Chapter 350: Daya, Erya, and Wang Xiaoqiu

“His Majesty is a dashing man,” Ning Xiaoyao said while looking very seriously at Pei Yan, “Who would think that the widow is His Majesty? Look, guys!” Ning Xiaoyao showed everyone her little bundle. Everyone extended their necks and saw a grey dress in the bundle.

Pei Yan pinched his temple and muttered, “Can someone your age even be Erya’s mother?”

“Uh, I’ll just pretend I’m thirty this year.”

“Even an idiot wouldn’t believe it!” Pei Yan immediately shot Ning Xiaoyao down. “Then...” Ning Xiaoyao thought of another idea, “Erya is my sister. Xiaoqiu is my son.” Everyone thought this may be believable.

“Xiaoqiu, what are you going to call me from now on?” Ning Xiaoyao lowered her head and asked. “Mummy!” Xiaoqiu immediately beamed affectionately.

Then, Ning Xiaoyao looked up at Erya. “Big sis!” Erya called out.

“Great. It’s settled.” Ning Xiaoyao shrugged her shoulders at Pei Yan. “Then how are we related to Your Majesty?” Shadowgale questioned. “Are we all your brothers?” Pei Yan asked.

Ning Xiaoyao counted with her fingers. Paternal cousins, maternal cousins, god-siblings. It wasn’t impossible for her to have so many brothers ah.

“Also,” Pei Yan continued, “Has Your Majesty thought about it? Why would a bunch of young men listen to the words of a widow?”

“That’s because...because...” an idea suddenly popped up in Ning Xiaoyao’s mind, “Because my husband is their big bro. The eldest sister-in-law would be treated like their mother. That’s why you guys all listen to me!” 

“Countless of villagers were killed by the officials,” Shadowgale lowered his voice, “We didn’t have any choice and decided to follow our sis-in-law out into the real world.”

“Then,” Pei Yan looked at Ning Xiaoyao, “You’re now a person of the Jianghu?”

Ning Xiaoyao felt that Shadowgale’s excuse was pretty good and clenched her fist. “I will give myself the title of Poison Widow. Do y’all think this name is good?” 

Everyone else: … Can we not focus on the widow part?

“What name!?” Pei Yan asked. This punk can call himself whatever he wants as long as his wife isn’t the widow.

“Uh,” Ning Xiaoyao glanced at Erya, “Actually, I wanted to call myself The Invincible Pei. But Erya is now my little sister. So I can only call myself Daya now*.”

Pei Yan was about to ask Xiaoyao to let his surname off when he heard him say, “I’m Pei Daya. Erya is Pei Erya. Xiaoqiu will be Pei Xiaoqiu.”

Shadowthunder took this very seriously and sincerely stated, “Xiaoqiu can’t have the surname Pei. Xiaoqiu must follow his father’s surname ah.”

Ning Xiaoyao: …

When Pei Yan saw Ning Xiaoyao looking at him, he huffed, “My family’s name has already been used by His Majesty.” So, Ning Xiaoyao looked at the deputy general behind Pei Yan. The deputy general could only add, “Your Majesty, this general’s surname is Wang.”

“Wang Xiaoqiu!” Ning Xiaoyao slapped her hands together and declared. Hence, Xiaoqiu’s name was decided like this. What else could Deputy General Wang say?

“Are there any more questions?” Ning Xiaoyao looked at the men around her. Everyone thought about it and shook their heads. They had no more questions. Besides, even if they don’t want to join in with His Majesty’s madness, it’s not like they have a choice.

“You really don’t want to take the opportunity to return back to the palace while the Northern Hu and rebel forces are after me?” Ning Xiaoyao asked Pei Yan again.

Pei Yan just stared at Ning Xiaoyao. Ning Xiaoyao looked at Deputy General Wang again. Deputy General Wang immediately felt anxious. Why is he involved again?!

“If Your Majesty decides to knock me out and hand me over to Old Wang so they can take me back to the palace, I will definitely kill Old Wang and the others when I wake up.” growled Pei Yan. 

All the soldiers following Second Young Master Pei: …Why do they have such shitty luck?!

Ning Xiaoyao took a deep breath. “Mark my words.” Pei Yan repeated. Ning Xiaoyao loosened her fist. It’s amazing. How did Second Young Master figure out what she was about to do?!

Pei Yan glanced at Ning Xiaoyao’s hands. “Then, shall we leave?”

“One last question,” Ning Xiaoyao asked, “Who is going to the female camp and who is going to kidnap the Northern Hu?”

“I will grab the Northern Hu men,” Pei Yan muttered without a thought. Ning Xiaoyao retorted, “Based on our fighting abilities, I feel that it is better if Second Young Master Pei go to the female camp. This would make things easier.”

Pei Yan didn’t even look up. “Your Majesty, my underlings and I don’t know what Xiang Wanwan looks like.”

Ning Xiaoyao rushed to respond, “It’s fine ah! Shadowgale’s Little Gyrfalcon is outside. He will take you to Xiang Wanwan.”

“You expect me to believe a bird?!” Pei Yan’s eyes twitched and looked at Ning Xiaoyao like she was an idiot.

“You...” Ning Xiaoyao was upset, “What makes you think Little Gyrfalcon is unreliable ah?” 

“Based on the fact that I am not an idiot?” Second Young Master Pei responded immediately. Ning Xiaoyao thought about what he said and finally understood. He’s trying to say she’s foolish for believing in Little Gyrfalcon. “Aiya, I’ll go then!” Ning Xiaoyao wanted to explode.

“Your Majesty,” Shadowgale pulled Ning Xiaoyao back and reminded her, “We are in the rebel forces’ camp.”

Everyone looked at Ning Xiaoyao. Please don’t cause trouble ah! Second Young Master Pei of the Pei Clan has always had a nasty mouth. He deserves to get smacked and they want to beat him up as well, but this was no time to have an internal strife ah!!!

“Heh heh, you better not regret this!” Ning Xiaoyao jeered at Second Young Master Pei. Pei Yan ignored Ning Xiaoyao and asked, “Where do we meet after?” 

“There is a Wuli Pavilion down south on the official road,” Ning Xiaoyao responded, “We will meet there.”

Pei Yan lightly patted Ning Xiaoyao’s head and instructed his underlings, “Take the clothes we’ve changed out of. We’re leaving.”

Ning Xiaoyao warned, “You guys have to be careful ah! Escape if you can’t beat them in combat.”

For some reason, the soldiers and general felt a surge of confidence. They believe nothing will go wrong this time!

Ning Xiaoyao walked into the military tent and changed into the grey dress before saying to Shadowgale, “Let’s go.”

The Dragon Guards were calm as it wasn’t their first time seeing His Majesty in a dress. But Pei Yan and his subordinates couldn’t help but secretly steal a few more glances at Ning Xiaoyao.

When Erya saw that Ning Xiaoyao was about to leave, she shouted, “Your Majesty! Don’t forget me and Xiaoqiu ah!” Ning Xiaoyao reached out to carry Erya and Shadowbolt carried Xiaoqiu. The whole group left the military tent.

Little Gyrfalcon had been flying around in the sky and when he saw Ning Xiaoyao and his owner leaving the tent. So, he immediately chirped and flew towards the southwest of the campsite.

“Hurry!” Ning Xiaoyao waved at Shadowgale and the others and instantly ran after Little Gyrfalcon. “You guys are…” a battalion of rebel soldiers ran towards Ning Xiaoyao and the others.

“The fatuous ruler went south!” Ning Xiaoyao shouted at the top of her lungs, “Chase after him ah!”

“Chase, chase ah!” Shadowthunder promptly joined in and shouted at the top of his voice.

Everyone shouted to kill the fatuous ruler and ran far away. Pei Yan stood in the tent and watched as Ning Xiaoyao and the group ran away. They were seriously fighting a war right now?

Within a short time, Little Gyrfalcon led Ning Xiaoyao and the rest to the female camp of the rebel forces. “It’s really female soldiers ah,” one Dragon Guard soldier was stunned, “Women can fight in wars?!”

“How do we go in?” another Dragon Guard soldier asked. Since all the people in the female camp were women, it would be too eye-catching if a random group of men walked in, right?

Ning Xiaoyao ordered, “Windy, you can bring the bros to the official road and wait for me there. Be careful to not expose your identities. I’ll come to find you guys soon.”

“I thought we were going to kidnap a few female soldiers?” Shadowgale was puzzled, “Your Majesty is going to bring the female soldiers alone? How can you leave the campsite without catching other people’s attention?”

Ning Xiaoyao declared, “That’s not a problem. I can just make two trips.”

Shadowgale was worried about Ning Xiaoyao doing everything alone. One trip could cost his life. He wants to make two trips?! 

“Windy, are you doubting my fighting prowess?” Ning Xiaoyao was starting to get mad that another person was doubting her abilities again.

“Move aside!” Just when Ning Xiaoyao wanted to fight Shadowgale on this, a group of female soldiers came out of the female camp. They surrounded a female general who was riding on a horse that had the marks of a sakura flower. She had a narrow sword in her hand.

Little Gyrfalcon shouted at Ning Xiaoyao in midair, “Xiaoyao, she’s Xiang Wanwan.”

Ning Xiaoyao hurriedly looked at the female general. She wouldn’t be categorized as very beautiful -her facial features were similar to her father’s and her skin wasn’t pale and smooth.

When Ning Xiaoyao was staring at Xiang Wanwan, Miss Xiang also noticed Ning Xiaoyao. After all, it was very obvious when there was a woman standing with a bunch of burly men. Naturally, the female would stand out. Pulling at her reins, Xiang Wanwan stopped her horse and asked Ning Xiaoyao, “Who are you?”

Ning Xiaoyao opened her mouth and randomly spouted some rubbish, “This one is here to find Great Lord Xiang and join the rebel forces!”

Xiang Wanwan measured Ning Xiaoyao with her eyes. What could this small body do? “Any random cat and dog wants to join the rebel forces now. Scram!” 

After deeming that Ning Xiaoyao wasn’t of much use, the words Miss Xiang used were unkind.

“Aiya, f**k!” When Ning Xiaoyao saw Xiang Wanwan leave with her battalion, Ning Xiaoyao refused to accept this. “She’s looking down on me?!?!” It’s karma that Xiang Tiange doesn’t like her ah!! (Author: Why do you even care?)

“What should we do now?” Shadowgale asked Ning Xiaoyao. “We chase!” Ning Xiaoyao ran forward.

A group of people haphazardly chased after Xiang Wanwan. A soldier behind Xiang Wanwan turned and saw Ning Xiaoyao and the others chasing after them. So, she notified Xiang Wanwan. “Miss, the woman who wants to join the rebel forces is chasing after us.”

“Tell her…” Before Xiang Wanwan could say to get lost, she heard the shouts of kill the fatuous ruler and saw an army wearing felt robes waving a flag and rushing towards her.

“There’s a fire ah!!”

“An official set fire to the grains ah!!”

Random chaotic shouts suddenly filled the air. Several tents were dismantled by Ning Xiaoyao and flew towards Xiang Wanwan and her troops.

A group of female soldiers didn’t manage to escape and were trapped under the felt tents. “It’s the Northern Hu!!!” Shadowrain raised his voice and shouted.

Ning Xiaoyao tiptoed and looked. Ai, there really was a team of Northern Hu people coming. Without thinking, Ning Xiaoyao shrieked at the top of her lungs, “The Northern Hu are here to kidnap women from the female camp!!”

The female soldiers were trapped and the rebel soldiers were busy trying to rescue them. This situation was already messy enough. After hearing Ning Xiaoyao’s shout, many of the rebel soldiers subconsciously looked up towards the female camp.

“Quick,” Ning Xiaoyao patted Erya, “Erya, you’re now a child soldier!” Erya was very bright and immediately ran forward with sparkling eyes. It was raining heavily and no one could tell whether she was really crying or not. Erya pretended to sob and exclaimed, “The Northern Hu have forced their way into the female camp!!!”

“It’s them!” Ning Xiaoyao pointed at the Northern Hu troops. “It’s His Majesty,” Deputy General Wang was behind this battalion of Northern Hu soldiers and whispered to Pei Yan.

Pei Yan made a face. How could it be so coincidental that they both had their eyes on this group of Northern Hu soldiers?

“What should we do?” Deputy General Wang asked.

“Steal the provision!” Second Young Master Pei suddenly pointed towards the Northern Hu in front of them and shouted, “These damned assholes stole our provisions!!!”

Shadowgale and the others: …

Deputy General Wang and the others: …

They were now accused of kidnapping their women and stealing their provisions. The Northern Hu were in big trouble. 

*Erya = 2nd Lass 

Er means two in Mandarin

Daya = 1st Lass/Big Lass 

Da means eldest or 1st in Mandarin

Xiao means little in Mandarin

Xiaoyao = Little Yao, Dayao = Big Yao (the name she told Xiang Tiange aka Young Lord aka the guy with the mole on his face from chapter 308) XD hehe. Please read the translations on volare! If you're reading this on any other site, it has been stolen.

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