Chapter 366: A reunion in the Snow White Valley

Third and Fifth Prince were shot to death outside the south gate. After experiencing so much death for the past few days, the soldiers at the gate were unfazed by it. The princes were shot down by arrows in succession. By the time the soldiers realized what had happened, the horses the princes were riding on were shot to the ground by the Destruction Prisoner Army.

Elder Li had already returned to his estate. When he found out about the death of Third and Fifth Prince, he closed his eyes and sat down for a long time before speaking to his disciples, “You all should look for a new master.”

“Teacher!” everyone exclaimed. Elder Li waved his hand dismissively and lowered his voice, “Leave.”

On the same night, a housekeeper knocked and entered Elder Li’s study room to report, “Master, there is news from the capital saying that the Black Frost Cavalry is gathering their troops. Great General Chen says that they may be leaving the capital tonight.”

After a long pause, Elder Li finally made a sound of assent. The housekeeper looked up and saw the faint light in study room before quietly retreating.

Lou Zigui stood in the flower bed of the garden and held the white jade amulet in his hand. This was the item that he had instructed Shadowbolt to give Ning Xiaoyao. However, he found it hanging on the branch of a begonia plant. 

That means Miss Ning chose to throw the amulet away. To throw this charm away would mean that Miss Ning had given up on him when she left the capital.

“Supreme Commander is still in the garden?” a group of Black Frost Cavalry generals stood outside the courtyard while peeking in, yet did not have the courage to enter.

“Prince Fu and Fourth Prince have already left. Third and Fifth Prince have been shot dead under the Duke of Yue’s command. Seventh Song ah, Supreme Commander still hasn’t said anything?” Fang Tang was stunned. 

Song Jin hesitated for a long time before telling the generals to wait outside the courtyard for him as he entered the garden alone. Hearing the sound of footsteps, Lou Zigui tightened his grip on the amulet, clenching it tightly in his fist.

“Supreme Commander,” Song Jin stood behind Lou Zigui, “Supreme Commander, whether we stay or leave is up to you.”

“His Majesty is already dead. What’s the point of staying in the capital?” Lou Zigui bitterly stated. Song Jin felt better when he heard Lou Zigui’s response. The worst must be over if Supreme Commander is willing to speak.

“Can I still die?” Lou Zigui turned to face Song Jin. The happiness that Song Jin felt quickly faded away. Coming to his senses, he fell onto his knees and frantically exclaimed, “Supreme Commander, how could you say such a thing?!”

“I can’t die,” Lou Zigui slowly made his way towards the courtyard, “I’ve never been able to live for the sake of myself anyway.” Lou Zigui’s tone sounded indifferent but Song Jin could suddenly hear the sorrow within those words.

“We’re leaving the capital tonight,” Lou Zigui commanded without looking back. The amulet felt warm in his hand, but despite being surrounded by the generals under him, Lou Zigui felt incredibly lost and alone. 

Elder Li sat in the study room until the dawn. Eventually, he picked up a brush and wrote four words, chaos under the heavens. Elder Li’s wife pushed open the doors of the study and walked to Elder Li. After seeing those four words, the old madam sighed, “If His Majesty was still alive, what would the world be like now?”

Elder Li did not say anything and rolled up the piece of paper before placing it over the candle flame to burn. Watching the slip of paper burn, the old madam murmured, “I heard that Lou Zigui sat in the Supreme Splendor Hall for a long time yesterday.”

Elder Li snapped, “He still has the nerve to sit in the Supreme Splendor Hall?”

“Perhaps he may have his own hidden reasons? Maybe he is suffering secretly.” the old madam suggested.

“Yeah ah,” Elder Li coldly replied, “There’s a big group of people relying on him to make a living. There is a huge group of people relying on him to ascend the throne. He has to think for those around him, and for his nephew, and even for his future children. He has to account for thousands of people, yet he did not even spare a thought for His Majesty.”

The old madam softly patted her old man’s back. “What do we do now?”

“Let’s wait and see who will ultimately change the surname of the dynasty.” 

The old madam let out another long sigh. “Prepare a few more paper money to burn for the dead,” Elder Li put out the candlelight and lowered his voice, “For the first seven days, we have to burn enough for His Majesty, as well as for Shadowgale and the other guys to use.”

The old madam nodded her head in assent. Watching the wisps of smoke rise from the ashes, the old madam couldn’t help but think of the word “annihilation”.

The Yongning Dynasty was completely annihilated. A month later, many warlords were vying for supremacy. The land of Yongning was ignited with wars and battles.

Another month passed. Beyond the Great Walls in the wasteland, Ning Xiaoyao spat out the snow in her mouth before turning to Shadowgale and the others, “The Snow Wolf Valley is just up ahead.”

Shadowgale and the others looked into the distance. Lots of snow was swirling in the air and no matter how they hard they tried, they could only see snow. “Lou Jing is currently in the hunting ground of the Snow Wolf Valley,” Ning Xiaoyao continued, “Should we set off now or try to investigate our enemies first?”

Shadowrain reminded, “If it is Modou’s hunting ground, there would definitely be guards, right?”

“You’re right!” Ning Xiaoyao threw a sugar bean in her mouth and munched, “There will definitely be someone guarding ah.”

Shadowrain also felt that this question was dumb and laughed to himself before confidently volunteering, “I’ll go.”

“I should go instead,” Ning Xiaoyao sniffed, “None of you can outrun me.”

Everyone: … Although that was the truth, no one wanted to admit it.

“I’ll go first and quickly come back,” Ning Xiaoyao didn’t mount a horse and got ready to run off. Originally, Little White Fatty was rolling in the snow. But when he saw that Ning Xiaoyao was about to leave, he immediately howled and bit onto Ning Xiaoyao’s pants. Ning Xiaoyao could only pick up Little White Fatty and sighed, “Can’t you stay with Windy and the rest?”

“He wants to eat me, ao!” Little White Fatty lifted his paw and pointed towards Shadowthunder. Ning Xiaoyao paused for a moment before carrying Little White Fatty and taking off. This dumb thing had actually peed on Second Thunder. Little White Fatty was already incredibly lucky that Second Thunder hadn’t peeled his skin off and eaten him yet. 

Little Gyrfalcon called out and flew up into the sky, leading the way for Ning Xiaoyao. The Dragon Guards watched as Ning Xiaoyao took off carrying Little White Fatty. Not only that, there was a mouse called Oil Jar on her head and a fat black cat on her shoulder. Nonetheless, she was gone in a blink of an eye.

“My lightness abilities can’t even compare to a little lady,” Shadowthunder sighed dejectedly. Shadowgale raised his hand to smack Shadowthunder’s head. Did he really have to remind them that they were all inferior to the little lady?!

After watching Shadowthunder get hit, the Dragon Guards laughed and rejoiced at his misfortune. Now that they were no longer in the palace, they unknowingly felt a lot more relaxed and lively. “We’re just going to wait here?” Shadowrain asked.

“Mount your horses,” Shadowgale commanded, “We’ll follow along.” Even if they couldn’t catch up to His Majesty, they still had to follow behind. How could they actually let His Majesty go to the White Wolf Valley alone?!

The strong winds blew from the wastelands as a snow storm began. The snow storm made it difficult for Shadowgale and the others to even open their eyes.

Ning Xiaoyao wasn’t affected by the snowstorm and allowed Little Gyrfalcon to crouch on her other shoulder before running all the way to the Snow Wolf Valley in one breath. After seeing that the valley entrance was empty, Ning Xiaoyao dashed right in.

“Wow, it’s huge ah!” Oil Jar peeked out from Ning Xiaoyao’s robes, only revealing his eyes. The Snow Wolf Valley was incredibly large and it was impossible to see the other end of the plains whilst standing at the entrance.

“There’s movement up ahead!” Ning Xiaoyao turned her head to listen, “But they’re pretty far from where we are.” 

“There aren’t any wolves here ah,” Big Boss Black meowed, “Why is this place called the Snow Wolf Valley?”

“How would I know?” Ning Xiaoyao’s mouth twitched. This is also her first time here okay?! Just then, wolves howled from both sides of the valley.

Ning Xiaoyao: …

Oil Jar squeaked, “Black Tubby, it’s obviously called the Snow Wolf Valley because there are wolves here ah!”

Big Boss Black: … He was just curious. He didn’t want to see any wolves ah!

Several grey wolves jumped down the cliff. Upon seeing them, the wolves stared blankly at the strange group consisting of Ning Xiaoyao, Oil Jar and the others. “Hello there!” Ning Xiaoyao waved at the grey wolves.

“This ninny looks kinda stupid,” one of the grey wolves told his companions, “Should we bite her to death and eat her meat?”

Ning Xiaoyao fell silent. Did they have to be so savage?!

“She does look quite stupid,” a grey wolf that could only see with its right eye observed Ning Xiaoyao for a few moments before concluding.

“You’re the stupid one, your whole family is stupid!” Ning Xiaoyao was furious. The grey wolves were shocked by Ning Xiaoyao’s reaction. This dumb ninny could understand them?!

At this moment, three white wolves and over ten grey wolves jumped down from the cliff and surrounded Ning Xiaoyao’s group. “Can we even run away?” Big Boss Black asked Ning Xiaoyao warily.

Ning Xiaoyao stared at the white wolf standing in front of her. “I don’t know why this wolf looks so familiar to me.”

“You’ve been out of the country?!” Big Boss Black lifted his paw and smacked Ning Xiaoyao. When will this ninny become smarter?! “Ao!” Little White Fatty buried his face in Ning Xiaoyao’s bosom, “Xiaoyao, I’m scared…!” 

Ning Xiaoyao was exasperated. You’re also a white wolf ah... !!

“Xiaoyao?” At this moment, the white wolf called out to Xiaoyao. “Peach?” Ning Xiaoyao also exclaimed. The white wolf ran to Ning Xiaoyao quickly before proclaiming happily, “It’s really Xiaoyao ah!”

“Ai ma!” Ning Xiaoyao breathed a sigh of relief. Luckily, she didn’t have to fight the wolves this time. “Big Boss Black?” Peach peered at the one sitting on Ning Xiaoyao’s shoulder.

“Meow~” Big Boss Black greeted Peach. Peach looked at the wolf in Ning Xiaoyao’s arms and excitedly howled, “Xiaoyao, is this my son?”

“Yes, yes ah!” Ning Xiaoyao turned and placed Little White Fatty on the ground. “Little White Fatty, quick! Take a look! This is your mummy, ah!”

Little White Fatty laid his stomach on the ground with his head buried in the snow and butt high up in the air. Covering his face with his front paws, he slowly peeked to look at the big white wolf.

“This is my other son?” a white wolf walked over from behind Xiaoyao and asked Peach. “This is little brother?” another small white wolf ran over asking, “Why is he trembling?”

Big Boss Black quietly whispered to Xiaoyao, “Look what you’ve raised their child to be... do you think Peach will bite you to death?”

Ning Xiaoyao: (⊙_⊙;) Would Lil Peach believe it if she said she didn’t mean it?!

“Little White Fatty?” Peach raise her paw and patted Little White Fatty’s head, “That’s your name?” Little White Fatty quietly made a sound of assent.

“He’s really quite fat,” Little White Fatty’s elder brother smacked his little brother’s butt. Even without using any strength, Little White Fatty ended up tumbling.

“I think we should run...” Oil Jar started adding his opinion too. Peach will definitely want to bite Xiaoyao to death.

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