Chapter 359: His Majesty says, this world is really dark and shady

“Retreat!” Ning Xiaoyao wanted to carry Pei Yan but Second Young Master Pei had already gotten up from the ground himself. Retracting the arm that she extended, Ning Xiaoyao jumped onto Bujing.

“Where are you going?” Pei Yan asked.

“I’m going back to the rebel forces’ camp ah,” Ning Xiaoyao replied, “I discovered a conspiracy. If I don’t figure out exactly what’s going on, I won’t be happy for the rest of my life.”

Second Young Master Pei scoffed, “You’ve already lost the country and you still seem fine. What conspiracy have you discovered?”

“Don’t talk about the country if you still want to be my bro.” Ning Xiaoyao glared at Pei Yan. “Please share.” Pei Yan gestured to Ning Xiaoyao as if he was saying please.

“I found out that someone wants to kill Young Lord Xiang.” Ning Xiaoyao lowered her voice to tell Pei Yan, Shadowgale and the others.

All the bros: … This news really was more important than the country ah! 

“Let’s go,” Ning Xiaoyao patted Bujing’s head and turned back to their original destination.

“Stab those who are still alive.” Pei Yan ordered Shadowthunder who stood next to him. Ning Xiaoyao stiffened but acted like she didn’t hear anything and rode her horse forward. 

Pei Yan walked to Ning Xiaoyao’s side and measured her reaction. Second Young Master Pei only relaxed after seeing that Ning Xiaoyao’s expression was normal.

Touching the area around his heart, the blood on the robes was still damp. It was sticky to the touch but the wound on his body had completely recovered. “Your Majesty, who is the master that taught you the art of healing?” Pei Yan couldn’t resist and asked Ning Xiaoyao.

“You really want to know?” Ning Xiaoyao asked while trying to listen out for any movements in the surroundings.

“Your Majesty can take it that I didn’t ask if Your Majesty is unwilling.”

“Oh ok, I’m unwilling ah!” Ning Xiaoyao revealed a set of pearly white teeth and looked a little silly as she turned her head back to tease Pei Yan.

Second Young Master Pei suddenly felt very frustrated. He shouldn’t have been polite if he knew this would happen!

“Do you wanna take a look at the capital?” Ning Xiaoyao pointed towards the city gate tower of the capital.

“How are you going to investigate the matter about Xiang Tiange?” Pei Yan didn’t look at the capital but stared at Ning Xiaoyao instead.

“Oh, Little Gyrfalcon has gone back to investigate,” Ning Xiaoyao answered in a matter of fact tone.

Pei Yan: …

“There are only a few who would want Young Lord to die.” Ning Xiaoyao gave an expression saying I have experience with this. “The number one suspect is Xiang Nong -perhaps he doesn’t want his son anymore. The second suspect is Xiang Wanwan -she wants to destroy the man she can’t obtain. The third suspect is still a mystery ah. But those who want Young Lord’s life could only be after power. But let’s say we go deeper, where does Young Lord Xiang’s power come from?”

Pei Yan immediately replied, “Naturally it would be from Xiang Nong.”

“Yup! Then how do we obtain Xiang Nong’s power?”

“Rebel. Or inherit it.”

 “Do you think rebelling works?” Ning Xiaoyao asked. Pei Yan shook his head. At the moment, none of the generals in the rebel forces could threaten Xiang Nong’s position.

“So, inheriting is the only possibility. But Xiang Nong only has daughters or sisters. So that person is waiting to become like Grand Preceptor.” 

Pei Yan’s brows furrowed. “The world is a dark and shady place ah!” Ning Xiaoyao sighed.

An hour later, Modou rushed via horseback into the barracks. The night sky was filled with stars but there wasn’t rain to put away the fire. The blazing fire engulfed the supplies and with addition of the wind, it was impossible to salvage anything.

“Put out the fire!” Modou frantically boomed, “Put this fire out now!”

A few generals had to join hands to stop Modou from rushing into the fire. Deep down, the generals and soldiers all knew in their hearts that there was no way they would be able to extinguish the fire but no one dared to say it to their ballistic leader.

Modou breathed in some smoke and violently coughed for awhile before he slowly calmed down. Turning to his generals, he instructed, “Follow me to the rebel forces’ camp.”

Since you burn down my campsite, I’ll kill all you rebels, it’s an eye for an eye. Modou had always been bad-tempered. 

Meanwhile, Ning Xiaoyao stood in front of Xiang Tiange and exchanged glances with Pei Yan. What should I say? Looking at Xiang Tiange, she stretched out an “oh” sound and muttered, “So Advisor Niu also has another daughter.”

Xiang Tiange nodded his head.

“The one surnamed Niu is so sure that his daughter can birth a son for Great Lord?” Pei Yan sneered.

“That’s right!” Ning Xiaoyao rolled up her sleeves. “We can’t just let this matter go. Young Lord, let’s go look for your adoptive father!”

Xiang Tiange reached out to stop Ning Xiaoyao. “We’re about to face a powerful enemy, let’s just…”

“You want to forget about it?” Ning Xiaoyao widened her eyes, “Advisor Niu doesn’t only want to harm you ah, he wants to kill all of us!”

Ning Xiaoyao gestured in a circle, including the people on her side and the people on Xiang Tiange’s side. Xiang Tiange’s subordinates didn’t speak up but a few of them had unsettling expressions.

“You, come with me.” Ning Xiaoyao dragged Xiang Tiange away.

Young Lord Xiang couldn’t compete against Ning Xiaoyao in terms of strength so he was yanked to the campsite. Just as he was about to tell Ning Xiaoyao that the war was more important and their enmity with Advisor Niu could be discussed later, a platoon of soldiers ran over to them.

“What do you want ah?” Ning Xiaoyao had an intuition that these people had bad intentions. “Young Lord,” the general in his forties did not get off his horse when he saw Xiang Tiange and icily stated, “Great Lord wants to see you.”

“Great Lord has a problem?” Ning Xiaoyao asked.

“Young Lord,” the general ignored Ning Xiaoyao and continued to stress to Xiang Tiange, “Great Lord has summoned you.”

“Why is adoptive father asking for me?”

The general waved his hand to his subordinate behind him. Upon seeing the people opposite them rushing towards them with their swords, Ning Xiaoyao immediately attacked to get the upper hand. She picked up a pebble on the ground and threw it, hitting the general to the ground with his head bleeding.

The general’s subordinates were stunned. Shadowgale ran forward and dragged a soldier over to Ning Xiaoyao.

“Speak,” Ning Xiaoyao pointed a sword at the soldier, “Why is Great Lord looking for Young Lord?”

The soldier remained silent. Pei Yan looked back and saw a few Dragon Guards moving forward and beating this soldier up. “We won’t hit you if you speak.” Ning Xiaoyao’s face was expressionless as she gazed at the soldier getting beaten.

“Advisor Niu said that Young Lord stole the troops and secretly sent them out because he wants to earn a meritorious accomplishment!” the soldier who was being beaten couldn’t take it anymore and hugged his head while blurting out, “Great Lord is angry and wants to punish Young Lord.”

“The guilty party files the suit.” Pei Yan muttered to Xiang Tiange.

“Plus he’s a scholar ah,” Ning Xiaoyao furiously growled, “How can he do such a shameless thing? Let’s hunt him down!” 

Once again, Xiang Tiange grabbed Ning Xiaoyao’s hand to stop her. “Don’t tell me you still want to let this go at this point?”

Before Xiang Tiange could reply, his troops exploded. Niu Nanning is a piece of shit! 

“Let’s go,” Ning Xiaoyao flung off Xiang Tiange’s hand and instructed Young Lord Xiang’s subordinates. “Let’s go look for the Niu asshole!”

“The Northern Hu are here!” Just when everyone was getting fired up to look for Advisor Niu with Ning Xiaoyao, they heard a shout from the back of the troops.

“Let’s fight the war first.” Xiang Tiange pushed Ning Xiaoyao behind him to protect her. Soldiers from the opposing sides began to fight.

After lazing in the campsite for half a day, Little Gyrfalcon came to find Ning Xiaoyao and landed on her shoulder. “Xiaoyao, it’s Advisor Niu.”

Ning Xiaoyao was protected by Shadowgale and the others, so she didn’t personally join in the fight with the Northern Hu. Nodding, Ning Xiaoyao replied, “Mhm, I know.”

Little Gyrfalcon added, “Advisor Niu’s youngest daughter is pregnant. It’s Xiang Nong’s child.”

Ning Xiaoyao groaned at the ground and repeated the news to Pei Yan, Shadowgale and the others. “Advisor Niu’s daughter is already pregnant with Xiang Nong’s child.”

“No wonder,” Shadowrain sneered, “With a real son, he can just kill off his god son.”

“What makes him so confident that it’s really going to be a son?” Ning Xiaoyao snorted, “Isn’t it too early to be celebrating?” 

Pei Yan glanced at the crowd that was currently fighting and walked towards a military officer from the Northern Hu. Speaking fluently in the Northern Hu dialect, Pei Yan asked, “Do you want to earn a big merit?” 

The military officer was startled. “I know where Xiang Nong is,” Pei Yan lowered his voice, “I can bring you to him.”

“Why should I trust you?” the military officer challenged Pei Yan.

“Because I hate him,” placing a silk bag in the military officer’s hands, Second Young Master Pei continued, “A little token that represents my feelings. Just take it as a tribute.”

The military officer opened the silk bag and saw that it was filled with precious jewels. “When the matter is finished, I will gift you another bag.” Pei Yan stated.

With money, you could do whatever you want. The military officer felt that he was just an insignificant military officer and the man with the plaster on his face didn’t have to bother with him. 

Gripping the silk bag filled with precious jewels, the military officer nodded to Pei Yan. “When the matter is done, I will be expecting another bag.” 

Pei Yan nodded at the military officer. He didn’t actually have another bag of precious jewels. In fact, this bag was from His Majesty. He had given it to him for safekeeping. Anyway, that doesn’t matter. Regardless, he doesn’t plan on giving another bag of precious jewels. (Author: His Majesty will not let you off for this…)

Waving at Little Gyrfalcon that was squatting on Ning Xiaoyao’s shoulders, Pei Yan instructed, “Come over.”

Little Gyrfalcon hesitated for a second before flying to Pei Yan’s shoulder. “Bring me to Xiang Nong,” Pei Yan stroked Little Gyrfalcon’s head, “I think you can understand what I’m saying.”

Little Gyrfalcon flew up and circled above Pei Yan’s head before heading towards the campsite.

“Follow me,” Pei Yan waved to the military officer of the Northern Hu. The military officer brought a few subordinates and followed Pei Yan towards the campsite of the rebel forces.

Ning Xiaoyao saw Pei Yan leading a group of people away and thought about it. After deciding that it was a good idea for Xiang Nong to die, Ning Xiaoyao shut her mouth and chose not to say anything.

After Pei Yan followed Little Gyrfalcon into the campsite, he gestured it to come over. So, Little Gyrfalcon landed back on Pei Yan’s shoulder again.

“Take me to Advisor Niu’s daughter.” Pei Yan muttered softly under his breath. Little Gyrfalcon couldn’t understand why this Second Young Master Pei kept changing his mind but he didn’t really care. Flying up, he led Pei Yan deep into the campsite.

Niu Nanning’s youngest daughter was sixteen years old. It would be an exaggeration to say her beauty would cause the downfall of a city but she was young and beautiful. 

She heard from her father’s subordinates that Great Lord was furious and definitely wouldn’t forgive Xiang Tiange this time. Upon hearing this news, the lady was ecstatic and dismissed the messenger before walking around her tent a few times. She thought about the future where Xiang Tiange was dead and she gave birth to a son. She laughed as she pondered about it.

“He’s inside.” Pei Yan told the military officer of the Northern Hu when they got close to the tent. The military officer looked at the guards outside the tent and hesitated. “So many guards?”

“Just set a fire.” Second Young Master Pei said before shooting a burning arrow to a nearby tent.

What would Xiang Nong’s reaction be if he knew that his son was killed by Xiang Tiange’s “brother-in-law” in collusion with the Northern Hu?

Looking at the burning tents, Pei Yan’s eyes lit up. Let these hooligans fight each other to death.

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