talk to this rascal anymore. 

“Uncle, you should sit down and eat too,” Ning Xiaoyao invited the person in charge. The person in charge was not interested in bamboo rice. His focus was all on Ning Taosu. This old uncle has never seen a baby with saliva streaming down like a river ah!

“Is she hungry?” the person in charge looked at Ning Taosu and asked Ning Xiaoyao. Ning Xiaoyao looked at the empty bowl in front of her. The man also looked at the empty bowl and remembered, oh yeah! This baby just had a bowl of egg soup. The egg soup consisted of three eggs and the baby’s little mouth quickly slurped it all up. How could she still be hungry?

“Ah!” Ning Taosu called out to Ning Xiaoyao. “Do you want to stuff yourself to death ah?” Ning Xiaoyao asked.

“Ah ah!” Ning Taosu replied. “Even if you call me mother, I won’t let you eat,” Ning Xiaoyao took a bite of the bamboo rice. Ning Taosu reached out to snatch it. Ning Xiaoyao placed Ning Taosu on the ground. How could this baby be like this?

Ning Xiaoluo didn’t want to talk to Ning Xiaoyao but he could only come over and scold her. Picking up Taosu, he lectured, “Is there anyone who treats their baby like you? Would you lose a piece of flesh if you let her have a bite?”

Ning Xiaoyao rolled her eyes. “Ya!” Ning Taosu called out to Ning Xiaoyao. Give her something to eat!

“The baby is still small,” the man in charge noticed Third Young Master Ning was about to feed the baby bamboo rice and hurriedly said, “She can’t eat glutinous rice. It’s difficult to digest.”

Ning Taosu started to drool. Ning Xiaoluo wiped the saliva off his little niece and told the man, “Let’s have another bowl of egg soup then.” The man in charge could only ask someone to prepare another bowl of egg soup. “Let’s have a free day tomorrow,” Ning Xiaoyao said to Ning Xiaoluo.

“What is a free day?”

“That means go and play by yourself. Xiao Luoluo, you can accompany Big Bro Ji. His body is fine now but his mood is still down. You have to cheer Big Bro Ji up.”

Ning Xiaoluo was suspicious, “My brother-in-law is unhappy? How come I wasn’t aware?”  Ning Xiaoyao pointed to her head. Did she seriously have to answer this question?

“You,” Ning Xiaoluo was furious, “You’re the idiot!”

“Fine fine fine,” Ning Xiaoyao muttered, “We’re both idiots, ok?”

“I know this is not how you truly feel!” Ning Xiaoluo glared at his little sister.

“Ha ha.”

Third Young Master Ning: … I knew it.

“Ah!” Ning Taosu threw an empty bamboo shoot and hit Ning Xiaoyao’s head.

Ning Xiaoyao: …

“Good baby!” Third Young Master Ning kissed Ning Taosu. In this household, only his little niece was on his side.

“I see how it is!” Ning Xiaoyao pointed at Ning Taosu and conjured a plan in her heart. Tomorrow she is going to eat and only let this fatty watch.

“Where are you going tomorrow?” Ning Xiaoluo asked Ning Xiaoyao.

“Just walking around. There are so many herbs on the mountains. I want to take a look.”

Ning Xiaoluo didn’t know much when it came to the study of medicine. So he didn’t say anything. After all, he didn’t want to hear his little sister call him an idiot again.

“What’s wrong with you?” After finishing the bamboo rice, Ning Xiaoyao lifted Big Boss Black up. The entire time, Big Boss Black was sleeping by her feet. “You’re not sick ah. Do you miss your wife or something?”

Big Boss Black looked up to Ning Xiaoyao and his thoughts were in disarray. Lou Zigui was coming but he couldn’t tell Xiaoyao this. He didn’t want Xiaoyao to be sad ah.

“Hello!?! Are you going to be like this?” Ning Xiaoyao shouted. Big Boss Black struggled free of Ning Xiaoyao’s arms and dashed off like a puff of smoke.

“What’s wrong with him?” Ning Xiaoyao asked Ning Xiaoluo. Ning Xiaoluo was busy feeding Ning Taosu egg soup and didn’t even bother to raise his head. “How would I know?”

“Could it be that something happened?” Ning Xiaoyao stroked her chin and thought. Ning Xiaoluo was startled, “What could happen? Don’t have strange thoughts after eating!” 

Ning Xiaoyao thought about it and agreed. The nine states of the southwest was peaceful. “I’m going to go check on Third sis-in-law.” Ning Xiaoyao stood up. “You can play with the little fatty.”

Ning Xiaoluo stretched out his neck to see Ning Xiaoyao run off before pinching Ning Taosu’s nose. “Don’t be like your father in the future ah! You are a little miss of the Ning Clan!”

Ning Taosu just called out ah ah. The egg soup is delicious ah!

The next day, the weather wasn’t very good. Ning Xiaoyao carried Ning Taosu and ran off early in the morning. Ning Xiaoluo went hunting with Ji Ze. Ji Jiu accompanied the pregnant Ji Yuerong in the house.

Ning Xiaoyao used a long cloth to tie Ning Taosu to her chest and explored the mountains and forest. It was the early summer season and the mountains were filled with wild berries. Ning Xiaoyao walked and ate and found an incredibly sour berry. Ning Xiaoyao sneakily plucked a few more of these berries and put it in Ning Taosu’s hands.

Ning Taosu bit into it and her face immediately scrunched up to show how sour it is. But Ning Taosu was born to be obsessed with food. Despite the fruit being strangely sour, Ning Taosu continued to munch. Ning Xiaoyao’s mouth twitched. Her daughter’s attitude makes her speechless ah.

They arrived at a three-way intersection. Ning Xiaoyao didn’t even think about it and immediately made her way towards the north direction.

“Ah!” Ning Taosu called out. Ning Xiaoyao looked at Ning Taosu and said, “You don’t want to walk to the left?”


“Okay then,” Ning Xiaoyao walked towards the right. “Ah, ah ah!” Ning Taosu continued to call out.

Thus, Ning Xiaoyao ended up choosing the middle path. Ning Taosu stopped making noises and continued eating the sour berries with a bitter face.

Ning Xiaoyao thought, this little fatty insists on taking the middle path. Could there be something delicious up ahead?

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