Chapter 379: Little White Fatty's revenge

Second Young Master Ning carried Ning Taosu and walked off. Duke of Yue shouted after him, “We’re talking about serious matters, where are you going ah?”

Second Young Master Ning retorted, “Will you let me do things my way?”

Duke of Yue: …

Second Young Master Ning continued walking away with Ning Taosu in his arms.

What is with this unlucky child? Duke of Yue felt stifled. Luckily this son of his doesn’t live at home or he would die early!

“Ya!” Ning Taosu called out.

“Second Uncle will bring you out to play,” Second Young Master Ning pinched Ning Taosu’s face. Ning Taosu let out another ‘oh’ and continued to gnaw at the corn cob in her hand. Although she couldn’t bite it, Ning Taosu didn’t give up.

Seeing his second son carry his granddaughter away, Duke of Yue sat down and asked First Young Master Ning, “What exactly are you going to do about this?”

First Young Master Ning sat on the chair where Second Young Master had just gotten up from and replied, “I haven’t figured it out yet.”

Duke of Yue’s face had a ‘I don’t believe you!’ expression on his face. “This matter has to do with Xiaoyao and Taosu, I have to think about it properly,” First Young Master Ning muttered.

“You think that Xiaoyao should be with Lou Zigui..?”

“I don’t want Xiaoyao to have anything to do with Lou Zigui. But it’s not up to me to decide.”

“Then, should we tell Xiaoyao that Lou Zigui is coming?”

First Young Master Ning took a cob of corn and murmured, “Let’s not disturb Xiaoyao and find out what Lou Zigui is thinking before we act.” Duke of Yue scratched his head in annoyance.

“Send Xiaoyao up the mountains,” First Young Master Ning threw the corn back onto the porcelain plate, “Second Brother can deal with this matter. I’ll observe for now.” 

Duke of Yue’s eye twitched. “What if Ol’ Second directly slaughters him?” “He won’t,” First Young Master Ning stood up to leave.

“How do you know that?” Duke of Yue stood at the door of the study and shouted, “Don’t you know the character of your second bro?!” First Young Master Ning continued to walk off.

“Can’t you at least show some acknowledgement when this old man is talking?!” Duke of Yue hollered after him.


“To the mountains?” After coming back from breakfast, Ning Xiaoyao heard her big brother asking if she wanted to go to see the witch doctor on the mountains. “Do you want to go?” First Young Master Ning grinned.

“Ok!” Ning Xiaoyao immediately nodded. She was definitely excited to go and play ah.

“Old Ji and the others have been in Fengzhou for so long but they haven’t really gone out to play. Bring them along as well,” First Young Master Ning added, “Your Third sis-in-law is pregnant. You’ll have to take care of her Xiaoyao.”

“Sure, no problem,” Ning Xiaoyao instantly agreed. “Then, you’ll leave tomorrow?” First Young Master Ning asked. “Mhm,” Ning Xiaoyao nodded. She doesn’t even care about the location. Why would she be picky about the time?

Meanwhile, Second Young Master Ning sat in his room and glared at Ning Xiaoluo, “Do you remember everything I said?”

Ning Xiaoluo nodded. Take care of Ning Xiaoyao. Watch Ning Xiaoyao. Don’t let the asshole, Lou Zigui, bully their little sister again. That’s basically what his second brother was trying to say. Although Third Young Master Ning felt that Ning Xiaoyao didn’t need his protection at all, he could only nod his head. There was no other option when he was in front of his second bro.

“Alright, leave.” Second Young Master Ning told him to scram. “But, what are you guys going to do to Lou Zigui?” Ning Xiaoluo was curious.

“I want to murder him but Eldest Bro has other ideas. Do you have any suggestions?”

“I d-don’t have any opinions.” stuttered Ning Xiaoluo.

“Then why are you still standing here? You still have something to say?” growled Second Young Master Ning. Ning Xiaoluo immediately ran off. He didn’t have anything to say, really!

The next morning, Ning Xiaoyao and her group left on the journey. Ning Xiaoyao took Ning Taosu from Ji Ze’s embrace and asked Madame Li, “Mother, you’re really not coming with us?” “You can go with Dongfu and the others,” Madame Li smiled kindly at Ning Xiaoyao. Lou Zigui is coming, how could she leave?

“Okay then.” Although Ning Xiaoyao felt that it was unfortunate, she couldn’t possibly kidnap her mother and bring her on the trip. Second Young Master Ning signalled to Ning Xiaoluo who was on a horse. Ning Xiaoluo hurriedly announced to everyone, “We’re leaving ah.” Ning Xiaoyao and the group of people left Fengzhou for the mountains.


Half a month later, the Lou brothers entered the nine states of southwest and arrived at Fengzhou. It was already almost summer.

Second Young Master Ning had been sharpening his sword for the past several days. After hearing someone report that the Lou brothers wanted an attendance, Second Young Master Ning’s hands stilled.

The guards at the door retreated a step. Their Second Young Master was a scary individual who could instill fear simply by standing there. But the sight of him sharpening his sword was even more frightening to them.

“Send them to the main hall,” Second Young Master Ning sheathed the sword he was sharpening, “I’ll go and meet them.”

After the guards received the orders, they turned and immediately ran off. Nee Qiu stood at the side and couldn’t stop worrying, “Don’t forget that Ningmu said that you have to keep Lou Zigui’s life ah.” Second Young Master Ning made a sound of assent and left with his sword.

Nee Qiu: …Why couldn’t she stop worrying?

The Lou brothers were brought to the Duke of Yue’s main hall. As one of the most influential families in the nine states of the southwest, the Duke of Yue’s main hall could be described as lavish and magnificent. Ever since Lou Zigui walked through the Duke of Yue’s gates, his fists were clenched. Second Young Master Ning walked into the main hall expressionlessly and carefully measured the two people.

The people outside the Duke of Yue’s estate were flabbergasted when they saw that it was the Second Young Master coming out to meet the guests. Only the relatives of the family knew about the matter between Ning Xiaoyao and Lou Zigui. The servants and workers in the estate didn’t know. So upon seeing their Second Young Master Ning, they couldn’t help but think if their Duke of Yue’s estate had some beef with the Lou brothers.

“This official is Ning Xiaoxiao,” Second Young Master Ning introduced himself while eyeing Lou Zigui and First Young Master Lou.

Lou Jing wanted to greet Second Young Master Ning. However, Second Young Master Ning waved his hand dismissively. “There’s no need. Our Duke of Yue and your Lou Clan doesn’t really have any friendship. There is no need for First Young Master Lou to be so polite.”

Lou Jing smiled, “The necessary courtesies must still be given.”

After First Young Master Lou said that, Second Young Master Ning could only cup a fist and salute First Young Master Lou. Second Young Master Ning was a person who could distinct between revenge and favour. He didn’t have any grudge against First Young Master Lou. This person had gone through several years of torture and pain for the country and deserved respect.

“Why did Supreme Commander Lou come?” After greeting First Young Master Lou, Second Young Master Ning turned to Lou Zigui, “You’re not fighting for the throne anymore?”

“Where is Xiaoyao?”

Second Young Master Ning didn’t think that there would come a day where someone could cause him to be speechless. This asshole is so shameless ah, he dared to ask about Xiaoyao immediately after his arrival?

“I want to see Xiaoyao,” Lou Zigui repeated. Second Young Master Ning tightened his grip on his sword. “How do you know the name of my little sister?”

Lou Zigui frowned.

“Supreme Commander, please know your place,” Second Young Master Ning snapped, “My little sister still has to wed in the future. It wouldn’t be honourable of you to ruin her name like this.”

“She is…”

“She is my little sister,” Second Young Master Ning didn’t wait for Lou Zigui to finish his sentence and continued, “She is unacquainted with Supreme Commander. So why are you looking for her?”

“She doesn’t want to see me?” Lou Zigui ignored Second Young Master Ning’s words and replied with another question. Second Young Master Ning wanted to draw his blade. Why should he waste his energy talking to this shameless piece of shit?!

“I just want to see her once.” Second Young Master Ning’s expression was scary enough to scare a ghost but Lou Zigui continued to press. “Did he damage his brain from the war?” Second Young Master Ning asked First Young Master Lou.

Lou Jing didn’t think that his brother would act this way the moment he arrived at the Duke of Yue’s estate. Isn’t he asking for a beating?!

“Second Brother,” Lou Zigui called. Second Young Master Ning’s anger exacerbated when he heard this. Who is your Second Brother?! Second Young Master Ning wasn’t in the mood to talk anymore. Without saying anything, he drew his sword.

“Old Two!” First Young Master Ning’s voice travelled in from outside the door. Second Young Master Ning’s sword halted just right above Lou Zigui’s head. He didn’t swing it and turned to kick Lou Zigui instead.

Lou Zigui didn’t flinch and directly received Second Young Master Ning’s kick. He fell to the ground and crawled back up again.

First Young Master Ning walked into the main hall. Second Young Master Ning snarled, “This asshole wants to hurt little sister’s reputation, you’re going to let him off?!”

First Young Master Ning’s expression sank. “I want to see Xiaoyao,” Lou Zigui said to First Young Master Ning.

Although Lou Zigui didn’t look too different from before, it seemed like all his energy had been sucked out of him and anyone could see that he was thin and pallid. After First Young Master Ning measured Lou Zigui, he said, “Supreme Commander. The Duke of Yue’s estate doesn’t have the Xiaoyao you’re looking for. Please leave.”

Lou Zigui repeated again, “I just want to see her once.” “How could an external man see an unmarried girl? Is Supreme Commander trying to insult the Ning Clan?”

“First Young Master Ning,” Lou Jing had to cut in at this point. The Duke of Yue’s young masters were more merciless than beating them. This family was going to be adamant on not letting them see Xiaoyao.

“First Young Master Lou,” First Young Master Ning politely greeted Lou Jing. “Xiaoyao saved my life, First Young Master Ning. Even if Xiaoyao doesn’t meet Chengying, can’t you let me see her to show my gratitude?”

First Young Master Ning shook his head. “First Young Master Lou, you’re looking at the wrong place. Xiaoyao is not your benefactor. She has never left home before. How could she have gone to Snow Wolf Valley to save you?”

“I’ve done something wrong,” Lou Zigui repented, “I just want to see Xiaoyao once. You can punish me however you like after that.”

“It seems like Supreme Commander is capable of sweet words,” First Young Master Ning sighed, “But you’re at the wrong place.”

“You told me back at the Supreme Splendor Hall,” Lou Zigui stared at First Young Master Ning. “Oh?” First Young Master Ning raised his eyebrows, “What did I say?”

“You said that Xiaoyao is the Fourth Young Miss of the Duke of Yue’s estate.”

“I never said anything like that,” First Young Master Ning directly denied the claim. How could First Young Master Ning lose to Lou Zigui in terms of shamelessness?

“Servants, send the guests off,” Second Young Master Ning was losing his patience and shouted at the door, “Now.”

The door guard immediately ran in but did not dare to say anything.  “Please,” First Young Master Ning raised his hand and gestured to the gate. Lou Zigui walked out. Lou Jing was shocked. Was his little brother just going to give up like that?!

When the Lou brothers walked out of the main hall, Second Young Master Ning yelled, “What is this asshole thinking?” First Young Master Ning murmured, “Send someone to follow him.”

“Just kill him and get it over with!” Second Young Master Ning spat out and walked away with large strides. Just now, he only managed to kick Lou Zigui once. Thinking back, he should have done more.

“Xiaoyao is not in the estate,” Lou Zigui walked out of the Duke of Yue’s gate and quietly told Lou Jing. “What?” Lou Jing was startled, “How do you know?”

“If she was in the estate, she would definitely have heard what I said,” Lou Zigui replied.

“Then it just means that she doesn’t want to see you.” The truth hurts but Lou Jing didn’t know how else to say it. Lou Zigui expression dimmed.

Lou Jing asked, “What are you going to do now?”

“Ao~!” Little White Fatty’s howl travelled over from across the street as he opened his mouth to ruthlessly bite Lou Zigui. Yesterday, he, Big Boss Black and Oil Jar overheard the conversation between Xiaoyao’s father and the brothers. Then Little White Fatty came up with the idea to bite the horrible Lou Zigui to death.

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