Chapter 356: Daughter-in-law meets her father-in-law

Inside the tent, Xiang Tiange sat face to face with Ning Xiaoyao and her compatriots. There was a clear separation between them. Xiang Tiange wore no expression on his face. Nevertheless, Young Lord Xiang felt hurt when he saw Erya and Xiaoqiu standing firmly by Ning Xiaoyao's side. 

Pei Yan entered the tent. His face was covered with dog skin plasters. Tiange's bodyguard stood behind him.

Ning Xiaoyao briefly gazed at the curious bodyguard. Then she shifted her attention back and pointed to Xiang Tiange. “Younger brother, I found your brother-in-law.” Ning Xiaoyao told Pei Yan.

Young Lord Xiang and Second Young Master Pei glared at each other. “Acknowledge him.” Ning Xiaoyao blurted with thick skin. Second Young Master Pei turned his head and looked at the bodyguard standing behind him. "Why are you still standing there? Do you want to hear us talk about our family matters?

The bodyguard hurriedly shook his head. He didn't dare. 

“By the way, have you always waited upon my brother in law? My sister hasn’t been by his side all these years. Who serves him now? Does he have any other children?” 

Everyone: … Second Young Master Pei, you got into your role so quickly!

The bodyguard ran away. How could he mention anything about Young Lord and their Eldest Miss?! 

Now that there were no outsiders in the tent, Ning Xiaoyao breathed a sigh of relief. Shadowgale glanced at Shadowrain and Shadowbolt. The two commanders stood behind the tent’s door to guard it.

"Isn’t your name Qingshan?" Ning Xiaoyao took the initiative to break the silence. Since they all lied, no one was a victim, right?

Erya looked up at Ning Xiaoyao and said, "Xiang Qingshan is my eldest bro’s former name."

Ning Xiaoyao: ...

Xiang Tiange looked at Ning Xiaoyao. “You’re Dayao?”

“That was my former name.” Ning Xiaoyao sincerely replied.

“That’s right.” Xiaoqiu chimed in. Xiaoqiu clung to Ning Xiaoyao’s arm. He looked so guarded towards Xiang Tiange that Tiange couldn’t help but ask, ”You don’t remember me anymore?”

Xiaoqiu looked at Ning Xiaoyao. What’s he supposed to say?

"That’s not a big deal." Ning Xiaoyao replied, "Young Lord, why don’t we discuss business now?” Xiang Tiange waited for Ning Xiaoyao to start. "My brother and I found life to be too difficult in the capital city, so we left." Ning Xiaoyao explained.

"I think you are younger than your brother." Xiang Tiange murmured. "I look young for my age. He looks old." Ning Xiaoyao answered quickly.

"Aren't you Pei Yan's lover? He didn’t protect you?"

Second Young Master Pei: …

Shadowgale and others: …

When did you spout this nonsense?!

“He’s already married,” Ning Xiaoyao pretended to be heart broken, "I was not the bride. In retaliation, I brought my brothers to the rebel forces. I'm going to make that couple..."

Second Young Master Pei coughed out loud. "I'm going to kill that ungrateful man!" Ning Xiaoyao shouted. She decided to let Miss Ning Yan off.

"Can I trust you?" Xiang Tiange asked.

"Yes, you can!" cried Xiaoqiu, “Everything my mother says is true!" 

"She's not your mother!" blasted Young Lord Xiang. He could not bear it any longer. Tears suddenly filled Xiaoqiu’s big eyes.

"I will raise him whether or not I’m his mother," Ning Xiaoyao stroked Xiaoqiu’s head, "Young Lord, can you give me a way out?"

Xiang Tiange exclaimed, "What on earth do you want to do?"

"I'm going to kill that heartless man Pei Yan," Ning Xiaoyao enunciated word by word. Shadowgale and others could not help but look at Pei Yan with sympathetic eyes. Second Young Master Pei responded, "After we kill Pei Yan, we will leave immediately. We will never cause trouble for Young Lord."

"Yes," Ning Xiaoyao nodded. "Your older sister is Pei Yan's lover, so what is your role?" Xiang Tiange asked Pei Yan again.

"I was Pei Yan’s bodyguard." Second Young Master Pei didn’t alter his expression. "What about them?" Xiang Tiange pointed at Shadowgale and others. 

"They’re people of our clan. Young Lord asks so many questions. You still don’t trust us?” 

Xiang Tiange looked deeply at Pei Yan, "I don't trust you guys."

"Hey! Don't be like that!" Ning Xiaoyao hollered. "Who the hell are you?" Xiang Tiange asked Ning Xiaoyao with a serious expression.

Before Ning Xiaoyao could continue lying, the voice of Young Lord’s bodyguard echoed from outside the tent. "Young Lord, Great Lord has summoned you and your lady to bring the little young master to his tent."

Xiang Tiange's head throbbed immediately. "OK, OK!" Ning Xiaoyao answered enthusiastically, "We'll be coming shortly."

“Right now, Danian is at my adoptive father’s side. He will recognize you."

Ning Xiaoyao dug her fingers into her palms. "Then let's say our goodbye, Young Lord, will your rebel forces declare war on the Northern Hu?"

Pei Yan patted Ning Xiaoyao’s back. How could he always be so optimistic? He is always thinking of the best case scenario. Also, are they leaving now?

Xiang Tiange stood up and held out his hand to Ning Xiaoyao. Ning Xiaoyao foolishly took Xiang Tiange’s hand and was pulled up by him. "Young Lord, you want to join me and put on an act in front of Great Lord Xiang?"

Xiang Tiange looked at Xiaoqiu. "We’re going to meet my adoptive father in a moment. What are you going to call him?" Xiaoqiu bit his fingertip and answered after thinking about it, "Grandpa?"

"Hahaha," Ning Xiaoyao chuckled, "Isn’t my Xiaoqiu smart?" Xiang Tiange was silent. He’s from my family!

"Shall we?" Ning Xiaoyao looked at Xiang Tiange.

"What about Danian?" Xiang Tiange asked. "Let's first think of a way to get Danian to leave the tent," Pei Yan suggested.

"Why would Danian exit the tent? All his family members are dead, "Ning Xiaoyao said.

Young Lord Xiang did not understand this. What does calling Danian out from the tent have to do with the death of his family members?

"Just say that some people from his village came to look for him. It’s easy as long as we get him to exit the tent." When it came to doing bad things, Second Young Master Pei and Ning Xiaoyao had no communication barriers at all. 

"Win-," Ning Xiaoyao wanted to say Shadowgale but recalled that Xiang Tiange was standing in front of her. She felt tongue tied and immediately corrected herself. "Big brother, you take Danian away."

Shadowgale nodded. Xiang Tiange couldn't help but blurt, "You guys are going to kill Danian?"

"Nope. We're planning to kidnap him."

"He's my adoptive father's personal guard. If he is missing, my adoptive father will definitely go look for him."

"That's alright," Ning Xiaoyao said with a grin, "We're leaving tomorrow."

“Did I say that I’m letting you go?”

Pei Yin and Shadowgale’s team instantly turned murderous. 

"Then I won't go," Ning Xiaoyao grinned and tugged Xiang Tiange's hand. "First, we’ll tie him up. We’ll discuss what to do after meeting your adoptive father."

Xiang Tiange willingly allowed Ning Xiaoyao to hold his hand and lead him out the tent. 

"My goodness," whispered one of the Dragon Guards, "His Majesty became Young Lord’s wife just like that? Would Young Lord go mad if he finds out that his wife is actually a man?”

Shadowgale slapped him. Are you tired of living? Why is your mind filled with nonsense? 

"Thank you, Young Lord." On their way to see Xiang Nong, Ning Xiaoyao whispered her thanks to Xiang Tiange.

"I don't believe your words, but as long as you don't harm our rebel forces, I'll help you."

The smile on Ning Xiaoyao's face froze. She was very touched. "Young Lord, you are such a good man!" she gushed. "You’ve saved me too, didn't you?" Xiang Tiange smiled at Ning Xiaoyao.

He’s a really good person. He’s also very handsome when he smiles!

Xiang Tiange entered the tent first. Before he gave a salute, Xiang Nong asked, "You didn’t bring Mrs. Pei?"

"She's outside." Xiang Tiange answered while saluting Xiang Nong.

"Tell her to come in now!" Xiang Nong smiled. Xiang Tiange took a look at Danian, who was standing beside Xiang Nong. "While I was on my way here, I came across a person from Danian’s village. He came to the camp to look for you. Shouldn’t you go see him, Danian?"

"A person from Danian’s village?" Xiang Nong looked at Danian. Confused, Danian asked Xiang Tiange, "Young Lord, what's his name?"

"I didn't ask," Xiang Tiange shook his head.

"Go and take a look," Xiang Nong gave him permission, "It has been many years since you've left your village. Go." Danian had no suspicion at all. He thanked Xiang Nong, thanked Xiang Tiange, and quickly exited.

Ning Xiaoyao lowered her head and dodge sideways. Shadowgale stepped forward and took Danian away in a jiffy.

"Come in," shouted Xiang Tiange from inside. "Aye," Ning Xiaoyao responded and entered the tent.

Xiang Nong looked at Ning Xiaoyao. The woman was still wearing the grey cloth skirt from that night. Her head was wrapped with a piece of printed cloth. She had big eyes, a small face and a small body. It was hard for Great Lord Xiang to picture her as a married woman who had already given birth.

"This is my adoptive father," said Xiang Tiange as he reached over to pull Ning Xiaoyao to his side.

"Adoptive father!" Ning Xiaoyao beamed in a loud and clear voice. She was counting on this man to help them defeat the Northern Hu!

Xiang Nong nodded at Ning Xiaoyao with a smile. "I didn't expect you to be Tiange’s wife."

"Mm. Adoptive father, I also didn't realize that my Qingshan was still alive." Ning Xiaoyao sniffled. "I should show my gratitude to adoptive father by getting down on my knees and bowing!” 

"Who is your adoptive father?!" Xiang Wanwan screeched as she stormed into the army tent.

"Impudent!" Big Boss Xiang's face instantly darkened. "Where do you think you are? You think you can randomly charge in here and create a scene?” 

Xiang Wanwan couldn’t be bothered with her father and growled at Ning Xiaoyao. "Are you my brother's wife?"

“Wanwan!" Xiang Tiange's face also turned gloomy. "Brother, her nickname is the Poison Widow!" yelled Xiang Wanwan.

Ning Xiaoyao pushed Xiang Tiange behind her. "Whether I am poisonous or not, I have already given birth to Qingshan’s son. Do you have a problem with it?"

"You!" Xiang Wanwan's angry face turned pale at once.

"She's your sister-in-law." Xiang Tiange stepped forward and positioned Ning Xiaoyao behind him. Although he knew it was false, Ning Xiaoyao’s words made him really happy.

"Why are you making a scene?" Xiang Nong got up and stood in front of Xiang Wanwan. "Get out."

"You two have been apart for so many years," snarled Xiang Wanwan while staring at Xiang Tiange, "Do you even know what this woman has done?"

Ning Xiaoyao: ... Is she trying to say she may have an illicit lover somewhere?

"From now on, we won’t be separated anymore," Xiang Tiange firmly replied. He gave Xiang Wanwan a look of indifference. "I don't care about what happened before."

"Brother!" Xiang Wanwan screamed. "What's the matter?" Ning Xiaoyao poked her head out from behind Xiang Tiange. "Eldest Miss doesn't want my Qingshan to have a wife?"

"Adoptive Father, we’re going to leave first." Xiang Tiange held Ning Xiaoyao's hand and declared. Now that Xiang Wanwan had created a ruckus, Xiang Nong was no longer in the mood to chat with his daughter-in-law. So, he approved and nodded.

"You are not allowed to leave!” Xiang Wanwan stood in front of Xiang Tiange and Ning Xiaoyao and blocked them from leaving.


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