Chapter 363: Black Frost Cavalry and the Destruction Prisoner Army

Deputy General Wang heard Lou Zigui’s question and stared at the soil that had fresh blood slowly seeping into it. Previously, Second Young Master had commanded him to never ever mention His Majesty’s matters, no matter who it was. 

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Lou Zigui’s asked. Deputy General Wang shook his head. “With regards to Supreme Commander’s question, this Deputy General doesn’t know.”

“Supreme Commander!” Just then, another general ran from the front of the troops and exclaimed, “There are troops coming out from the capital!”

Lou Zigui turned his horse away from the direction of Deputy General Wang’s troops. Deputy General Wang and the rest were still in a daze when the sound of horses passed by them. Twenty to thirty thousand troops ran past them, causing dust to fly and the earth to shake.

“W.. What should we do?” a soldier asked Deputy General Wang. Wiping his face, Deputy General Wang instructed, “Just follow them.” After all, with Second Young Master still around, he didn’t have to fret. 

But after pondering a bit deeper, Deputy General Wang still wasn’t assured and lowered his voice to remind his subordinates. “Watch your mouths. You all know what Second Master’s temper is like. Even if Second Master lets you off, from how His Majesty had managed to torment the Northern Hu and the rebel forces, you’d all be idiotic if you dare to ruin His Majesty’s plans!” 

Everyone: … They will definitely keep themselves in check. If they don’t, who knows how His Majesty will torment them ah?

“Kill!” Deputy General Wang shouted hoarsely. A platoon of soldiers joined the Black Frost Cavalry in the battlefield.


“You’re still not leaving?” Pei Yan had stuck another medicinal plaster on his face. Currently, he was standing opposite of Xiang Tiange.

“Great Lord wants to kill the Young Lord!” a personal soldier beside Xiang Tiange frantically exclaimed to Pei Yan. “If you continue to stay here, either your adoptive father will kill you, or the Northern Hu will,” Pei Yan stared at Xiang Tiange, “Or, are you waiting for Lou Zigui to kill you?”

Xiang Tiange looked at Pei Yan for a long time before he replied, “What are you doing here?”

Pei Yan: …Oh yeah, he’s supposed to be His Majesty’s lil bro right? Why would he still be here if His Majesty is gone?

“Why didn’t you leave with them?” Xiang Tiange was puzzled. “I still have matters to settle,” Pei Yan thought up an excuse, “I will naturally leave after I have finished dealing with my matters. Please do not get involved, Young Lord. I can’t tell you even if you continue to ask.”

“She has left?” Xiang Tiange changed the topic. Pei Yan was speechless. You’re about to die and you still have time to worry about His Majesty? No, wait. Suddenly, Second Young Master Pei thought of another possibility. Does he know that His Majesty is a woman? 

After this thought crossed his mind, Second Young Master Pei looked at Young Lord Xiang with a different expression. The first time they had met, His Majesty released this asshole. This time, he was willing to act with His Majesty. Was his act with His Majesty really just to return the favour? 

Ning Xiaoyao appeared in Second Young Master Pei’s mind and he made an analysis. Although His Majesty’s upper body was a little flat and not exactly a beauty with a brain, His Majesty was still cute ah. Could it be?! Second Young Master Pei kept questioning himself. Xiang Tiange was getting goose bumps from Second Young Master Pei’s stare. He’s looking at him like he’s looking at a lecher. Is this asshole aware of his feelings towards his elder sister?

Should I just ask him directly? Pei Yan thought. If he’s going to ask me about it, how should I answer? Xiang Tiange thought.

“Black Frost Cavalry!” While Second Young Master and Young Lord were having these internal thoughts, a soldier of the rebel forces shouted out.

“Quickly leave!” Pei Yan kept the suspicions he had about Xiang Tiange and urged him, “If you want to find them, just keep heading north. If you want to make a name for yourself, create your own sect. That is all I have to say. You’re on your own, Young Lord.”

“Young Lord!” a whole platoon of soldiers looked towards Xiang Tiange. It was time to decide whether to fight or to run. Xiang Tiange looked around and saw that there were still fights happening around him. The soil had absorbed most of the blood and became soft and loose. Bodies and limbs were scattered all over the ground and sounds of fighting and screams were everywhere. He didn’t know where his adoptive father could be.

“Go!” Pei Yan called out. “We’re leaving!” Xiang Tiange turned his horse and commanded loudly. Right after Xiang Tiange and his men left, Fang Tang and his troops arrived. Fang Tang glanced at Pei Yan and shouted to them, “Who are you people?”

Looking at Fang Tang, Pei Yan sighed, “The Black Frost Cavalry has finally arrived.”

Fang Tang recognised Pei Yan’s voice and hurriedly asked, “What happened to your face?” Pei Yan turned his horse and replied icily, “What does my face have anything to do with you?”

Fang Tang: …When did he offend this person?

“The Black Frost Cavalry arrived really quickly ah,” Pei Yan commented sarcastically, “Actually, you guys could have taken your time.”

“Ah?” Fang Tang didn’t understand. This person was telling them they arrived too soon?!

“If you came a little later, the capital walls would have been destroyed and your Supreme Commander could have conquered the throne.” Pei Yan looked at Fang Tang and icily stated. Fang Tang was triggered by Pei Yan and wanted to blow up. But General Fang still felt a little guilty so he appeared somewhat dumbfounded. 

“Let’s kill the enemies first,” Pei Yan said with a mocking smile, “You’ve fought many battles with Lou Zigui. With your experience, do you think we should be chatting right now?” Fang Tang charged forward with the Black Frost Cavalry. He was an idiot for stopping to talk to Pei Yan.


“Wolf King.” Seven to eight Northern Hu generals stood beside Modou and guarded him. The soldiers and their horses were drenched in blood. One of the generals wanted to say something when the blood on his face dripped into his mouth. This general didn’t even bother wiping his face and frantically blurted to Modou, “The Destruction Prisoner Army of Yongning are here. The rebel forces at the south gate have suffered heavy casualties. Wolf King, we have to retreat.”

Their soldiers had already been fighting all night. Just as the Black Frost Cavalry arrived, the soldiers within the capital also fought their way out and surrounded them. Their food and supplies had already been set on fire. Modou knew they had to retreat. If he continues this battle with the Yongning men, he may very well die on this battlefield.

“These Yongning dogs got lucky!” Modou angrily waved his sword in the air and commanded, “Retreat!”

A group of twenty odd people heard the command and immediately ran off in different directions to pass on the order. Someone struck the gong next to Modou, informing the Northern Hu generals that it was time to retreat.

Although the Wolf King wanted to retreat, the Black Frost Cavalry wasn’t about to let the Northern Hu army go just like that. Hence, both sides quickly started another battle. Unlike the rebel forces which consisted mainly of infantry, the Black Frost Cavalry were all on horseback. Aside from those operating the military supply wagons, the Black Frost Cavalry didn’t have anyone on foot. The two cavalries faced each other and the intensity of this battle far exceeded the one between the Northern Hu and rebel forces the night before.

A Northern Hu soldier was hacked in half by a Black Frost Cavalry soldier and the bottom half of his body was still on the moving horse. Elder Li saw this scene from the city gate tower and couldn’t help but gag and feel nauseous.

“Is your brain filled with grass?” Pei Yan slashed a Northern Hu soldier to the ground and shouted at Fang Tang, “Why are you not looking for Modou? Do you think you are accomplishing a great merit by killing the small fries here?” Fang Tang was annoyed to death by Pei Yan. There are over twenty thousand people on the battlefield, how is he supposed to find Modou?!


“Supreme Commander!” a personal soldier pointed towards the northeast direction. “It’s the Wolf flag of the Northern Hu!” Lou Zigui looked in the same direction and saw the huge embroidered wolf flag as well.

“Modou is heading towards the northeast direction!” another general exclaimed. Lou Zigui ordered, “Let’s move to the southwest.” Would Modou raise his flag to seek his own death? Obviously not. The Wolf King of the Northern Hu must be trying to create a diversion.

The fierce battle lasted until the very next morning. By then, the moat was completely dyed red from human blood. At the faint light of dawn, Lou Zigui aimed an arrow at Modou, who was clad in gold armour.

The Black Frost Cavalry also released their arrows in succession. The arrows rained down on the road where the Northern Hu were furiously riding towards. Despite wearing the golden armour, several arrows pierced through Modou’s back. Nonetheless, he continued to ride fiercely for a few kilometers before falling from his horse. 

When the Northern Hu soldiers charging ahead noticed Modou falling off his horse, they frantically tried to turn their horses around and started another intense battle with the Black Frost Cavalry. Lou Zigui saw a few Northern Hu soldiers supporting Modou up his horse and felt that something wasn’t right. Even if the situation is dangerous, how could these Northern Hu men not even bother to check whether Modou was dead or alive?

At this moment, Deng Rong made his way to the center of the Northern Hu and swung his sword to cut off Modou’s head. The Black Frost Cavalry let out a series of cheers. But when Deng Rong saw the face of Modou, his expression changed and he shook his head at Lou Zigui. This person was not Modou!

Lou Zigui looked towards the forest beside him and saw that many of the Northern Hu and rebel forces ran into it. Most likely, the real Wolf King had also escaped into the forest.

“Supreme Commander?” Deng Rong shouted. “Kill,” Lou Zigui commanded. On the official road, roughly a thousand Black Frost Cavalry soldiers slain five hundred Northern Hu soldiers.

“Now that Modou has entered the forest, how are we going to find him?” Song Jin lowered his voice to ask Lou Zigui.

“Since we can’t find him, then forget it,” Lou Zigui instructed without looking at the bodies on the ground, “We are returning to the capital.”

Meanwhile, the troops guarding Xiang Nong had already retreated five kilometers away from the capital. A soldier on horseback ran up to Xiang Nong and whispered, “Great Lord, Senior General Chen reported that Young Lord has left with the troops. Senior General Chen also requests Great Lord to quickly retreat. He will delay the Destruction Prisoner Army for as long as he can.”

“That’s impossible!” Xiang Wanwan shrieked next to Xiang Nong, “My brother would never leave us!” The soldier who sent the message was bewildered by Xiang Wanwan.

“That’s enough,” Xiang Nong said gravely, “Everyone has their own path, just let him go.” They were the biggest losers of this battle. The infantry lost out when they fought against the cavalry and their tired soldiers lost out when they fought against the Destruction Prisoner Army. 

Other than obtaining the jade seal, Xiang Nong couldn’t find any benefits from this bloodshed. His son is dead and his adopted son rebelled. What is the use of having the jade seal?

“Father!” Xiang Wanwan burst into tears. “Let’s go.” Xiang Nong ordered. “Great Lord,” Niu Nanning called out with two black eyes, “You’re just going to let Xiang Tiange off like that?”

Before Xiang Nong could reply, Xiang Wanwan stared poisonously at Niu Nanning. Furiously, she shouted, “It’s your fault! If it weren’t for you, my big bro wouldn’t have left!” After shouting those words, Xiang Wanwan raised her sword to slash Niu Nanning.

“Eldest Miss!” Niu Nanning’s guards frantically raised their swords to parry Xiang Wanwan’s blow. Seeing the blade so close to him, Niu Nanning’s face blanched.

“Imbecile!” Xiang Nong raised his hand and seized Xiang Wanwan’s sword. Throwing it on the ground, he roared, “If you want to die, I’ll help you!”

Xiang Wanwan continued to stare at Niu Nanning with contempt before suddenly taking off on her horse. There will be future opportunities. She will never let Niu Nanning off!

“Advisor Niu, my girl doesn’t know better. Please pardon her behaviour.” Xiang Nong apologised to Niu Nanning. Advisor Niu wanted to speak up but he didn’t dare to. He felt like he ate a goldthread flowering plant and it was bitter beyond belief. He couldn’t help but foresee that his future in the rebel forces would be filled with hardship.

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