Chapter 351: His Majesty says it's just a piece of jade

The sky was dark, it was raining heavily. Ning Xiaoyao’s group and Pei Yan’s group attacked from both front and back. They rushed forward, seizing the Northern Hu soldiers, and started fighting without even saying a word. 

The troop of Northern Hu soldiers didn’t understand the Yongning dialect, so they had no idea what the bunch of wretched Yongning paupers were shouting about. They didn’t understand why they were surrounded and beaten, so the Northern Hu soldiers started to get angry. Since taking a beating but not being able to return the “favor” wasn’t the norm for this bunch of men from the grasslands, both sides started fighting.

The rebel forces all heard Ning Xiaoyao and Pei Yan shouting, but they didn’t quite believe it was real. They’d all agreed to kill this fatuous ruler together. Why would these Northern Hu soldiers enter their camp to harm their women and steal their grain? However, Shadowgale and the rest were disguised as the rebel forces. So when the real rebel soldiers saw this, they joined to help their “comrades” as well. After all, they can’t just watch their own people get beaten ah! 

However, once they saw Shadowgale and the others fight with the Northern Hu soldiers, the rebel soldiers joined in as well. They can’t just watch their own people get beaten ah!

“Hurry!” Ning Xiaoyao lowered her body and rushed towards Shadowgale. “Stop fighting, let’s carry him and leave ah!” 

Shadowgale lifted his hand to strangle the Northern Hu man next to him. Then he seized the man’s torch while conveniently tossing it at a tent.  

“It’s wet, it won’t burn!” Pei Yan yelled from the back.

“You still want to set places on fire?!” Right then, Ning Xiaoyao seized one Northern Hu soldier who didn’t have a torch.

“Kill them!” shouted an angry rebel soldier. “Yes!” Deputy General Wang also shouted along. “Kill this bunch of Northern Hu men!”

Ning Xiaoyao ran at lightning speed. While everyone were fighting, all of the items used for lighting, torches, braziers, had already been put out by Ning Xiaoyao.

In the darkness, Shadowgale wiped his face that was wet from the rain while holding onto Ning Xiaoyao who had just run up in front of him. He whispered, “Do you know where Xiang Wanwan is? 

“I do,” Ning Xiaoyao grabbed Shadowgale as she ran forwards. An evolved person such as herself has no problem seeing in the dark ah.

“Grab a few Northern Hu men and quickly leave!” Pei Yan pressed a Northern Hu soldier onto the ground then knocked him out before smacking Deputy General Wang on the shoulder. Deputy General Wang was waving his sword and cutting down men next to him. Now that everyone is dead, how will they keep up the act?

The rebel soldiers in front were fighting with the Northern Hu men. All the while, the rebel soldiers in the rear were trying to help the injured. By the time Ning Xiaoyao brought her Dragon Guards and withdrew to the back, the rebel soldiers had already managed to rescue some of the female soldiers. 

Looking at the place where Xiang Wanwan laid crushed, Ning Xiaoyao let out a sigh of relief. Shadowgale and Shadowrain stood beside her and Ning Xiaoyao pointed out, “That young lady is still here, let’s go!”

The bunch of them rushed up at the same time, forcibly pushing away the rebel soldiers who were trying to save Xiang Wanwan.

“There’s still someone underneath.” Ning Xiaoyao squatted down, in a position to rescue. Under such circumstances, Shadowgale had no choice but to stand and put on an act. “Move faster, hurry up and save whoever that’s under there.”

The nearby rebel soldiers didn’t suspect anything. Since the rebel forces personnel were made up of all sorts of people, it was normal for members not to know each other even if they were part of the same team. The real rebel soldiers really thought Xiaoyao’s group were there to rescue others.

Lifting a tent was as easy as flipping through the pages of a book for Ning Xiaoyao. As soon as the tent was lifted up, the back of Xiang Wanwan’s head was exposed.

Shadowgale put his fingers to his lips and let out a loud whistle. The Dragon Guards had already found their targets. As soon as they heard Shadowgale’s signal, they made the same moves. First, they struck the neck of the person they intended to kill, then they covered their mouths and plunged their swords into that person’s chest. With a turn of their hands, they dug out their swords. The rebel soldiers immediately went limp and took their last breath. 

Meanwhile, the Northern Hu soldiers in the front were fighting the rebel soldiers with all their might, shouting at their fellow comrades.

Shadowgale and the rest of the Dragon guards were done killing when a troop of Northern Hu soldiers rushed over on their horses. They had rushed over as soon as they heard their comrades calling for help. 

“The Northern Hu soldiers have come up from behind!” shouted Shadowbolt as he carried Xiaoqiu.

“Go! Hurry!” Ning Xiaoyao lifted the unconscious Xiang Wanwan with one hand, while holding Erya between her other underarm before dashing off. 

Windy and his group also carried several unconscious female soldiers and ran after Ning Xiaoyao.

The Northern Hu soldiers had rushed to save their comrades and didn’t care about the dead rebel soldiers on the ground. They also didn’t have time to ask their comrades why they were fighting with their “allies”. After all, they were supposed to be working together to take down Ning Yu. Anyhow, this troop of Northern Hu cavalry rushed forward on their horses and started fighting.

Some of the rebel soldiers turned around to face their attack. From the light emanating off the torches held by the Northern Hu soldiers, they saw that the horses of these Northern Hu soldiers had trampled all over the dead rebel soldiers. Hence, the rebel soldiers immediately shouted angrily, “The Northern Hu has killed our men!”

In the open area near the female southwest camp, both sides quickly went from casual fighting to killing with all their might.

Ning Xiaoyao and Pei Yan left and ran along the official road. They did not stop to catch their breaths and calm their nerves until they reached the Wuli Pavilion. 

Pei Yan threw the Northern Hu man onto the ground from his back. Despite his face hitting the floor of the stone pavilion, the man didn’t wake up from the pain. 

Ning Xiaoyao released Xiang Wanwan from her arms and put her down onto the ground. She looked at the man Second Young Master Pei tossed and commented, “He’s a General ah.”

Pei Yan replied, “He was the one who lead the troops. I’m just not sure what his rank in the Northern Hu army is.”

Ning Xiaoyao touched the Northern Hu general’s armor. The next moment, she had already removed his money bag. Opening it, His Majesty Ning was immediately all fired up. “Hurry! Come and look at this. There are precious stones!”

The silk bag contained more than thirty precious stones. Shadowthunder lit up the fire piston in his hand. Although the flame was only the size of a bean, the precious stones shone brightly in reflection. In Ning Xiaoyao’s opinion, it’s simply blinding to the eyes ah!

“This person’s rank should be pretty high,” Pei Yan spoke up after seeing all the jewels in the bag. An average low ranked soldier would never have so much money.

“We’ll use him then,” Ning Xiaoyao stated decisively. Pei Yan stretched out his hand towards Ning Xiaoyao.

“What are you doing ah?” Ning Xiaoyao quickly safeguarded the bag in her hands.

Second Young Master Pei grinned at Ning Xiaoyao. So Xiaoyao turns out to be the type that would risk his life but not his money. What a surprise.

“It’s useless to smile. I was the one who found this bag.”

“Give me the jade seal.” Pei Yan sighed, “This subject wants to arrange one of the corpses to fake Your Majesty’s death.”

“Oh, right,” Ning Xiaoyao readily handed over the jade seal to Pei Yan. “All the corpses here are Northern Hu men. Where are you going to find corpses of Yongning men ah?”

Pei Yan stood up. “Don’t worry, Your Majesty. I’ll make sure this matter is handled properly.”

Pei Yan left the stone pavilion with Deputy General Wang and a few others before walking back. The soldiers chasing them haven’t yet passed Wuli Pavilion. If His Majesty’s “corpse” is discovered outside Wuli Pavilion, then their deception would be deemed a failure.  

Shadowgale stood inside the pavilion, watching Pei Yan in a distance. He turned to ask Ning Xiaoyao, “Your Majesty, what do we do if the jade seal is picked up by the rebel forces or the Northern Hu?”

“It’s just a piece of jade.” Ning Xiaoyao pursed her lips and casually muttered, “Whoever wants it can have it. Without conquering territories, the piece of jade is useless. You think you could be Emperor with just a piece of jade?” 

Shadowgale …That’s true ah.

Second Young Master Pei stood on the official road and played with the jade seal in his hand. “So this is the jade seal.”

Deputy General Wang looked at the jade seal in Second Young Master Pei’s hand, his face full of reverence. 

“It’s just a piece of jade,” Second Young Master Pei evaluated. Deputy General Wang and the rest didn’t dare to reproach Second Young Master Pei. They could only scold him in their hearts. This is the Emperor’s jade seal ah, what do you mean by “just a piece of jade”?!

“Go,” Pei Yan put the jade seal inside his clothing, next to his chest, and instructed, “Go and kill a few more Northern Hu men.”

Meanwhile, inside the pavilion, Xiang Wanwan let out a soft groan. The Dragon Guards all held their breath. She’s about to wake up!

Ning Xiaoyao raised her hand and slapped Xiang Wanwan on the head. Miss Xiang was knocked out again. In the face of His Majesty’s violence, Shadowgale could only let out a dry cough and ask, “Should we remove the Northern Hu man’s clothes now?”

“Wait a bit longer. The soldiers chasing us haven’t even caught up yet. Who are we putting on a play for?”

“Then what do we do while waiting?” Shadowthunder asked.

Ning Xiaoyao grabbed her little bundle, felt for an oil-paper packaging which contained deep-fried buns and asked the Dragon Guards in front of her, “Do you guys want some?”

Everyone looked at Ning Xiaoyao’s little bundle. What else does she have inside this bundle ah?

Ning Xiaoyao sat on the floor of the stone pavilion, distributing the buns while she spoke, “These buns were specially made for me by Chef Huang ah. He also dipped the buns in egg. It’s super yummy ah!”

Deep-fried buns only taste good when they’re eaten straight out the pan. Right now, the buns had already cooled down and the taste was disappointing. But when everyone saw the satisfied expression on Ning Xiaoyao’s face, no one wanted to say that the buns tasted bad. Even Xiaoqiu was coaxed by Ning Xiaoyao, and said that the deep-fried buns dipped in egg were extra delicious!

“Do you remember what to call me?” Ning Xiaoyao asked.

“Mother!” Xiaoqiu called out loud and clear.

Ning Xiaoyao laughed happily and touched her belly. She’s really about to become a mother ah!

“Xiaoyao.” Little Gyrfalcon flew into the pavilion, landed on Ning Xiaoyao’s shoulder and chirped, “There is a troop of rebel soldiers waiting to catch you up ahead.”

Ning Xiaoyao stood up and bent her ears attentively in the direction of the official road.

Amid the pitter-patter of the heavy rain, there was the thump of human heartbeats and the sound of breathing. Ning Xiaoyao furrowed her brows. There were also the sounds of horse hooves hitting the ground.

“What’s wrong?” Shadowgale asked.

Ning Xiaoyao pointed straight ahead and replied, “There are rebel soldiers coming our way.”

Shadowgale’s hand subconsciously reached for his sword. “Shhh,” Ning Xiaoyao hastily interjected at this point. “There are also people coming from behind. Let’s hide!”

The bunch of them brought their captives and hid behind the pavilion. Within five minutes, a troop of Northern Hu soldiers ran past the front of the pavilion. 

“We have to snatch a horse,” Ning Xiaoyao told Shadowgale, “The Northern Hu soldiers should have horses ah.”

Shadowgale: ...At this time, where is he going to get a horse from?

“Blaze.” Shadowrain rushed over to the both of them.

Ning Xiaoyao heard a noise, so she stretched her neck to take a look. “The big troops are here, we can act now.”

Shadowgale asked, “What about the horse?”

“The horses have left. Now’s not the time to worry about the horses. Get to work. Take off their clothes.”

“But they’re still unconscious ah,” Shadowthunder anxiously blurted.

Ning Xiaoyao ran into the pavilion and commanded, “Arrange them into the right pose first. When you’re done, I can wake them up any minute!”

They placed the Northern Hu general with partly opened pants near to Xiang Wanwan. Ning Xiaoyao got Shadowgale to take everyone else out of the pavilion.  

Seeing the large troops approaching, Shadowgale signaled his bros with a wave of his hand. The Dragon Guards skillfully withdrew to the back of the pavilion.

Ning Xiaoyao squatted down beside Xiang Wanwan, uttered an apology and raised her hand to hit Xiang Wanwan.

“Hurry up!” Among the troops heading towards the pavilion, an official shouted at his subordinates, urging them to speed up. Xiang Nong was accompanied by many soldiers as he dashed down the official road on his horse.

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