Chapter 358: Ambush, big fire, ferocious battle

The Northern Hu cavalry was ferocious, especially when they rode on the flat lands out in the open plains. As a result, the rebel forces were seriously wounded under their square matrix military formation. On the whole, the rebel soldiers either died or were severely wounded. Since the rebel forces were far less skillful on horsebacks compared to their counterparts, their only advantage was the size of their troops. 

“Why are your troops so shitty compared to theirs?” Ning Xiaoyao asked Xiang Tiange after watching him behead a Northern Hu soldier on horseback. She pointed to a place not far away from them.

Xiang Tiange glanced at the direction where Ning Xiaoyao pointed. “Those are my uncle’s troops.”


“He is my adoptive mother’s younger brother’s men.”

Ning Xiaoyao curled her lips. “No wonder. He is an immediate family member.”

“Don’t spout nonsense,” Xiang Tiange immediately warned her, “Are my troops that bad?”

“I speak the truth so don’t be upset. ” Ning Xiaoyao replied, “You have only one cavalry for every twenty soldiers. Whereas they are almost all on horses.”

“War horses are hard to come by.” Xiang Tiange explained. If the rebel forces could amass the kind of cavalries that the Northern Hu army could produce, then the fatuous ruler Ning Yu would have been killed by them long ago.

“Then what makes your uncle worthy of leading them?” Ning Xiaoyao shook her head. “Great Lord Xiang is not kind to you ah. Since your uncle has a full troop of cavalry, why didn’t Great Lord Xiang ask him to go to the Northern Hu barracks instead? With a fully equipped cavalry, even if they lose the battle, they could retreat and escape much faster than soldiers on foot, right?”

Xiang Tiange looked at Ning Xiaoyao.

“Remember my words,” Ning Xiaoyao turned solemn, “From time immemorial, the crown prince’s life is never smooth. Your uncle was born from within the family, while you were adopted. Use your brain! Wouldn’t riding a horse to the Northern Hu army camp be faster than using two legs to run? Great Lord Xiang is really great to you!”

After listening to Ning Xiaoyao, Xiang Tiange was starting to suspect whether he was being abused by his adoptive father. Had his adoptive father wanted him dead all along?

“Let’s go.” Ning Xiaoyao shook her head again. “He is your savior. Even if your own blood is shed, you must return this gratitude in full.” Young Lord Xiang could not continue the conversation.

Meanwhile, Pei Yan and his troops had already whipped their horses and left the rebel forces’ camp. “Second Young Master, do you really think Xie Wenyuan is in the Northern Hu’s barracks?” Shadowbolt asked Pei Yan.

“Xie Wenyuan isn’t our priority right now,” Pei Yan replied, “At this point, even if Xie Wenyuan dies, would the Northern Hu retreat?”

“Go find out where they keep their rations,” Shadowgale instructed his brothers, “Burn down the Northern Hu’s grains.” Without food, it wouldn’t matter how ferocious an army was. It would be impossible to win the war.

Pei Yan looked at Shadowgale with praising eyes. It’s a pity this person is merely His Majesty’s personal guard.

“Don’t worry.” Inside the camp, Ning Xiaoyao slapped her own little chest and assured Xiang Tiange. “I am here, I will protect you.”

Xiang Tiange wanted to reject her protection. I will protect you, he wanted to tell her. But upon thinking of her capabilities, Xiang Tiange could only swallow down his words. He couldn’t even beat her in a fight, how could he protect her?

With two army troops fighting, the number of corpses started piling up. Very soon, those corpses became unrecognizable after being stepped on by soldiers and horses.

Ning Xiaoyao glanced at the direction of the capital’s city walls. The capital wasn’t well lit but a lot of people stood there.

“Dog-eat-dog!” Prince Fu, standing at the city gate tower shouted. “All of you, die!”

“Who will be the new emperor?” Ning Xiaoyao was thinking as she rode Bujing.

“Be careful!” Xiang Tiange hollered at Ning Xiaoyao, who was deep in thought. Ning Xiaoyao came back to her senses. She realized she had almost reached the army camp of Northern Hu. Something was wrong. Why haven’t any Northern Hu soldiers tried to stop them on their way here? It doesn’t make sense!

“What are you thinking about?” Xiang Tiange was very anxious. They were about to enter the Northern Hu camp, yet this lady was still in a daze. In her current state, could he even bring her to attack the Northern Hu camp?

Suddenly, Ning Xiaoyao heard the sounds of human heart beats and breathing nearby. Ning Xiaoyao looked at the flat, open plains in front of her. Nothing obstructed her view. People could ambush at a place like this? 

“Xiaoyao!” a barking sound came from the front. The moment Ning Xiaoyao heard Big Yellow, she no longer hesitated and shouted to warn Xiang Tiange. “Ambush ahead!”

Xiang Tiange’s war horse was galloping at full speed when Ning Xiaoyao pulled him down from his horse. The two of them were wrapped up in an embrace as they rolled across the ground several times before coming to a stop.

Ning Xiaoyao hugged Xiang Tiange’s face against her chest, causing him to turn bright red. He was about to speak when the sounds of arrows piercing the air rung in his ears.

“Dismount! Hide covertly!” Ning Xiaoyao yelled. Upon thinking that the people from this world were unlikely to understand the meaning of hiding covertly, she shouted out another instruction, “Get down on the ground!”

Behind the cavalry were the soldiers on foot. The clever ones followed Ning Xiaoyao’s instructions even though they did not see anyone shooting arrows. Hence, they were able to escape death. Those who reacted slower died under the rain of arrows.

Ning Xiaoyao saw the Northern Hu soldiers climbed up from the ground. They had grass netting on their backs. During the night, if they lay on the ground without any movement, it was practically impossible for others to detect them. Ning Xiaoyao opened her mouth in astonishment. They know military camouflage? These Northern Hu aren’t just good at riding horses!

“Kill!” the general of the Northern Hu troop loudly commanded. Almost a thousand Northern Hu soldiers charged towards Ning Xiaoyao and her troops.

At the same time, Xiang Tiange stood up with his sword out. He gave the same command stridently, “Kill!”

Ning Xiaoyao also stood up. Bujing had five to six arrows on him as he ran to Ning Xiaoyao and gave a mournful cry. Ning Xiaoyao removed the arrows from Bujing and healed his wounds.

“Xiaoyao,” Big Yellow ran to Ning Xiaoyao and barked, “Big Boss Black found the grain camps of the Northern Hu army. He told me to tell you to hurry!”

Ning Xiaoyao had no time to question how Black Tubby had managed to get out of the tightly closed doors of the capital. She flipped herself onto her horse and shouted to Big Yellow, “Let’s go burn down the grains!”

Big Yellow ran speedily towards the direction of the Northern Hu barracks.

“Dayao, you..? When Xiang Tiange saw Ning Xiaoyao charging ahead, he immediately shouted.

“Don’t worry about me,” Ning Xiaoyao waved her hand at Xiang Tiange, “Be careful. Be wary of the Northern Hu soldiers, and of your own people. I will be back very soon!”

“Please be careful!” Xiang Tiange hollered back. Ning Xiaoyao waved her sword in the air. With one swing, she beheaded the Northern Hu soldier who had rushed towards her. Her actions were exactly the same as those in her previous world where she had hacked down those zombies.

Meanwhile, Pei Yan and the rest were unable to enter the army camps of the Northern Hu. They were stopped by a troop of Northern Hu soldiers outside the camp and were now surrounded.

“Kill them all and enter the camp.” Pei Yan’s clothes was soaked in red blood. On the way here, countless Northern Hu soldiers had died under Second Young Master Pei’s blade.

The general leading the Northern Hu army shouted louder than Pei Yan. “Kill these Yongning dogs!” 

Pei Yan swung his sword towards the Northern Hu general. The Northern Hu general had a pair of silver hammers in his hands. He crossed them into an “X” and raised them against his forehead, pitting against Pei Yan’s sword.

In the Lord Protector’s estate, Old Madam and Ning Yan were kneeling in the Buddhist temple. Both had their hands clasped together, praying piously. After His Majesty had “died”, there were no further news of Pei Yan. Since Pei Yan had followed His Majesty out the capital, everyone believed he was dead aside from them.

“Second Master promised me he will return,” Ning Yan opened her eyes to reassure Old Madam, “I believe him.”

Old Madam did not speak. She continued to press her forehead to the floor. After her eldest son left the capital, there were no further news. Now, she had no idea whether her second son was dead or alive. Old Madam could only put her hopes on Buddha’s blessings and their Pei ancestors to keep her two sons alive and safe.

“Second Master will be fine.” Ning Yan resolutely stated.

“It will be fine.” Old Madam turned her head to look at Ning Yan. Her wan and aged face was peaceful. “The Heavens could not possibly have their eyes closed all the time.”

On the battlefield outside the capital, Pei Yan slashed his sword towards the Northern Hu general. Blood burst out from the wounds on the general’s face, drenching Second Master Pei’s face.

The enemy general fell onto the ground, his body twitched once then stopped moving. Pei Yan let out a sigh of relief. But at that moment, Second Young Master felt a coldness behind him. A Northern Hu soldier had pierced his long spear deeply into his back.

Shadowgale rushed over. With one swing of his sword, he beheaded the soldier and took out his left shoulder. The soldier collapsed onto the ground, but the long spear remained lodged in the back of Pei Yan.

“Second Young Master!” Upon seeing Pei Yan falling off his horse, Shadowgale immediately ran towards him.

Three Northern Hu soldiers blocked Shadowgale’s path. They may not know each other, nor have they spoken to each other before. However, Shadowgale and the rest were hateful enemies in their eyes.

Pei Yan landed heavily on the ground. The long spear hit the ground and pushed itself out to the front of Pei Yan’s chest.

“Second Young Master!” 

Upon seeing Pei Yan falling off his horse, Shadowgale immediately ran towards him.

Three Northern Hu soldiers blocked Shadowgale’s path. They may not know each other, nor have they spoken to each other before. However, Shadowgale and the rest were hateful enemies in their eyes.

Pei Yan landed heavily on the ground. The long spear hit the ground and pushed itself out to the front of Pei Yan’s chest.

“Second Young Master!”

Second Young Master Pei heard many people shouting his name. Some of them sounded urgent, and some sounded like they were crying. It was as though he was about to die. Spitting a mouthful of blood, Pei Yan thought that perhaps he was really going to die.

Another Northern Hu general rode his horse towards Pei Yan, the halberd in his hand glinting with cold intent.

Pei Yan spat out more blood. He looked at the Northern Hu soldier who was about to kill him and suddenly curved his lips into a smile. Who would’ve thought he’d die under the hands of the Northern Hu?

“Fire!” some Northern Hu soldiers suddenly shouted.

On the battlefield, the Northern Hu soldiers involuntarily turned their heads towards the camp. There were thick smoke billowing from the grain camps.

“Ai ma!”

The startled Northern Hu general heard someone shouting behind him. He was unable to ascertain if it was a male or female voice when, without him turning around, a fist smashed his head.

Shadowgale could not see clearly the face of the new arrival. However, from the body shape, he could tell His Majesty had arrived. He had no time to speak but urged his horse forward, as he leaned as forward as possible to slash the back of the general who was knocked out by Ning Xiaoyao’s fist. He nearly cut the general’s back into two.

Pei Yan was still conscious. He glanced at the person carrying him and mouthed, “Your Majesty?”

“Why are you still talking when you are already wounded?” Ning Xiaoyao raised her hand to pull out the spear and threw it away. Blood rushed out from the wound.

Pei Yan felt very cold, but in a few moments, he felt warmth flowing into his body.

“Stay conscious! Look at me.” Ning Xiaoyao laid her hand against Pei Yan’s back. “It’s only a small injury, caused by a pole. Second Young Master is a real manly man! Don’t be so weak!”

The sounds of fighting started again. With the grain camps on fire, the Northern Hu soldiers were mad with anger. Since they could not capture the arsonists, they would kill off these Yongning dogs in front of them!

“Speak to me! Hey hey!” Ning Xiaoyao ignored the fighting around her as she shouted anxiously at Pei Yan.

“That was not a pole.” Second Young Master Pei gathered his strength and finally spoke.

“Huh?” Ning Xiaoyao was not able to follow Second Young Master Pei’s thoughts.

“That was a long spear, not a pole.” Pei Yan replied.

Ning Xiaoyao: ...Was he more heroic because it was a long spear that pierced through him? Is this person mad?

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