Chapter 371: Supreme Commander waits for the world to forget him

Currently, the central plains were caught up in the flames of war. Even though the Lou estate’s housekeeper sent someone to report to the army on the day of Lou Jing’s return, Lou Zigui was fighting to take control of the country and still hadn’t gotten the news. By March, Lou Jing could sit up and speak with some effort. 

Lou Zigui hadn’t received the good news, yet bad news kept arriving, one after another. First of all, there was completely no news from the troops he had secretly sent to rescue Lou Jing from the hunting grounds of the Snow Wolf Valley. After a few months, the news of his troops being decimated finally reached his ears. 

“Supreme Commander,” the Chief Imperial Bodyguard marched into the tent, preparing to tidy up after his meal. He realized that Supreme Commander hadn’t touched his food at all. The Chief Imperial Bodyguard was anxious. These past few days Lou Zigui had no appetite. Does Supreme Commander intend to practice abstaining from food to become an immortal ah?!  “Lord should at least eat a little.”

Lou Zigui wasn’t in the mood to eat right now. Hearing the Chief Imperial Bodyguard speak, he turned to look at the food on the table. “I didn’t touch the food at all. Take it away and split it amongst yourselves.”

Chief Imperial Bodyguard asked, “Should I get Imperial Physician Gao to come take a look?” Lou Zigui shook his head and instructed, “Tell Song Jin and Fang Tang to come see me.”

Chief Imperial Bodyguard didn’t dare to persuade him anymore and removed the food. He got one of the soldiers by the tent to call Song Jin and Fang Tang over. When Song Jin and Fang Tang quickly rushed over, they saw Chief Imperial Bodyguard standing by the tent entrance with a bitter expression on his face. Fang Tang immediately asked in a low voice, “Supreme Commander has refused to eat again?”

Chief Imperial Bodyguard nodded. “He doesn’t have any appetite but won’t let Imperial Physician Gao take a look at him.” Fang Tang’s face fell as he turned to talk to Song Jin, “What’s wrong with Supreme Commander?”

Song Jin shook his head as he directed his voice towards the interior of the tent, “Supreme Commander, General Song Jin greets you.”

“Supreme Commander, General Fang Tang greets you.” Fang Tang shouted out. “Enter,” Lou Zigui’s voice echoed from within the tent. Both generals walked into the army tent. Lou Zigui was seated behind the table. There was a lantern which illuminated the area in front of Lou Zigui but couldn’t light up Lou Zigui’s surroundings.

“Supreme Commander, why have you skipped your meal again?” Fang Tang asked after giving his greeting. “I have something I need the both of you to do.” Lou Zigui waved his hand, beckoning Song Jin and Fang Tang to come closer, “Head outside the mountain pass. My elder brother, Lou Jing, is currently being held in Modou’s hunting grounds of Snow Wolf Valley.” Song Jin and Fang Tang were stunned. 

“This matter should’ve been handled by me. It’s just that I can’t leave the army right now. I have attempted to send men out five times but all of them failed. I’ll have to trouble you with this matter.”

“First….” Fang Tang stuttered, “First Young Master is alive?” “He’s alive. It’s just that his face has been disfigured by Modou. His right arm and left leg has been crippled, and his tongue was cut off as well.” Lou Zigui kept a flat expression as he spoke, “He isn’t difficult to find but sneaking into Snow Wolf Valley is a problem. Don’t lose your lives because of my brother either. If you really can’t save him, then go back into the mountain pass.”

Song Jin and Fang Tang stared blankly for a long time before Fang Tang suddenly burst out angrily, “Damn it, I’m going to kill Modou!”

“It’ll happen sooner or later,” Lou Zigui icily stated, “Be careful on the road.” At this moment, the anger had gotten to Fang Tang’s head. He pounded his chest and was about to guarantee Lou Zigui that he would get Lou Jing out. However, before Fang Tang could open his mouth, Song Jin cupped his fist and spoke up first, “This general will follow your orders.”

“I am giving you guys five hundred men and horses. It’s not advisable that you bring too many men into the valley. I’ll leave it up to you how many men and horses you want to take with you. Also, don’t breathe a word to others regarding this matter.”

Song Jin and Fang Tang were about to leave after receiving their orders. Song Jin took a look at Lou Zigui and couldn’t help blurt, “I hope Supreme Commander will take care.” The smile on Lou Zigui’s face was indifferent as he nodded his head.

Fang Tang withdrew three steps backwards, turned around and walked out in long strides. Song Jin walked to the entrance door and turned his head to look at Lou Zigui again. Supreme Commander Lou was enshrouded by the dark and silence. Song Jin suddenly had a weird feeling in his heart; Lou Zigui sat there as if he was waiting for the world to forget him.

“Let’s go ah,” Fang Tang lifted the tent flap and urged Song Jin, who had yet to make a move. Song Jin shook his head and threw this ridiculous thought to the back of his head and followed Fang Tang out the tent. 

“In a bit, send more food to Supreme Commander,” Fang Tang exited the tent and eyed the Chief Imperial Bodyguard, “If Supreme Commander doesn’t eat, send in more food later. There’ll eventually be a time when he wants to eat.”

Chief Imperial Bodyguard had a forced expression on his face but responded positively. General Fang Tang makes it sound so if it was nothing to keep sending in food when Supreme Commander refuses to eat. Does he think that His Excellency Supreme Commander won’t lose his temper?

“I feel that there’s something off about Supreme Commander,” Fang Tang walked behind Song Jin and asked, “Song Jin, do you feel anything?” In battle, Supreme Commander Lou has been on a winning streak of late. When he’s with Qin Xuan and Lord Protector and those people, he would still talk and laugh sometimes. But somehow, Fang Tang just felt like there was something off about Supreme Commander.

“Don’t worry about Supreme Commander. Just focus on Snow Wolf Valley and aim to accomplish the task.” Song Jin replied.

Fang Tang smacked his head, and immediately shut up. That night, Song Jin and Fang Tang left the army camp with five hundred skillful soldiers and headed north. The next day, the Black Frost Calvary soldiers continued riding south.

The little troops and the main army forces separately traveled forth, the former headed north while the latter headed south. By the time Song Jin and Fang Tang returned to Black Frost City and were about to head out the mountain pass, the Black Frost Calvary army was already in Jiangnan with the former Jiangnan Governor. 

“First Young Master is back?” In front of the south gate of Black Frost City, Fang Tang shouted in shock at the general guarding the gate, “If you are spouting nonsense, we can’t be friends anymore ah!”

The general at the south gate rolled his eyes at Fang Tang, “Would I dare joke about this? Use your brain ah?”

“Let’s go to the residence and take a look,” Song Jin urged his horse into the city. “If you’re lying….” Fang Tang poked the general with his finger before leaving. “Then I’ll settle the score with you!”

“Why are you guys back?” the general asked. Fang Tang brushed him off and followed after Song Jin. Aside from them, Song Jin knew that Lou Zigui had sent multiple troops to rescue Lou Jing. First Young Master Lou must have been rescued by one of the previous troops. 

“How can this be?” Fang Tang remained puzzled as he walked beside Song Jin, repeating the phrase over and over again. “Shut up! Once we get there, we’ll know what is going on. Must you be so long-winded?” Song Jin barked. “Why are you getting angry for ah?” Fang Tang complained with dissatisfaction. “Seventh Song, your temper is getting worse and worse ah. Can’t you just let me be?”

Song Jin sneered. Who would have a good temper if they have to deal with an idiot like you?

They quickly rushed to the Lou estate. In the time it took to get off a horse, the old housekeeper had come out from the residence to greet them. “I heard First Young Master has returned?” Fang Tang asked as soon as he saw the old housekeeper. The old housekeeper replied in a hurry, “Yes, this old slave has ordered people to report the good news to Supreme Commander. But although we sent many people out, we never heard anything in return. Did both generals return on Supreme Commander’s orders?”

“Can you take us to see First Young Master?” The old housekeeper quickly brought Song Jin and Fang Tang to see Lou Jing. Lou Jing had already moved back into his old bedroom. When Song Jin and Fang Tang got there, the sound of someone reciting came from within Lou Jing’s bedroom.

“Young Master Nan is studying ah,” the old housekeeper happily exclaimed, “Young Master has recovered. It’s been almost half a year since he had taken any medicine.”

Song Jin and Fang Tang were both surprised and delighted. “First Young Master,” the housekeeper announced at the door, “This old slave has brought General Song Jin and General Fang Tang over.”

“Come in,” the voice coming from the man in the room sounded weak but his words were very clear. Fang Tang was stunned again, and quickly turned to look at Song Jin, who stood beside him. Didn’t Supreme Commander say that First Young Master Lou’s tongue was cut off by Modou? How is he still able to talk?

Song Jin’s expression didn’t waver. He merely replied with an “ok” and entered the bedroom. Lou Nan stood in front of the bed, his hands still holding a book he was reading earlier. When he saw Song Jin and Fang Tang come in, he broke into a smile. Young Master Lou was ill and weak for many years, constantly living in the seclusion of his home, so he wasn’t familiar with the army generals. 

“Young Master,” Song Jin remembered to greet Lou Nan but Fang Tang was in a daze, completely forgot what he should do.

Lou Jing was half sitting, half lying down on the bed. His face was rather pale but his handsome eyebrows and slight smile didn’t look like someone whose face had been disfigured. “Song Jin,” Lou Jing saw Song Jin and called out, then looked at Fang Tang, “You are Fang Tang?”

Fang Tang forcefully rubbed his eyes and stared at First Young Master Lou for a long time. He suddenly rushed towards the bed and exclaimed, “It really is First Young Master!” Song Jin walked to the front of the bed as well, staring at First Young Master Lou in a daze. 

“How is Chengying?” First Young Master Lou asked. “Supreme Commander is… he’s doing well,” Fang Tang excitedly replied. “First Young Master is alright? Supreme Commander said that you’re heavily injured, your face was disfigured and you’re even….”

Song Jin raised his hand and elbowed Fang Tang, gesturing him to look at Lou Nan who was standing beside them. Lou Nan looked horrified as he asked Fang Tang, “His face is disfigured?”

“Go out first,” Lou Jing told his son, “Your father has something to say to these two generals. Nan’er, you can join us in a bit.” Lou Nan nodded his head and obediently left the room.

“First Young Master,” Song Jin started talking as soon as Lou Nan left the room. “Supreme Commander ordered us to bring troops to Snow Wolf Valley to rescue you. The five troops that were sent out previously were all wiped out. First Young Master, who rescued you?” 

“Who was the one who sent news to Supreme Commander?” Fang Tang asked. “When Supreme Commander told us about First Young Master, I was shocked. He said that First Young Master’s face was disfigured, your tongue was cut off by that scum dog, and your arms and legs were crippled. That rascal must’ve been spewing nonsense.”

“The person who saved me also healed all my injuries,” Low Jing said in a low voice as he gestured for Song Jin and Fang Tang to take a seat. Song Jin and Fang Tang were both stunned.

“I also thought that it was impossible. Either the past years were a nightmare, or I must be living in a beautiful dream right now,” First Young Master Lou continued. “Then, who… who was it that saved First Young Master?” Fang Tang’s throat moved up and down as he stammered.

“During that time, I was always unconscious. I didn’t get a glimpse of their faces.” “Didn’t they tell you their names?” Song Jin asked. Lou Jing shook his head. “Then where are they now?” Fang Tang asked.

“They sent me to the Lou estate and left after that. At the time, everyone was only concerned about me. No one bothered to ask who they were or what their names were,” Lou Jing forced a laugh, “Those from the residence only know that they rode on horses and headed south.”

“Do you know roughly how many people there were?” Song Jin interjected, “First Young Master has no recollection about them at all?”

“The person who saved me is called Xiaoyao. But the old housekeeper has sent people out to find out more. There aren’t any information about a divine physician named Xiaoyao.”



Ning Xiaoyao. Both Song Jin and Fang Tang looked at each other. In this world, only Ning Xiaoyao has the ability to regrow a tongue that has been cut off, heal a face that has been disfigured by burns and nurse broken bones back to recovery.


*Note: Lou Jing said this in a different tone. In Chinese, you have to get the tone right or else you might be saying something else. Ex. Depending on the tone you use, the word “yao” could mean “want, medicine, bite, waist, shake, demon, and etc.” So be careful! 

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