Chapter 357: Allies become enemies

Xiang Wanwan wanted to stop them when Xiang Tiange pulled Ning Xiaoyao away, but Xiang Nong grabbed her arm. 

Ning Xiaoyao could tell Xiang Wanwan couldn’t wait to bite her to death. Chasing after a boy won’t get you anywhere ah, girlie!

“You’re not good enough for my brother!” Xiang Wanwan shrieked. Since she was held back by her father, she was unable to move a step. Xiang Tiange pulled Ning Xiaoyao out of the main army camp tent.

There were many people standing outside the tent but they all pretended not to see them. “What is she trying to say?” Ning Xiaoyao flung off Xiang Tiange’s hand and shouted, “I’m not good enough? She’s just a sister. Who is she to meddle in her brother’s bedroom matters? So she thinks she’s good enough, ah? Even if she is, can she actually marry her own brother?”

If Xiang Tiange hadn’t seen Ning Xiaoyao’s wink, he would’ve thought she was really angry. “Let’s go,” Xiang Tiange grabbed her hand once more and dragged her away.

“Xiang Qingshan, this isn’t over!” Ning Xiaoyao angrily blasted. The people on the sidelines: ... Young Lord is quite pitiful ah.

In the main tent, Xiang Nong released Xiang Wanwan’s hand. As soon as Wanwan was free, she wanted to dash out of the tent. “Stay where you are!” commanded Xiang Nong. Xiang Wanwan stood in place. She didn’t have the courage to run off but she was daring enough to glare at her father. 

“You two are siblings! How many times do I have to repeat this?”

“Qin Xuan married the Qin’s family young miss,” Xiang Wanwan retorted, refusing to listen, “Why can’t my brother and I do the same?”

“Your brother doesn’t like you that way. Do you really want to hear the harsh truth from me?” roared Xiang Nong.

Xiang Wanwan stomped her foot and yelled, “He wouldn’t dare!”

“A real man does not abandon the wife who has gone through thick and thin with him.” Xiang Nong looked at his daughter and asked, “Do you want your brother to become a heartless wretch who throws his wife aside?”

At that moment, Xiang Wanwan couldn’t say a word.

“Get out.” 

Xiang Wanwan obstinately wiped her eyes and ran out. Xiang Nong stood there sighing. If they were in love, he would’ve definitely given them his blessing. But Xiang Tiange didn’t like Wanwan in that way. Furthermore, Advisor Niu had repeatedly reminded him about the benefits of marrying his daughter off for connections. But how could he just let anyone have his only daughter?

“Oh yeah, I just remembered,” Ning Xiaoyao said on her way back, “We forgot to bring Xiaoqiu to meet your adoptive father.”

Xiang Tiange’s footsteps halted. “You don’t like Miss Wanwan?” Ning Xiaoyao asked.

“She’s just my younger sister.” emphasized Xiang Tiange. “Oh?” Ning Xiaoyao nodded but raised her eyebrows.

“Why do I feel like you don’t believe me?” Young Lord Xiang asked.

“Whatever ah, whether she’s your elder sister or younger sister or even wife has nothing to do with me.”

Hearing this, Xiang Tiange’s expression turned cold. “But Great Lord Xiang doesn’t have any sons. If he becomes the emperor in the future, wouldn’t that make you the crown prince?” Ning Xiaoyao asked. Xiang Tiange laughed bitterly.  

“Alright then, even if you don’t become the crown prince, it’s none of my business.”

“Pei Yan has already gotten married?” Xiang Tiange suddenly asked Ning Xiaoyao. “Whaa? Ah. Yeah, he’s married.” Ning Xiaoyao pretended to look furious.

“What are your plans for the future then?”

“Hmmm, I’ll travel around. Young Lord, I think you need to be careful.”

“Why do you say so?”

“Because since ancient times, crown princes have always had ill fates. Do you know what happened to the crown prince Yanhui? He died miserably and none of his family survived.”

“Do you think I’ll also be killed?” Xiang Tiange asked.

“Who knows what will happen in the future. In any case, you should be careful ah. The night you set out to kill that fatuous ruler on the official road, wasn’t Danian by your side? Last time, he was with you as well. He’s obviously Lord Xiang’s personal guard, so why does he follow you when you leave to carry out tasks? It’s not like you don’t have any soldiers with you ah!”

Xiang Tiange continued walking forwards in silence. “I have nothing to hide, so there’s nothing for me to be afraid of.”

“You’re too naive!” Ning Xiaoyao rushed towards Xiang Tiange and shook her finger at him. “Do you think crown prince Yanhui had something to hide then? Get rid of this gullible belief immediately ah.”

“My adoptive father was the one who saved my life.” Xiang Tiange solemnly affirmed as he gazed at Ning Xiaoyao.

“I’ve saved your life as well ah,” Ning Xiaoyao shrugged her shoulders, “What has it got to do with saving your life? I heard that your relationship with Advisor Niu isn’t very good. My God ah, aren’t you afraid that the scoundrel will make up issues to sway your father? You know? Like pillow talk.”

Pillow talk? Xiang Tiange stared at Ning Xiaoyao for quite some time before bursting into laughter. “Since you haven’t read much, don’t speak nonsense.” Young Lord Xiang gently patted Ning Xiaoyao on the head.

“What has this got to do with how many books I’ve read ah?” Ning Xiaoyao was starting to lose her patience. “I got it,” Xiang Tiange smiled and assured her, “I will be careful. If all else fails, I’ll go out travelling the world with you.”

Ning Xiaoyao was dumbfounded. “Go with me? You don’t want to be crown prince anymore?” 

“My adoptive father has avoided women all these years,” Xiang Tiange spoke in a low voice, “But once he has the country in his hands, he will have many women by his side. My adoptive father will definitely have his own sons.”

“But what if he doesn’t end up having any sons?”

“You, yourself also said what if,” Xiang Tiange was still smiling next to Ning Xiaoyao, “I’ve never once thought of inheriting the family business from my adoptive father.”

“In that case…” Ning Xiaoyao looked at Xiang Tiange, attempting to decipher whether he was speaking the truth.

“Will you allow me to follow you?” Xiang Tiange softly asked. Ning Xiaoyao continued walking forward. Xiang Tiange reached out and tugged her sleeves. “Let’s talk about it after we’ve defeated the Northern Hu!” Ning Xiaoyao grinned mischievously.

Xiang Tiange was still holding onto Ning Xiaoyao’s hand. “We’ll be going to war with the Northern Hu in two days.”

“Will you also be fighting on the battlefield?”

“I’ll be leading the vanguard.”

“I’ll follow you then. I’m very good at fighting ah.”

“Where the husband goes, the wife follows ah?” Xiang Tiange joked.

“When the time comes, I’ll pretend to die in battle!” Ning Xiaoyao had already started to plan ahead. “That way, if anyone asks where your wife is in the future, you can just tell them your wife is dead ah.”

Xiang Tiange fell silent again. 

“It’s better for Erya and Xiaoqiu to follow me. While you’re fighting a war, it’s not convenient for them to follow you.”

“You’ve already thought this through.” Xiang Tiange crisply replied. “Mhmm!” Ning Xiaoyao seemed very proud of herself. “I’ve always been very reliable.”

Young Lord Xiang’s expression stiffened. I’m not praising you ah!

In Young Lord’s tent, Pei Yan looked at Danian and turned to Shadowgale. “You gave him such a heavy blow?” 

The unconscious Danian had a bruised and battered face. His right hand was twisted in an unnatural angle and looked as if it was broken. Shadowgale stood to the side to allow Pei Yan to look at the Dragon Guards behind him.

Pei Yan eyed this bunch of Dragon Guards. They looked rather pitiful as well, one of them even had his head bashed in and had applied medicine and wrapped up the wound with a bandage, making his head appear two times bigger.

“Second Young Master, this rascal’s martial arts is not bad,” one of the Dragon Guard told Pei Yan. “His martial arts are not just not bad, it’s excellent.” Pei Yan rolled his eyes at him.

“It’s a pity someone like him isn’t fighting against the Northern Hu.” Shadowgale muttered apprehensively.

“It is indeed,” Pei Yan lamented. But can you blame His Majesty? Obviously not ah.

“There’s something else I want to ask,” Shadowgale said while habitually raising his hand. “Is His Majesty sleeping with that Young Lord tonight?”

The people inside the tent: ....


“The battle will commence in two days.” 

After the time it took to burn half a stick of incense, Xiang Tiange told Pei Yan and his group, “I will be at the main tent to receive my orders.”

Hearing this, everyone was relieved. It wasn’t a big deal for His Majesty to share a bed with Young Lord, but they just felt uncomfortable thinking about it...even though they didn’t know why.

“In two days, we will follow the rebel forces!” Ning Xiaoyao crouched in the tent while sharpening her sword. “Think of a way to infiltrate the Northern Hu barracks. Grand Preceptor Xie could be in the army camp. We have to find this scoundrel and kill him!”

Pei Yan rapped his knuckles on the bed board and closed his eyes. “I know.”

The rebel forces were prepared to go to war with the Northern Hu in two days, but the Northern Hu cavalry rushed into their joint camp and started killing a day later.

“Take her with you and leave!” Xiang Tiange quickly rushed back to camp and stuffed a bundle into Ning Xiaoyao’s arms as he asked Pei Yan and the Dragon Guards to escort Ning Xiaoyao away from here.

When Ning Xiaoyao opened the bundle a little to take a look, her hands quivered. The bundle was filled with gold.

“Be careful on the road.” Xiang Tiange reminded Ning Xiaoyao. “I can’t take this,” Ning Xiaoyao shook her head.

“Take good care of Erya and Xiaoqiu for me.” Xiang Tiange smiled as he rubbed her head. Ning Xiaoyao thought about it before stuffing the bundle into Shadowgale’s arms. “I’m going to follow Young Lord to war. You guys leave with Erya and Xiaoqiu first.”

“Young Lord!” a soldier called out loudly outside the tent. “Leave now!” Since there was an urgent military matter, Xiang Tiange couldn’t stay back to chat with Ning Xiaoyao. He immediately rushed out the tent.

“You guys must be careful.” Ning Xiaoyao looked at Shadowgale and the other Dragon Guards before she turned and left. Shadowgale placed the bundle into Shadowrain’s hands and left the tent as well. 

“Shadowrain, Shadowbolt, take Erya and Xiaoqiu and leave,” commanded Pei Yan as he grabbed his sword and headed out the tent. 

The Dragon Guards let out a sigh as they all left the tent at once. Shadowrain and Shadowbolt exchanged looks. Then, they picked up Erya and Xiaoqiu and left the army tent as well. 

Within the joint camp, sounds of killing thundered out. Ning Xiaoyao followed after Xiang Tiange to god knows where.

“Head east,” Pei Yan shouted out on his horse. A troop of soldiers on horseback followed Pei Yan east. “We’re going to help His Majesty?” Shadowgale asked.

“We’re going to the Northern Hu camp. His Majesty doesn’t need your protection,” answered Pei Yan. With His Majesty’s skills, if they were to follow along, he would probably end up protecting them instead.

“Where are we going?” shouted Ning Xiaoyao as she rode on Bujing and chased after Xiang Tiange.

“We’re going to my adoptive father’s.” Xiang Tiange let Ning Xiaoyao ride on the inner side out of consideration and care for her.

“What?” Ning Xiaoyao suddenly stopped and didn’t go any further. “You’re not looking for Modou ah?”

Since Ning Xiaoyao stopped her horse from going forwards, Xiang Tiange and his troop could only follow suit. Xiang Tiange had no idea how his adoptive father was doing. Currently, he was very anxious but still patiently explained to Ning Xiaoyao. “I have to wait on my adoptive father’s command.” 

“Young Lord,” a soldier ran out from the army tent and stood in front of Xiang Tiange. He was speaking in a light voice, “Great Lord has instructed you to send troops to the Northern Hu camp.”

Xiang Tiange nodded to acknowledge the soldier. Then, he whipped his horse around and left. Ning Xiaoyao asked, “He’s one of Great Lord’s men?” 

“He’s Advisor Niu’s messenger.” Xiang Tiange replied.

Ning Xiaoyao furrowed her brows as she turned back to look at the army tent. She had a bad feeling about this. Did the messenger not eat? How come his voice sounded like a mosquito? Was he afraid that others would hear him?

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