Chapter 375: Ning Xiaoyao returns home

It took nearly five months for Ning Xiaoyao’s party to go from Jiangnan to Fengzhou. By now, she knew that it was pointless of her to worry about the fate of the country. So, Ning Xiaoyao was not particularly concerned. At most, once in a while, she would hear people talk about the country’s situation during her temporary stay in certain cities. People would talk about how Supreme Commander was doing and where the Black Frost Cavalry was conquering now. In any case, the general situation of the country was inseparable from Lou Zigui.

“Should we go to Duke of Yue’s estate like this?” After the party entered Fengzhou, Shadowrain inquired, “Don’t we need to make some preparations?”

“Such as?” Ning Xiaoyao asked. “Buy them gifts, for example?” 

Ning Xiaoyao had some money in her hands, so she wasn’t stingy. “Then, what should we buy?” 

The nine provinces of the southwest were located by the border. The flame of war on the Central Plains had not yet spread to this place. Fengzhou was where the Duke of Yue’s estate was located. Furthermore, it was the most prosperous city out of all the nine provinces in the southwest. The streets were lined with shops and there were an endless stream of horses and carriages. The streets were packed with travellers. Only the buildings looked less magnificent compared to the capital.

"Logically speaking, the Duke of Yue’s estate is not short of food, clothing or anything," Shadowbolt said, "What can we bring as a gift?” Everyone was staring at each other, but nobody could come up with a gift idea.

"Ai," sighed Ning Xiaoyao, "Then give them money." Whenever you’re in a situation where you’re unsure of what to gift the other party, giving money would be the best option. People could use the money to buy whatever they wanted.

“Isn’t that bad?” Xie Duoying commented, “If we give them money, wouldn’t it seem insincere?” 

Ning Xiaoyao shrugged,” Then what do you suggest?” 

Fifth Young Miss was speechless. Regarding the Duke of Yue’s family status, the highest level of gift-giving should be both generous in terms of a monetary sense and an emotional sense. But how would Ning Xiaoyao show affection through her gift? 

“Let’s go,” Ning Xiaoyao continued to proceed forward, “Giving money is the best.”

“Do you know where Duke of Yue’s estate is?” asked Xie Duoying. Ning Xiaoyao pointed toward the sky. Little Gyrfalcon flew in Fengzhou City in advance. Currently, it was flying above Ning Xiaoyao’s head. “Little Gyrfalcon knows the way. Let’s go.” Ning Xiaoyao strode forward.

The gates of the Duke of Yue’s estate were like all the aristocratic residences. Usually, they weren’t open. When Ning Xiaoyao and her entourage followed the little gyrfalcon to the estate, the gates were closed and soldiers were standing on the stairs of the gate stoop. Each of them carried a commanding presence.

Ning Xiaoyao's party stood outside the gate, and a soldier immediately shouted loudly. “Who are you?” 

“We are…” Shadowgale answered. “Third Young Master?” Before Shadowgale finished speaking, a soldier standing close by Ning Xiaoyao exclaimed.

“Ah?” Ning Xiaoyao sucked in her breath. She’s currently wearing a flowery skirt yo! How could people confuse her as Ning Xiaoluo? Does she seriously look like a man right now? (Author: This is way more traumatic for Third Young Master than you, ok? o()o

All the soldiers looked at Ning Xiaoyao. Third Young Master has failed to live up to expectations, but he would be unlikely to go as far as to run outside in a flowery skirt. If this person is not Third Young Master, who is she?

The side door next to the gate was opened from inside. Ning Xiaoluo, dressed in a white garment walked out supporting a taller married woman. When Ning Xiaoyao and her party saw the pair, they were all stunned. Were they seeing things? When did they become a pair?

"Isn't that Miss Ji?" Shadowrain muttered to Ning Xiaoyao, "Am I seeing things?"

"Yes, it's her," Ning Xiaoyao answered, "Our friendship formed because we were beat up together. I’d recognize her even if she were burnt to ashes. My God, look at her stomach, she's pregnant ah!"

Shadowrain was flabbergasted, "You’re right! Oh my goodness, when did they become a couple?" Everyone wanted to know the answer to this question.

Ning Xiaoluo and Ji Yuerong were stunned to see the people standing on the steps. They also suspected that something was wrong with their eyes. The person in the middle was supposed to be dead. The people next to him had all died together with their master. None of them had an intact corpse. How could these people stand in front of them now?

“Miss Ji, Xiao Luoluo!” Ning Xiaoyao waved to Ning Xiaoluo and Ji Yuerong. Ning Xiaoluo's face was twisted and he suddenly turned around and ran into the mansion. Ji Yuerong stood in front of the door and continued to be in a daze. Her lips trembled but she could not speak. The soldiers in front of the door were all confused. They were stunned and couldn’t fathom whether this group was their enemy or not.

"What do we do now? Ning Xiaoyao inquired Shadowgale. "Let’s get inside."

"Ok," Ning Xiaoyao walked up the stairs. "Halt!” a soldier quickly shouted at them again. "Let them come up," Ji Yuerong said with a shaky voice. "Your Majesty, all of you, come up quickly."

Now the soldiers didn’t dare to stop them. Ning Xiaoyao ran to Ji Yuerong in a few steps. "How did you end up with Xiao Luoluo?" Ji Yuerong grabbed Ning Xiaoyao's hand and yelled, "What happened to you?!" Ning Xiaoyao was surprised by Ji Yuerong’s shout.

“You!" Ji Yuerong raised her hand and stroked both Ning Xiaoyao's head and forehead. Her skin was warm, which meant that she was touching a living person. Ning Xiaoyao was alive.

"Girl, you’re pregnant!" Ning Xiaoyao stared at Ji Yuerong's stomach. "Let's talk inside," Ji Yuerong dragged Ning Xiaoyao into the house, thinking that it was hard to talk to this guy and she should talk to Shadowgale instead.

Ning Xiaoluo rushed all the way to the rear courtyard. He burst into the main hall and shouted, "Xiaoyao is here!"

Currently, Duke of Yue and his wife, Ning Xiaomu and his wife, and Second Young Master’s wife, nee Qiu, were together. The whole family was dumbfounded by Ning Xiaoluo’s cry. First Young Master asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Xiaoyao," Third Young Master Ning panted and pointed outside of the estate, "I saw Xiaoyao, Shadowgale and the others. They are all alive!"

"What?!" Duke of Yue’s Madam, nee Li, jumped up from her chair and hysterically cried, "Are you telling the truth?" Ning Xiaoluo felt crushed. "Mother, do you think I’d deceive you on a matter like this?"

By the time Ning Xiaoyao and Ji Yuerong had arrived at the rear courtyard, Ning Heng, the Duke of Yue, was already waiting for them with the family. When Madame Li saw Ning Xiaoyao's face, she was positive that this was her daughter. There was no mistake.

"Xiaoyao, come here," First Young Master Ning beckoned Ning Xiaoyao. "Okie!" Ning Xiaoyao ran up to him. Xiaoyao’s face was not as plump as before, but she seemed very energetic. First Young Master Ning stroked Ning Xiaoyao's head and laughed, "Since you’re wearing a flowery skirt, why didn't you comb your hair properly?"

Ning Xiaoyao touched her hair bun casually and chuckled, "I can't braid my hair."

"It's all right. Sister-in-law can help you braid your hair later." The young woman standing next to First Young Master Ning had a gentle smile on her dignified and quiet face. "Elder, elder sister-in-law," Ning Xiaoyao called out.

Nee Cheng responded, "Ai, little sister." Ning Xiaoyao pondered and then asked First Young Master Ning, "Big Bro Ning, is this considered a reuniting success?”

Ning Xiaomu tapped Ning Xiaoyao's head gently. "Come with me." Ning Xiaoyao obediently followed First Young Master Ning and stood in front of the Duke of Yue couple. First Young Master Ning pointed to the Duke of Yue, "This is our father," and then pointed to Madame Li, "This is our mother."

"Dad, mom," Ning Xiaoyao called out. She smiled widely, exposing her white teeth. Ning Heng was very emotional, but he wanted to maintain his strict father image in front of his children. However, Madame Li didn’t care. When she heard Ning Xiaoyao call her ‘Mother’, she embraced Ning Xiaoyao and burst into tears. When her daughter was born, she only took a brief glance at her. Who would’ve thought it would be over a decade before she could take a second look?

Ning Xiaoyao was saddened by Madame Li's tears. Most likely, Ning Yu never found out about her past while she was alive. Likewise, this lady will never know that Ning Yu was her actual daughter. 

"Stop crying," Duke of Yue told his wife, "Xiaoyao is back. It's a good thing. You should be happy." Madame Li wiped her eyes and dragged Ning Xiaoyao inside the house. There was no reason to keep her daughter standing and talking in the courtyard.

Ning Xiaoyao looked at Duke of Yue eagerly. Her father didn't smile. Was he unhappy to see her?

Duke of Yue looked at his little daughter. She had big eyes and grew up looking very much like her mother. However, her posture was not good and was too thin. He must fatten her up. Ning Heng’s daughter must be white and fat. (Author: Your taste...)

"Why are you stiff-faced when Xiaoyao is back?" Madame Li noticed that Duke of Yue still had a coffin face without a smile. She could see her daughter staring at her husband. "You are not happy that my daughter is home?"

The Duke of Yue: ...she’s also his daughter!

"Dad, you don’t smile," Ning Xiaoyao spoke. Madam Li glared at the Duke of Yue. First Young Master Ning spoke on behalf of his father, "Xiaoyao, father, he..."

Ning Xiaomu wanted to say that their father was born with a resting bitch face. But before he could say that, Duke of Yue pulled his facial muscles and stretched the corners of his mouth. For the first time ever, his dad was smiling! 

"Dad!" Seeing the Duke of Yue smile, Ning Xiaoyao was relieved. Her father was happy to see her too.

"Good girl," Duke of Yue patted Ning Xiaoyao's head with unpracticed movement. Sure enough, daughters were so lovable. She was tiny and had big eyes. Her voice was soft and the way she called him dad was so sweet! Besides being thin, his daughter had no other shortcomings.

Third Young Master Ning was stupefied by all this. He was happy that Ning Xiaoyao came back alive but he could already predict that he was going to lose all his status at home! 

At this time, Shadowgale came forward with Shadowthunder, Shadowrain and Shadowbolt to greet the Duke of Yue. "Four commanders, please forego the formalities," said Duke of Yue.

Ning Xiaoyao remembered that she hadn't properly made her salute yet. While she was still pondering whether to bow or kneel, Madam Li dragged Ning Xiaoyao to the central room. "Xiaoyao, tell Mother everything that you have encountered."

Ning Xiaoyao was dragged into the room to talk. Xie Duoying stood in the courtyard with little baby Ning Taosu. She looked up at the sky speechlessly. The mother forgot about her daughter again!

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