Chapter 354: His Majesty said, I don't want to be Emperor anymore

“Return to camp,” Xiang Nong didn’t agree with anyone and just commanded everyone to return to camp.

“What about these bodies?” Senior General Liu asked.

“Bring it back to camp,” Xiang Nong instructed and looked at Ning Xiaoyao, “Mrs. Pei can follow us back to camp too.”

Ning Xiaoyao nodded. This time, they’re officially invading into the enemy's inner circle.

The rebel forces had new members practically every few days. Every time Big Boss Xiang left the camp, he would bring back a group of people from the Jianghu. 

However, this was a small matter in comparison to the news about the fatuous ruler’s death and the imperial jade seal. Xiaoyao’s group was assigned two tents and given some general military provisions. Senior General Liu mentioned he saw her potential, so Xiaoyao’s group was selected to be under his jurisdiction.

Of course, not everyone was as welcoming. An official led Ning Xiaoyao, Shadowgale and the others into the military tents and handed them their armours and supplies. On the surface, he was friendly and they exchanged conventional greetings. The official made some small talk with Ning Xiaoyao and asked her a few questions. However, the moment he left the tent, he immediately went to find Advisor Niu and repeated their conversation to him, word for word.

“That little boy is her son eh...” Niu Nanning stroked his beard.

“That little kid called the widow ‘mother’. It doesn’t seem like he’s pretending or lying.”

Advisor Niu waved his hand and dismissed the official. It is difficult to bring such a young child out to venture the world. Perhaps, the woman really isn’t lying. Maybe they really couldn’t stay at Anyuan any longer and had to escape all the way here to join the rebel forces. 

“Military Advisor, Great Lord has asked you to enter the main tent to discuss some matters,” one of the soldiers ran from afar to send a message and loudly informed Advisor Niu.

After putting Ning Xiaoyao’s matters at the back of his mind, Advisor Niu headed to the main military tent.

“Will the rebels really fight the Northern Hu?” Inside the tent, Shadowrain asked worriedly.

Ning Xiaoyao jumped down from the huge bed made for all occupants and declared, “You guys should rest first. I’ll go eavesdrop on their meeting.”

“You want to go to the main military tent?” Shadowrain frantically tried to stop Ning Xiaoyao. That’s not a place where people can enter as they please!

“No, I’ll just walk around nearby. With these ears,” Ning Xiaoyao pointed to her ears, “I can hear anything.”

Shadowgale and the others: … What kind of ears are those?!

Ning Xiaoyao lowered her head and went under Shadowgale’s arm before dashing off like the wind.

It was still raining heavily outside the tents. Ning Xiaoyao tightened her collar and walked towards the darkly lit area. Before long, she found Xiang Nong’s main military tent.

From a distance, she could see three rows of soldiers inside and outside the military tent standing on guard. Ning Xiaoyao found two tents and squeezed herself in between. Then, she began to eavesdrop on the conversation. 

Within the main tent, a verbal battle had already begun. Now that there were more and more scholars seeking shelter with the rebel forces, this was inevitable. Advisor Niu was the leader representing the scholars. Although the scholars weren’t mortal enemies with Senior General Liu and the other rebel generals, there were still many things they could not see eye to eye on.

The scholars suggested taking down the capital first. However, the generals believed it was more important to defeat the Northern Hu before seizing the capital.

“The Emperor is already dead. How difficult could it be to capture the capital?” a general from the rebel forces taunted loudly, “This old man has never studied but understands the concept of dragons without a head. They are no threat to us!” 

Ning Nanning shook his head, “But there are still troops in the capital. Even if the fatuous ruler is dead, the royal family is still around to take over. This is the best time for us to gather our forces to capture the capital.”

Everyone was verbally sparring within the main tent on whether or not they should capture the capital now that there was no monarch. 

Xiang Nong saw that Liu Shitie was quiet and haven’t said anything for a long time. So, he asked, “Old Iron, why haven’t you said anything?”

Senior General Liu glanced at Niu Nanning, “Based on Advisor Niu’s opinion, you believe it will be difficult to conquer the capital. Let me pose this question to you. Let’s say we’ve fought our way into the capital, would we still have the energy to beat the Northern Hu out of Central Plains?” 

Advisor Niu immediately replied, “The Northern Hu also want to send their troops into the capital.”

“If the Northern Hu enters the capital as well, who is going to get the city in the end?” Senior General Liu asked, “Would we be fighting the Northern Hu in the capital?”

“Senior General,” Advisor Niu shot back, “This matter can be discussed after we have conquered the capital.”

“Military Advisor, you wouldn’t understand the severity of this matter as you are not the one risking your life for it,” Liu Shitie sneered at Niu Nanning.  

Looking at Xiang Nong, he continued, “Great Lord, the capital is just in front of our eyes. It is impossible for the capital to fly away. I personally feel that we should fight the Northern Hu first.”

“Great Lord!” Advisor Niu exclaimed and wanted to continue speaking.

“Also, the Northern Hu already knows the imperial jade seal is in Great Lord’s hands,” Liu Shitie continued, “Why would Modou go back to the campsite? While we’re here discussing about whether we should capture the capital, the Northern Hu may already be plotting to eliminate us first. Wouldn’t this let them monopolize the central plains? By then, how are we going to reason with them?”

“I can try to ask about the Northern Hu’s opinion on this matter!” Advisor Niu instantly burst.

Senior General Liu just coldly chuckled and stayed silent. Everyone in the tent looked at Xiang Nong.

The wrinkles on Xiang Nong’s face deepened. After a few moments of silence, Xiang Nong smiled widely. “Looks like this imperial jade seal might burn my hands ah.”

The rebel generals immediately started arguing again. The Great Lord is the chosen one. How could he say something like the imperial jade seal may burn his hands?

Niu Nanning predicted Xiang Nong’s decision and the light in his eyes dimmed.

“We can’t let the Northern Hu seize our beautiful land,” Xiang Nong decided, “Let’s fight the Northern Hu first.”

Ning Xiaoyao stood in the space between two tents. Rubbing her nose, she turned back towards the tent she was assigned to. The plan was a success and now she just had to decide which path to take.

Within the tent, Pei Yan sat by the fire and kept it going. He only turned after hearing Ning Xiaoyao’s voice. “What are the rebels planning to do?”

“They’re going to fight the Northern Hu.” Ning Xiaoyao sat beside Pei Yan.

“You’re not going to change?” Pei Yan was puzzled. “Nope, I have internal power,” Ning Xiaoyao said uncaringly, “I’m able to air dry my clothes in a few moments.”

Everyone looked at Ning Xiaoyao. Their emperor looked like a drowned chicken. Then you should quickly dry your clothes ah!!

“The rebels have already started to spread the news of your death,” Pei Yan continued, “The dragon robe is now hanging on a flag pole by the entrance, together with the pile of minced meat. Shadowgale and his team’s corpses are also there.”

Ning Xiaoyao’s brows furrowed, “Can’t you put it nicely? Could the minced meat version of me still be able to talk to you?” She then pointed at Shadowgale and the rest. “You’re calling them dead bodies?”

Throwing two pieces of wood into the fire, Second Young Master Pei retorted, “I’m just saying it as it is. You came up with the idea. If you are going to ignore taboo, why should I care?”

Ning Xiaoyao: … She can’t out talk this asshole?!

“Second Young Master isn’t returning to the capital?” Shadowgale cut in.

“I know, right?” Ning Xiaoyao agreed, “You have such an unforgettable face. If you continue to stay here, you’re going to expose us.”

“I don’t feel assured leaving without you,” Pei Yan glanced at Ning Xiaoyao.

Ning Xiaoyao dry coughed twice and seriously turned to face Pei Yan, “I feel that Second Young Master should worry about Ning Yan sis-in-law instead.”

“As long as she stays in the capital, she’ll be safe,” Pei Yan lowered his voice, “Your Majesty, if I were you, I would focus on something else. What do you think will happen when the news of your death arrives at the capital? How do you think the others will react?” 

Ning Xiaoyao stroked her chin and thought to herself. Elder Li and the rest would be upset. But without Ning Xiaoyao, they would still be happily living right?

“Just let them think I’m dead then,” Ning Xiaoyao waved her hand and positioned her mouth so she could suck the rain water in. “In any case, I don’t plan on going back.”

Shadowgale and the others immediately stood up when they heard Ning Xiaoyao’s words.

Pei Yan didn’t appear to have much of a reaction. He just continued to stare at Ning Xiaoyao. “Is that really what you want, Your Majesty?”

“Mhm,” Ning Xiaoyao continued, “Ever since I became Emperor, I haven’t had a good day yet. I would be an idiot to choose that life again.”

“Then who is going to be the emperor?” Pei Yan inquired.

“Whoever wants to take on the role can do it,” Ning Xiaoyao paused for a moment before adding, “Whoever has the ability can do it, but I’m not going to do it.” 

“Your Majesty,” Shadowgale ran to Ning Xiaoyao and half kneeled. Looking at Ning Xiaoyao, he cried, “You’re giving away your ownership of the country?” 

“I have to, ah!” Ning Xiaoyao complained, “I even had to drag the rebel forces to fight the Northern Hu. What kind of emperor am I? Windy, you guys don’t have to worry too much. Even if I’m not the emperor, with your skills, you guys still…”

“Your Majesty!!” Shadowgale frantically roared.

“Okay, I won’t talk about it anymore,” Ning Xiaoyao shut her mouth, “We have to deal with the Northern Hu first. We’ll talk about the future events in the future, ok?”

Shadowgale cursed under his breath, “These low-life should all die!”

Pei Yan smiled. “Are you talking about the rescue troops who refused to help us?” 

“Don’t be angry,” Ning Xiaoyao patted Shadowgale’s shoulder, “Wanna eat something? I brought some sugar beans.”

Second Young Master Pei gave the leader of the Dragon Guards a sympathetic look. What could you do if your master feels that eating is more important than the country?

Meanwhile, in the capital, Elder Li fell on his bottom in the middle of a large street. Accompanied with the wailing sounds around him, Old Gramps chanted that the Heavens were blind and fainted dead on the spot.

Prince Fu, who had been sleeping all this time, only found out that His Majesty left the capital an hour ago. He frantically staggered up the city gate tower and saw the bloodstained dragon robe hanging as a flag in the rebel camp. The dragon on the dragon robe was embroidered with gold thread and the clouds were embroidered with silver thread. Even after being stained by blood, it continued to shine under the burning sun.

Prince Fu stared intensely at the dragon robe until he was dizzy. Ultimately, he stumbled and fell down onto the ground. Opening his mouth widely, he wanted to cry out but no tears came out.

How could the incredibly and irritating punk just die like this?!

Prince Fu shoved away the soldiers that wanted to help him up and held onto the wall for support. Looking out of the capital, Prince Fu squinted his eyes but failed to figure out the item in the bamboo baskets underneath the flag.

“The rebels say that... that is His Majesty… His Majesty’s corpse,” a young soldier cried out to Prince Fu.

That asshole Ning Yu doesn’t even have a whole corpse?!

Prince Fu fell into a daze again before suddenly falling backwards and losing consciousness. 

“Prince?!” the soldiers at the city gate tower saw Prince Fu fainting and immediately descended into chaos. At this time, several princes arrived at the city walls but the generals guarding the city gate tower didn’t let them up.

Prince Fu was awakened by the soldiers’ fight and the voices from below. 

“Who do you think you are?!” Third Prince’s finger almost poked the general’s nose. “Who do you think you are?!” Two soldiers supported Prince Fu down the city gate tower. Looking at the third prince, he scoffed, “What official position do you have? Are these your soldiers and generals?!”

Third prince shot back, “I heard that His Majesty…”

“Pa!!!” Prince Fu spat all over Third Prince’s face. “Even if His Majesty is dead, you won’t be the one sitting on the throne. Scram!” 

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