Chapter 372: The chubby baby that looks like Miss Ning

“Do you know the person that saved me?” Lou Jing saw the change in Song Jin and Fang Tang’s expression and immediately asked. Fang Tang didn’t dare to say anything. Every man for his lord. It was nothing personal but Fang Tang didn’t have any face to see His Majesty.

Song Jin shook his head, “We can’t conclude without actually seeing the person.”

Lou Jing was disappointed once again.

“Since First Young Master is fine, we won’t have to lead the troops to the Snow Wolf Valley any longer,” Song Jin forced a smile at First Young Master Lou, “We will go find Supreme Commander to relay the good news that you are safe.”

“How are you guys doing in the war?” This was a question that Lou Jing had to ask.

Song Jin selected a few important war issues and shared it with Lou Jing. But Song Jin didn’t dare to mention Lou Zigui’s recent behaviour. Lou Zigui had become increasingly silent and refused to eat most of the time.

After hearing that his brother was about to obtain the throne, a small smile appeared on Lou Jing’s face. “First Young Master can rest assure,” Fang Tang promised First Young Master Lou, “Once Supreme Commander ascends the throne, we’ll go look for Modou and imprison that piece of shit.”

Lou Jing didn’t have much of a reaction and only replied, “Thanks for the hard work.”

After being tortured for so many years in Snow Wolf Valley, First Young Master Lou had thought of killing himself. However, Modou had ordered his people to keep him alive. Furthermore, Lou Jing couldn’t let go of his little brother. His parents had already died, leaving only Lou Zigui. Could his little brother hold up the responsibilities of the estate? And there was also his wife and child. Because of them, First Young Master Lou had the willpower to live on.

Now that he made it out alive and appeared like a normal person, First Young Master Lou wasn’t actually too fixated on getting revenge. This had nothing to do with heroism and dignity. It was just that after his numerous encounter with death, he cared more about the fact he had another chance at life. 

Song Jin dragged Fang Tang to retreat. The other people in the estate could relay the happenings in the past few years. Song Jin was just afraid that First Young Master Lou would ask them about His Majesty Ning’s matters. These questions would have to be answered by Lou Zigui himself. Whether it could be said or not depended on Supreme Commander.

After Fang Tang exited the room, he shook off Song Jin’s hands and lowered his voice, “Is it His Majesty? It’s His Majesty right?” Song Jin replied, “Let’s return to army.”

“What should we do?” Fang Tang anxiously asked. Song Jin stood dazedly at the door for a while before he lowered his voice, “I would be very happy if His Majesty is really alive.”

Fang Tang just looked at Song Jin. Song Jin headed to the courtyard. Fang Tang chased Song Jin out to the courtyard, furiously exclaiming, “You make it sound like I wouldn’t be happy if that were true! Do I seem like such a heartless person?!”

Song Jin sighed, “You’ve already done such a heartless thing. Don’t say such words in the future, it would just seem like a joke.” Fang Tang was stumped by Song Jin’s words and couldn’t refute at all.

“Let’s leave it to Supreme Commander to decide what to do after we return to the army,” Song Jin stated, “If His Majesty doesn’t want to appear, it would also mean that he wouldn’t want the throne anymore.”

Fang Tang drooped his head. What would he do if he sees His Majesty again? He has no face to see him ah!

Song Jin and Fang Tang didn’t even return home but immediately rode to the army camp after leaving Lou estate and Black Frost City.

“This means that Pei Yan lied to us,” after leaving Black Frost City, Fang Tang connected the dots and furiously roared, “He was the one that said His Majesty is dead!”

Song Jin couldn’t be bothered with Fang Tang anymore, “What if he was also fooled by His Majesty?”

Fang Tang: …He always sounded like an idiot when he was talking to this person. 

While Song Jin and Fang Tang were still on the road, Lou Zigui and his army fought across the Spring River and killed Qian Zhengfang, conquering the entire Jiangnan.

Lou Zigui rode past the Spring River shores to see his banners fluttering. The waves crashed against the shore. In a village nearby, the sound of an infant’s cries sounded from a delivery room.

“The baby is out!” Shadowrain hollered in the courtyard. All the Dragon Guards in the courtyard had smiles on their faces.

“His Majesty didn’t even make a sound,” Shadowthunder realised and said worriedly, “I was worried something would happen to her!” When Shadowthunder turned nervous, he would revert to calling Ning Xiaoyao His Majesty.

Just then, the door to the delivery room opened and the midwife carried a little bundle out. Shadowgale, who had been standing stiffly on the porch frantically rushed over. But before he could open his mouth, Shadowbolt loudly asked, “Is it a boy or a girl?”

“It’s a little precious daughter!” the old midwife beamed, “Madam birthed a precious daughter!”

Shadowgale and the others surrounded the midwife as they tried to get a glimpse of the little lass in her arms.

The little baby had a chubby face and her eyes were closed. But judging from the outline of her eyes, they could tell that her eyes weren’t small. Her mouth was also pouted, looking exactly like Ning Xiaoyao.

The midwife continued, “This old woman has helped birth many babies and it’s really rare to see such a good looking baby ah.”

Usually, infants would have wrinkly and red skin at birth. They would be covered in fetal hair, looking practically like little monkeys. But when it came to Ning Xiaoyao’s daughter, her skin was also a little wrinkly. However, her skin was milky white and there weren’t any fetal hair on her, making her look like a really pretty baby.

This was the first time the midwife saw a group of young lads surrounding the baby in her arms. The midwife suddenly recalled the little madam saying that her husband wasn’t around anymore. Looking at Shadowgale and the others, the midwife thought, with this group of helpers around, the little madam and her baby wouldn’t have too much trouble. 

Glancing at the little lass in her bosom, the midwife couldn’t help but worry about Ning Xiaoyao. How is she going to continue the family business after giving birth to a daughter?

“Meow meow meow~”

“Ao ao ao~” 

Big Boss Black and Little White Fatty called out loudly from outside the circle. They also want to see the little baby ah! Oil Jar had been hiding in the room since the morning and has definitely already seen the little baby. Little Gryfalcon could just hover above the people to see the baby but they couldn’t see anything ah!

The midwife carried the little bundle and walked towards Shadowgale.

Shadowgale kept retreating backwards. How is he supposed to carry this tiny baby? He might crush her even if he doesn’t use any strength.

The midwife turned to look at the little lads who didn’t know whether to get closer or further away from her.

The Dragon Guards kept retreating. None of them dared to carry the baby. The midwife laughed and carried the bundle back into the room. What is she gonna do about these lads?

Ning Xiaoyao went through tremendous pains to give birth to the baby. Although she’d already stopped hurting, she didn’t have the strength to revert back to normal. Lying on the bed, she complained to Fifth Young Miss Xie. “I didn’t think that giving birth was like that!”  

Not only did she lose all her special powers during her pregnancy, her physical strength was also extremely lacking. Even her evolved body couldn’t compare to normal humans!

Xie Duoying tried to hide her laughter. Initially, when she found out His Majesty was a woman, she nearly had a heart attack. Then she recalled how she had wanted to marry Ning Xiaoyao nearly all her life and was furious that she had been doting over a woman. But before she could react, Ning Xiaoyao patted her tummy and announced she was pregnant. Fifth Young Miss Xie could not remember her own reaction. But from what her Windy had told her, it was pretty priceless. 

“Aiya,” Ning Xiaoyao touched Xie Duoying’s stomach, “Don’t laugh, you’re going have tough days ahead too.”

Xie Duoying immediately turned red. “Pah,” Ning Xiaoyao pouted, “Hey, I’ve said it so many times. The innocent act doesn’t suit you. I’ve just gone through so much pain. Can’t we just drop the innocent act now?”

Xie Duoying made a face. “How do you still have the strength to talk?”

“Your words...” Ning Xiaoyao was about to continue when she saw the midwife carrying her baby back inside. Ning Xiaoyao then hurried called the midwife, “Grandma*, I didn’t get a close look just now! Is my daughter sturdy and robust?”

The midwife: ...

Fifth Young Miss Xie: … 

There was someone who wanted their daughter to look sturdy and robust?!

“Hurry and let me see her again!” Ning Xiaoyao yelled. The midwife got back to her senses and carried the infant to Ning Xiaoyao. “Look Little Madam, Little Miss is very pretty.”

Ning Xiaoyao raised her hand to touch her daughter’s head, pinching her face. After pressing her stomach and patting her legs, she was satisfied. Mhm, her daughter was sturdy and robust. She could raise her.

When the midwife saw Ning Xiaoyao checking the baby’s mouth to see her teeth, she couldn’t smile any longer. Was she appraising an animal?

“Not bad,” Ning Xiaoyao was very satisfied and smiled widely at the midwife, “My daughter is sturdy and robust!”

The midwife looked at Xie Duoying. How is she supposed to reply to that?

Xie Duoying was smooth and hurriedly pushed the midwife out of the delivery room. Smiling, she quickly handed the red packet she prepared earlier to the midwife. “My little sister-in-law hopes that my little niece can be stronger. Otherwise, how would she be able to protect the family property in the future?”

The midwife finally understood Ning Xiaoyao’s actions. That’s true, how could she protect the family’s property with a delicate young miss. This young miss didn’t have a father or brothers to help her.

“I will let Grandma know if there’s anything else,” Xie Duoying said and bowed to the midwife.

The red packet was very full and you could tell that it was very generous just from the thickness. The midwife happily replied, “Many thanks to Madam Xie for the bonus. If there’s anything else, Madam can call me over anytime.”

Xie Duoying let Shadowgale send the midwife out. Shadowgale sent the midwife out of the house and mumbled, “Grandma take care!”

Just when the midwife was about to leave, her grandson ran all the way here and exclaimed to both the midwife and Shadowgale, “The Black Frost Cavalry is passing by. I can see Supreme Commander Lou!”

“Aiya, this kid,” the midwife raised her hand immediately started hitting him. The midwife didn’t care about Supreme Commander Lou and only cared about her grandson, “They’re fighting a war ah, you want to join in? You’re asking for it kid!”

The young boy was hit till he covered his head and ran off. The midwife hurriedly said her goodbyes to Shadowgale before chasing after her grandson to hit him some more.

Shadowgale heard the sound of horses from the streets and frantically went back into the house and shut the gates tightly.

“Lou Zigui is here?” Shadowrain stood at the door and asked.

“Don’t mind him,” Shadowgale lowered the bolt and locked the gate “He wouldn’t stop here for long. He’s probably just passing by.”

“He has even conquered Jiangnan,” Shadowrain sighed, “This person is really fated to be Emperor?”

Shadowgale walked towards the courtyard. “What does this have anything to do with us?”

Meanwhile, Lou Zigui rode his horse through the long street with green cobblestones. While passing a small alley, he heard the sounds of an infant crying and he subconsciously stopped his horse.

“Stop pinching her face!” Fifth Young Miss Xie snatched the baby from Ning Xiaoyao’s arms and furiously scolded, “This is your daughter!”

Ning Xiaoyao pursed her lips. She didn’t pinch that hard, ok?

“Baby, don’t cry!” Xie Duoying carried the baby who wouldn’t stop crying and coaxed, “Mummy is bad, Auntie will beat her!”


*In Chinese, it is common to address people as family even if they aren’t related to us. So we may call a random old man, “uncle” even if we don’t know him. 

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