Chapter 377: Supreme Commander Lou wants to go to Fengzhou

Shadowthunder was the most dense out of the four brothers. When Shadowgale and the other two were thinking of what to do, Shadowthunder frantically asked First Young Master Ning, “How did you figure it out, First Young Master Ning???”

First Young Master Ning flashed a smile. There were only a few people who could get close to his little sister and cause her to lower her guard. Lou Zigui was the number one suspect.

This time, the Duke of Yue was only stunned for a short time. He then exploded in anger and flipped his table, hollering, “It’s that f*cker again!”

Ning Xiaoluo was also furious and jumped out of his chair. “Not only that, he was late on purpose. He was waiting to see Xiaoyao get killed by the Northern Hu and the rebel forces! This f*cker has no conscience!! I.. I knew from the start that he wasn’t anything good!”

“Send the troops!” the Duke of Yue commanded First Young Master Ning, “Immediately send someone to the army camps. Tell Ol’ Second that this old man wants to bring the Destruction Prisoner Army to fight the f*cker with the surname Lou!”

Shadowgale and the others: …They’re going to start a war like that ah?

“Ya,” Ning Xiaoluo shouted, “Or else the one with the surname Lou will think that the Duke of Yue’s estate is easy to toy around with!”

First Young Master Ning sat down and didn’t move. “Lou Zigui will come and find us on his own.”

“What?” blasted Duke of Yue, “He still has the face to look for us?”

“Is he coming to fight?” Ning Xiaoluo asked.

“Wouldn’t Lou Zigui have to take down the nine states of the southwest to obtain the throne?” First Young Master Ning lowered his voice. The Duke of Yue was flabbergasted. “He still wants to bring his troops to fight us?”

“How could there be someone this shameless?!” Ning Xiaoluo started hopping in anger. First Young Master Ning coldly chuckled, “We’ll just wait for him here. The nine states of the southwest are different from the central plains. When he brings the Black Frost Cavalry here, Second Bro and I will show Lou Zigui our prowess in our mountain terrains.”

Third Young Master Ning: …His Big Bro has excluded him again.

Duke of Yue walked around his study several times before coming up with a decision. “This old man will make a trip down to the army camps tomorrow.”

“Why are you going to the camps?” Shadowthunder asked stupidly. Duke of Yue coldly uttered, “To prepare for war.”

Shadowthunder hastily stood up. “Duke, can this lowly one join the battle when Lou Zigui is here?” He has to be included when beating Lou Zigui ah!

Duke of Yue observed Shadowthunder. He’s tall with good stature, a good young lad. “No problem. Xiaoyao’s intention was for the Dragon Guards to enter the army anyway. About that, Shadowgale ah, are you all willing?” Shadowgale, Shadowrain and Shadowbolt all rushed to stand and simultaneously replied, “This lowly one will do as you bid.”

“Good. Then we’ll wait for Lou Zigui. This old man will not let him leave this place alive!”

When the people in the study were talking about a common enemy, Ning Taosu opened her mouth to eat. This cheerful and chubby little girl smiled whenever she saw food. In no time, she gained all the love and affection of the ladies in the Duke of Yue’s estate. Everyone liked adorable things and this was especially so for females.

Seeing her mother and the wives fawning over Ning Taosu, Ning Xiaoyao’s mouth twitched. This fatty is trying to get more food again. How can she be so persistent towards food? Who does she resemble ah? (Author: Hey! You seriously can’t tell?)

“Here,” Ji Yuerong brought another tray of pastries over to NIng Xiaoyao, “These are flower cakes, try some.”

Ning Xiaoyao immediately reached out to take a piece to try. She devoured half of the cake in one bite. “Delicious!”

Watching Ning Xiaoyao eat caused Ji Yuerong to feel hungry as well. Taking a piece of flower cake herself, she turned to Ning Xiaoyao, “The Ning Clan doesn’t lack sons. However, they lack daughters. Look at how happy your mother is.”

“Let’s not talk about Taosu the fatty. Miss Ji, Third sis-in-law ah, if you’re here, where is Senior General Ji? Is he still in Anyuan?”

“Grandfather and brother followed me over,” Ji Yuerong lowered her voice, “My brother suddenly fell sick. He didn’t get better even after seeing various doctors. We came here after hearing that there was a witch doctor that could treat him in the southwest.”

“Then you met Xiao Luoluo and he launched a wild attack on you! And you couldn’t hold on and was defeated by him?” Ning Xiaoyao mischievously asked.

Ji Yuerong giggled. Ning Xiaoyao saw Ji Yuerong laugh and nodded. Looks like she figured out the truth.

Ji Yuerong ate half of the flower cake in her hand but lost her appetite when she heard Ning Xiaoyao asking about her brother’s condition.

“You couldn’t find the witch doctor?” Ning Xiaoyao asked. “There hasn’t been much improvement,” Ji Yuerong spoke in a tiny voice. 

“What kind of doctor is a witch doctor? I’ve never heard of it before.”

Ji Yuerong changed the topic. “Let’s not talk about this anymore. My brother is already at the end of his days and we don’t know if he will be able to see the one in my tummy.”

Ning Xiaoyao wiped her mouth. “The witch doctor may be useless, but I’m here now!” Ji Yuerong was stunned for a moment. Oh yeah! The person in front of her is obsessed with eating but she is also a miracle doctor ah!

“Okay,” Ning Xiaoyao stood up, “Let’s go. We’ll go check up on your brother. I can also say hi to Senior General Ji on the way.”

After hearing that her daughter wanted to go to her third daughter-in-law’s brother to heal his illness, Madame Li immediately agreed on the spot.

That very evening, Ning Xiaoluo walked out from his father’s study to search for his wife. He then found out that Ning Xiaoyao and his wife had gone back to her family home. 

Third Young Master Ning suffered another blow. No one even bothered to invite him or let him know about this matter?!

The Ji Clan was residing in a courtyard in Fengzhou City. Ji Jiu and Ning Xiaoyao stood at Ji Ze’s bedside. Ji Yuerong couldn’t stand for long periods so she sat by the bed. 

“Time’s up?” Senior General Ji asked Ning Xiaoyao.

Ning Xiaoyao looked at the incense burner to the side and saw that the incense was still burning. She had lied and said she needed the time of three incense to heal him. When Ning Xiaoyao saw that Senior General couldn’t wait, she blurted out, “Mhm, it’s almost done.”

“How do you feel?” Ji Jiu asked his eldest grandson. Ji Ze had been ill for a long time and his body was very weak and could only shake his head after hearing Ji Jiu’s question.

Ning Xiaoyao instantly removed the bandages covering Ji Ze’s eyes and said, “It should be fine now. Big Bro Ji, you can open your eyes and look around.” 

Ji Ze slowly opened his eyes. First Young Master Ji wasn’t really expecting anything so his expression didn’t really change. But when he opened his eyes, he realised that the world was bright and emotion could finally be seen on his face.

“He.. He can see?” Ji Jiu exclaimed. Ning Xiaoyao raised three fingers to Ji Ze. Ji Ze raised his hand and followed Ning Xiaoyao, showing three fingers.

“Ha ha ha~,” Ning Xiaoyao laughed happily. Success! This means he could see now.

Ji Jiu and Ji Yuerong were stunned for a long time before bursting into tears. Ji Ze finally believed that his eyes were healed when he saw his father and sister crying. They looked different from his memories but that wasn’t important right now. “I’m healed?”

“Yup!” Ning Xiaoyao beamed gleefully, “Now you won’t have to live in distress anymore.”

“Xiaoyao,” Ji Yuerong grabbed Ning Xiaoyao’s hands as she continued to sob, “Thank you.” Ning Xiaoyao brushed it off, “No problem ah. Dang, we are family now! You don’t have to be so polite with me yo!”

An hour later, Ji Yuerong’s personal maid ran into the Duke of Yue’s estate and notified Madame Li, nee Cheng and nee Qiu, “The First Young Master of the Ji household is healed! And he can see now!

Madame Li and the other two madams didn’t react for a long time. “Yes it’s Young Miss, Young Miss healed First Young Master Ji!” the maid exclaimed.

“Quick!” Madame Li instructed, “Tell the Master and the others, we’re heading to the Ji Estate.” “Yes,” a maid at the door made a sound of assent before running to the Duke of Yue’s study.

Just like that, the news that the Duke of Yue’s Fourth Young Miss had returned home as a miracle doctor spread all around the nine states of southwest. 

At the same time, Lou Zigui was returning to the capital with Xiang Nong’s head. He finally saw his big brother and nephew and heard about the news that Ning Xiaoyao was still alive.

“Song Jin and Fang Tang rode south to look for you but they must have missed you,” Lou Jing said before realising that Lou Zigui’s expression was strange and worriedly asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Lou Zigui’s hand was shaking but he didn’t lose his composure in front of his brother. “I’m fine.”

“Has Elder Li and the rest decided on the day of coronation?” Lou Jing asked. “Big brother, I want to go to Fengzhou,” Lou Zigui raised his head to answer Lou Jing, “Let’s talk about the coronation another time.”

“You want to first seize the nine states of the southwest?” Lou Jing hurriedly asked. Lou Zigui shook his head and lowered his voice, “I know the person that saved you, her name is Ning Xiaoyao.” Lou Jing was originally half lying down but he immediately jumped up when he heard this. “She is your friend?”

Lou Zigui started to tell his big brother the story of Miss Ning and himself. From their first meeting at the execution ground all the way to the part that he had returned to the capital and found out that Miss Ning was gone, leaving only the white jade amulet he found in the garden.

Lou Zigui talked for a long time. He relayed everything regardless of its importance. Lou Zigui had been suppressing this for a long time and he wanted to tell someone all about this.

After Lou Jing heard Lou Zigui’s story, he slapped Lou Zigui across the face. Lou Zigui accepted his elder brother’s slap and sat there without moving.

“You!” Lou Jing was enraged, “You actually did something like this?!”

“Xiaoyao is definitely at Fengzhou. I want to go find her.” Lou Zigui blurted out of desperation. Lou Jing wanted to tell Lou Zigui to scram, but this was his little brother and he had been missing his little brother all these years. First Young Master Lou really couldn’t bring himself to say the word ‘scram’.

“I regret it now. But by the time I arrived with the troops, Xiaoyao was already gone.” Lou Zigui muttered, “I was just a day late.”

“Stop with the bullshit,” First Young Master Lou yelled, “How many days did you hesitate on the road? Even if you got the throne, would your conscience be okay with that?”

“No,” Lou Zigui sighed, “I was just hoping to see Nan-er quickly grow up, I……”

“You’ll let him be the emperor?” Lou Jing icily snapped, “Then you’ll kill yourself? And meet Xiaoyao in the underworld?” 

Lou Zigui opened his mouth but no words came out.  “Go to Fengzhou,” Lou Jing decided, “I’ll come with you.”

Lou Zigui hurriedly asked, “You will?”

“There are three people you’ll have to face in the Duke of Yue’s estate,” Lou Jing sighed, “You’ve done such a horrendous thing. Why would her father and brothers give Xiaoyao to you?”

Lou Zigui had nothing to refute.

“Nan-er can help you oversee the matters of the capital. But it’s up to fate whether Xiaoyao would return to your side. If Xiaoyao is unwilling, there is nothing you can do. You only have yourself to blame.”

“Then I’ll just remain in Fengzhou,” Lou Zigui lowered his voice and muttered.

“You think you can stay in Fengzhou just because you want to?” Lou Jing was furious, “Would the Ning Clan let you stay there? You’re not even the emperor yet. Even if you were, they have the Destruction Prisoner Army. Would they be afraid of you?”

Lou Zigui’s eyes reddened. “What? You want to cry ah?” Lou Jing just wanted to beat his little brother to death, “What’s the point of showing me your tears?!” First Young Master Lou fiercely scolded his little brother.

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