Chapter 376: Eldest Young Master Ning asks, is Taosu Lou Zigui’s daughter?

Ning Xiaoyao sat in the main room, recounting to her family about the incidents after she faked her death. It was as if she was narrating a story; a legendary tale without all the bloodshed but still brimming with adventure.

“I learned it from Xie Wenyuan,” Ning Xiaoyao explained, “His plan to extricate himself of his criminal charges was to cause chaos. So, I just followed along and got the Northern Hu and rebel forces to fight each other. That way, I could save our capital. Haha, aren’t I smart?” 

Madame Li quietly wiped away her tears, “You are, Xiaoyao is the smartest.” Duke of Yue and Eldest Young Master Ning looked at each other. They didn’t expect his daughter (sister) to have the courage and insight to seek victory from danger.

Madame Li asked, “What happened after that? Where did you go?” Ning Xiaoyao thought for a bit. The matter regarding Lou Jing was personal. It wasn’t right for her to talk about it. She decided to hide her trip to the Snow Wolf Valley. “After that, I went travelling around. I even…..” She stopped here and suddenly remembered, what happened to her daughter?

Ning Xiaoyao ran off like a rabbit that had lost its tail. Her family jolted in surprise. Did something happen?

“Xiaoyao!” Madame Li chased after her. “Slow down,” Duke of Yue quickly reached out to steady his wife. What if she falls down?

In no time, Ning Xiaoyao ran back like the wind and introduced the baby in her arms. Ning Taosu was currently nibbling on her own fingers. “Look, this is my daughter!” For the longest time, no one said a word. “Ya?” Ning Taosu innocently looked at Ning Xiaoyao.

“You gave birth to her?” Ning Xiaoluo exclaimed, “You’ve already gotten married?!” Third Young Master Ning was extremely distressed. His own wife had just gotten pregnant, but his niece was already so big? Can’t Xiaoyao at least pay attention to the ancient traditions? They should be going in order of seniority! He’s the third brother! She’s supposed to be the fourth!

“Yup, I gave birth to her.” Disappointment flashed through her eyes but Ning Xiaoyao quickly straightened her small back again. “But I didn’t get married!” There was another moment of silence before Third Young Master Ning shouted, “What did you say? Then who is your daughter’s father?!”

Ning Xiaoyao’s smile looked slightly deflated. “He doesn’t want me anymore so he definitely won’t want my daughter either.”

This time, the silence in the room stretched longer. The Ning family wasn’t mentally prepared for the sudden switch in emotions. The happiness was too brief. “Eeee, ya!” Ning Taosu called out to Eldest Young Master Ning and stretched out her arms, asking to be carried.

Ning Xiaoyao sighed, “Big Bro Ning, this brat likes being carried by handsome men.” Eldest Young Master Ning stood up and buried his anger in his heart. The gloomy expression on his face also faded away before he reached over to pick up chubby little Ning Taosu. “How old is my little niece?”

“Five months,” Ning Xiaoyao grinned. Eldest Young Master Ning carried Ning Taosu close to his chest. Ning Taosu pouted her lips and a sloppy kiss landed on her uncle’s cheek, smearing his face with her saliva. 

Eldest Young Master laughed, and turned to his own wife, “Go with sister-in-law and take…” Then he asked Ning Xiaoyao, “Xiaoyao, what is her name?” “Taosu, I named her Ning Taosu.”

That name… Eldest Young Master Ning’s mouth twitched. “The kind that you eat?” 

“Yes, yes ah! Peach pastries are so yummy ah!” “Ya!” Ning Taosu babbled loudly to her uncle.

“You little thing,” Eldest Young Master Ning was amused by her and gave Ning Taosu a kiss. “Do you understand what your mother and I are talking about?”

Ning Taosu broke into a wide grin, looking exactly like her mother. When she smiled, her eyes disappeared and her teeth were exposed.

Madame Li recovered from her shock. “Honey, hurry up and bring her over so I can take a look at the little darling!” Before Eldest Young Master Ning could turn around, Duke of Yue slammed his hand down on the table. It was incredibly loud, scaring Ning Taosu but little miss chubby didn’t cry. She merely widened her eyes and looked over at Duke of Yue.

“Who is the bastard?” Duke of Yue furiously roared, “Xiaoyao, who is the man? Tell father, father will go and skin him alive!”

“Ah?” Ning Xiaoyao’s jaw dropped in confusion. Nee Cheng and Nee Qiu exchanged a quick glance before looking away. According to the current customs, an unmarried woman who has a child out of wedlock and is abandoned by the father would be cast out of the clan. In worse cases, she would be drowned ah! But this is their in-laws’ and husbands’ response? Not even a word of reproach for this sister-in-law ah!

“Tell me,” Duke of Yue persisted, “Who is this bastard? Father will help you take care of him!”

“Father, if I want to kill him, I’ll do it myself. Why would I trouble father at all?” Ning Xiaoyao furrowed her brows.

Duke of Yue: ...That’s right, his eldest son and youngest son have both mentioned that this daughter of his is unparalleled in martial arts ah. 

“Don’t worry, I can take care of my own daughter.” Ning Xiaoyao assured. “Father can support the both of you!” Duke of Yue’s expression darkened. Is his daughter afraid that he can’t support the both of them?

“Now that you’re back, just set your mind to rest.” Eldest Young Master Ning wiped the saliva off his little niece’s face. He smiled at Ning Xiaoyao, “You’ve done everything that you can for this country. From now on, just be yourself. Fengzhou is near the border, but it’s also a good resourceful place. Xiaoyao, you’ll really like it here.”

Ning Xiaoyao looked a little awkward. She only came back to see her family and maybe to stay a little while. But she wasn’t thinking of settling down here ah.

“Listen to me,” Eldest Young Master continued, “Even if you don’t want to stay, at least wait till everything settles and the country is peaceful again.”

“What about Windy and the other Dragon Guards?” She could spend her days eating and drinking leisurely with Taosu, but what about her group?

“You’re still planning to travel and go on a scenic tour with them?” Eldest Young Master Ning’s smile became even more gentle. “Xiaoyao, let Windy and the others serve the army.”

Ning Xiaoyao rubbed her chin as she pondered. In the past, she had already wanted to let her Dragon Guards join the army. They are all good men. It would be such a waste to have them remain by her side as bodyguards forever. Now that her eldest brother brought this up, Ning Xiaoyao was also convinced. 

 “I’ll go ask them in a bit. If Windy and the other Dragon Guards agree to join the army, would you support the idea?”

“Even if they disagree, I would still agree. They won’t have any future prospects if they keep following me. Am I right?” Eldest Young Master Ning patted Ning Xiaoyao’s head.

“Do you agree, father?” Ning Xiaoyao asked Duke of Yue. She still has to ask the Big Boss’ opinion if she wants to find a job for her Dragon Guards ah. Duke of Yue replied, “I’ll leave this matter up to your eldest brother. Xiaoyao ah, tell father, who is that bastard?”

“Father,” Eldest Young Master Ning looked at Duke of Yue. “If Xiaoyao doesn’t want to tell us, then let her be. We’ll just pretend this person doesn’t exist. Taosu will take on the Ning surname.” Duke of Yue felt his heart aching. Right now, all he wants to do is find the bastard who abandoned his daughter and cut him into pieces!

“I’m also to blame,” Ning Xiaoyao lamented, “I took it for granted. I thought I was some big beauty.”

Eldest Young Master Ning’s gaze turned dark when he heard Ning Xiaoyao speak, but he didn’t say anything. Duke of Yue had an even uglier expression on his face now. That bastard thinks his daughter isn’t good enough?!

“I’m not gentle,” Ning Xiaoyao pouted, “I’m not thoughtful, I don’t know any of the feminine arts, I don’t even know how to style my hair nicely. What’s more, I’m also poor, I’m uncultured, I’m…”

“My sister is someone who was once Emperor,” Eldest Young Master Ning smiled, “Has any other girl sat on the imperial throne? Or managed to overthrow XIe Wenyuan? You don’t need all of that!” Ning Xiaoyao thought about it and agreed. She suddenly realized how she was still dashing enough to pierce through the Heavens!

Eldest Young Master Ning’s words were directed at Ning Xiaoyao, but both Nee Cheng and Nee Qiu were astonished. That’s right! They’ve all forgotten that this sister-in-law of theirs once sat on the imperial throne, discussed politics at court, and ruled the country! For someone like her, why would she need to abide by the usual customs ah?

“Mhmm,” Ning Xiaoyao admittedly replied, “I’ll live here from now on. I’ll open a hospital, no, I mean I’ll open a medical clinic and treat patients ah.”

“Great,” Eldest Young Master immediately responded. As long as his sister stays under his watch, there’s no way she will ever be wronged or bullied by others again with his protection and care. 

“Thank you, eldest brother!” Ning Xiaoyao had on a broad grin. “Cough,” Duke of Yue let out a cough. “Thank you, father!” Ning Xiaoyao smiled with her eyes squinted. Duke of Yue sighed and wanted to keep talking but swallowed back his words when he saw his eldest son shaking his head at him. 

Right then, Madame Li said, “Ningmu, bring my granddaughter over so I can take a look at her!”

Nee Cheng and Nee Qiu: ... just like that, their mother-in-law kissed the baby and accepted her as the granddaughter.

“I’ll go have a talk with the Dragon Guards,” Eldest Young Master Ning told Ning Xiaoyao. “Stay here to chat with mother.” “Ok!” Ning Xiaoyao nodded. “Father, Dongfu, let’s go.” Eldest Young Master Ning called out to the Duke of Yue and Ning Xiaoluo, who didn’t have the chance to speak the entire time.

As the three of them left, Ji Yuerong was still staring out the door in a daze. She felt someone tugging her hand and turned to see Ning Xiaoyao smiling at her. Ji Yuerong didn’t know what to think. She pinched Ning Xiaoyao’s cheek that had already lost all baby fat. “Do you know how much I cried because of you, meanie?!”

“Hehe, Miss Ji, how did you end up with Xiao Luoluo ah?” Ji Yuerong softly replied, “You want to talk about this here?”

Looks like it’s a long story. Ning Xiaoyao displayed an expression to show she understood. “Ok, let’s talk privately.”

“Xiaoyao,” Madame Li shouted. “Coming!” Ning Xiaoyao ran towards Madame Li. “Mother, is there anything yummy to eat in Fengzhou City?”

Ji Yuerong: ... Looks like this rascal hasn’t changed at all!

Meanwhile, in Duke of Yue’s study, the four Dragon Guards were ordered to take a seat. They sat facing Eldest Young Master and Third Young Master Ning. Duke of Yue first thanked the Dragon Guards for looking after Ning Xiaoyao. “It’s been hard on all of you, looking out for Xiaoyao the entire way here.” The Dragon Guards had just been seated, but rushed to stand once they heard Duke of Yue.

“Sit,” Duke of Yue gestured for them to remain as they were. “We don’t have such strict rules here.” The Dragon Guards could only remain seated.

Eldest Young Master Ning asked, “Windy, is Taosu Lou Zigui’s daughter?”

Duke of Yue and Ning Xiaoluo: ...

The Dragon Guards: ...

“From your expressions, there’s no doubt Taosu is Lou Zigui’s daughter.” Eldest Young Master replied.

“What about their expressions?” Ning Xiaoluo had been staring at the Dragon Guards the whole time but couldn’t tell anything from their expressions. Eldest Young Master Ning didn’t want to speak to his stupid brother. 

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